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27 January 2022

On 27 January 2022, CEDR will launch the CEDR Diversity and Inclusion Mediation Charter.  The Charter is an opportunity for mediators, law firms and the community to commit to promoting inclusivity in the mediation profession.  At the event, we will be inviting members of the mediation community to sign up to supporting inclusivity in the profession as well as addressing the need for greater inclusivity in commercial mediation.

Event Details

The event will be taking place online and In-person. At the event, we will be addressing the need for greater inclusivity in commercial mediation.  Speakers include James South, CEDR’s Chief Executive, Lauren McGuirl, Director of Commercial Dispute Services and Eileen Carroll QC (Hons), Principal Mediator and Co-Founder.  CEDR will sign the Charter on the day and there will be an opportunity for others to do so as well.

Event Details

Date – 27 January, 2022
Location – Hybrid Event
Time – 17:00 – 18:15 followed by networking and drinks

Email us here if you would like to attend in person

N.B. Please note due to limited capacity, we may not be able to facilitate all requests to attend in-person.

About the Charter

The CEDR Diversity and Inclusion Mediation Charter is a pledge for those involved in the mediation profession to commit to supporting inclusion and diversity in the commercial profession.

At CEDR, we are committed to improving diversity and inclusion in civil and commercial mediation.  We believe that mediation is best delivered by mediators who represent the full range of society, and that there should be no barriers to entering the profession based on individual characteristics.  We recognise that commercial mediation does not currently have proportionate representation for gender, race and age and we are committed to increasing the diversity of mediator representation to more accurately reflect society. The Charter has been developed to help address this.

The Charter can be read and signed here:



If you have any questions or would like to get into contact please email: [email protected]


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