CPD Masterclass with Galyna Yeromenko

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7 September 2022

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Reflections on Living Through War and Being a Refugee – Lessons for Conflict Resolution Practitioners


In this virtual Masterclass, CEDR Fellow and Ukrainian mediator Galyna Yeromenko talks with CEDR Chief Executive James South about her experience of living through the conflict in Ukraine and the lessons that she has learned that can be related to our practice as conflict resolution professionals.  She looks to share the challenges that she faced and the tools she used to find internal strength.


CPD Masterclass - Galyna Yeromenko


Galyna Yeromenko is an international commercial mediator from Kiev, Ukraine, working in commercial, family business and employment disputes.  Trained in Ukraine, originally by CEDR as part of an International Finance Corporation funded project, she has also trained in the USA. She was the first President of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine and has led the promotion and practice of mediation in Ukraine.  She has been part of the UNIDROIT fellowship programme in Italy and the JAMS Fellowship programme in the USA. In Summer 2022, CEDR was honoured that Galyna Yeromenko accepted a CEDR Fellowship to work with CEDR in London.

The Masterclass will address topics such as how we choose to define who we are and our role when placed in a position of extreme conflict.  Sharing her experience over the last few months, Galyna will discuss how the use of mediation concepts and process techniques are valuable tools in conflict and how she used them to ensure she was able to take an active stance in coping with war.  She will look at the lessons that she has learned about the strategic and emotional needs for those looking to recover from conflict.  Finally, Galyna will look at what has given her strength in getting through such an extreme period.


This masterclass will include:

  • How the DR professional brings their own personal experiences into conflict
  • Working with relationship in conflict and understanding the roles of trust and emotion in war
  • Dealing with the changing interests and values of those who have been subjected to conflict
  • How process techniques for conflict can still be used, even when life is uncertain
  • How the individual can find personal strength under extreme circumstances


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Total Seats: 200

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  • 7 September 2022 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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