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Finding a mediator with CEDR is a simple process. All mediators appointed to CEDR Panels are CEDR accredited and have been through our quality assurance processes.

Our team can provide a tailored list of mediators to help with your dispute, or you can filter and select your mediator through our CEDR Mediator Page.

CEDR mediators successfully resolve 89% of professional disputes.

Even the most senior lawyers have been ‘astonished’ by what’s possible:

“I was extremely cynical about the whole process, and was absolutely convinced that the Mediator would not be able to make a breakthrough. She proved me absolutely wrong. In fact, I was astonished at what she was able to achieve.” - Senior Counsel, Rothschild & Co.

Could a CEDR Mediator help settle your next dispute?

For a tailored list of mediators, simply answer a few questions about your dispute and a CEDR advisor will get back to you within 24 hours. 

CEDR mediations are typically resolved within 10 hours.

For the best results you need to find the right mediator who should ideally be someone expertly qualified for your specific dispute.

This is where CEDR's 68, UK based mediators are uniquely positioned to help you:

  • Do you have a dispute within the construction industry? Chris Ennis has 35 years’ experience as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, and Director of a Development Consultancy. He has been involved in contract disputes worth up to £250million.
  • What about disputes within the public sector? Clive Lewis is one of the UK’s leading dispute resolution specialists, with experience in the highest levels of government – both foreign and domestic.
  • Do you need someone with international experience? Susanne Schuler speaks perfect English, French, German and Spanish. She has worked in over 20 countries – for Tesco, Unilever, Novartis, IKEA, P&G, the UN and more.

Whatever your needs, finding the right CEDR mediator is fast and easy.

Get a tailored list of mediators

Finding a Mediator - The Process

Step 1.

Understanding your dispute

After we understand your dispute, you’re presented with the names of those most suited to help.

Step 2.

Choose your Mediator

Both you, and the other party, can then choose from this list.

Step 3.

Move forwards

You move forwards, with total confidentiality, in the quickest possible time.

What’s more, you’re guided through every step of the process. 
With support available, for everyone, whenever it's needed.

Unlike a lone freelancer your CEDR mediator has full support, with everyone at CEDR helping you achieve an efficient, final resolution.

But don't just take our word for it.  Here’s just some of the comments we've received from senior legal professionals:

“The mediator has a very dynamic and proactive approach to mediation. She does not take a back seat but drives the energy and flow of the mediation very effectively. She is extremely well prepared and helped the parties cut through the legal and commercial difficulties and work past entrenchment issues in order to reach a deal which worked for both sides.” - Senior Partner, International Law Firm

“The mediator was very proactive in attempting to achieve a settlement which was appropriate given the time constraints and personalities. Having access to a three hour mediation at low cost is extremely valuable.” - Senior Lawyer

“The conduct of the CEDR staff prior to the mediation and during mediation was great. The responses were very efficient and whenever help was needed, we received it.” -General Counsel, Insurance Organisation

Enquire here to discover more about how a CEDR mediator will help you.

Simply answer a few basic questions about your dispute and, within 24 hours, a CEDR advisor will be in touch.

Get a tailored list of mediators
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