Policy Documents & Process Guides

You can download our Policy Documents and Process Guides here. 

Our Policy Documents set out guidelines for what consumers can expect from us. 

Process Guides to help assist you with your complaint. You can also find these on each Scheme to help assist you with your complaint.

You can find unique application forms on each Scheme page. Please fill these in and submit through the relevant Scheme page. To find a Scheme, click here.

In delivering its consumer dispute resolution services across a wide range of industries and sectors, CEDR seeks to adhere to, and where possible build upon, the competencies set out in the Ombudsman Association’s Caseworker Competency Framework, which was created in 2018. The document sets out what is considered to be good practice in the way in which caseworkers interact with others and make decisions. A copy of the policy is located under the downloads section on the left.

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