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Is Mandatory Mediation a Good Idea?


James South, Mediator & CEO, CEDR

Image of Geoff Sharp


Geoff Sharp, Mediator, Brick Court Chambers & Maxwell Mediators

Following the Woolf reforms in the late 90s, are we on the precipice of another great wave in the uptake of mediation in the United Kingdom?

There is increasing support for greater use of mediation from both the judiciary, in particular the Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Voss and the UK government, who intends to introduce mandatory mediation in all contested claims under £10,000 in the country court in England and Wales.

However, some within the dispute resolution community are sceptical about mandating a process that inherently relies upon and yields success from being voluntary.

This podcast, recorded remotely, is a robust exchange of ideas on the issue of whether mandating mediation is a good idea.

In favour, we have James South, a native New Zealander, CEDR’s CEO and a Mediator and conflict trainer with over 25 years of experience based here in London.

And, with some not considerable reservations about mandating mediation, a fellow Kiwi, leading international mediator with Brick Court Chambers and Maxwell Mediators, Geoff Sharp.

For more information about CEDR’s view on mandatory mediation, read James Souths’ white paper ‘Mandatory Mediation – Everything you Need to Know’ here.

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