Peter Higgins

Mediator & Business Director

Client Feedback:

“Peter has an ability to understand the dynamics and interests of the various parties and looks not only at the moving parts between those involved but also at a structured way forward to find potential settlement areas not considered previously.”



A versatile and commercially astute Business Manager / Director with comprehensive global experience allied to exceptional organisational and communication attributes.

Peter became an Accredited Mediator with CEDR, the UK’s leading mediation network, in 2017. He observed two mediations and contributed to a successful settlement in a co-mediator capacity. He has managed a number of mediations in disputes between major UK funeral companies & clients.

Dealing with a diverse clientele using a style suited to mediation. Set up many commercial contracts and managed conflict situations between two parties with different objectives.

A strong team leader and negotiator who maintains optimal standards and continuously strives for excellence, providing value-added, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Builds advantageous relationships and partnerships at all levels and delivers quality services in the online and retail gaming industry and in the UK professional football industry.

  • Proven track record in building board level , executive level and operational level relationships
  • Proven track record in building start-ups with multi commercial contracts
  • Proven track record in managing small to large teams
  • Proven track record in online and retail gaming industry including the US
  • Up to date with all US regulatory and legal developments


  • Commercial
  • Gaming
  • Internet Betting
  • Funeral
  • Sports Contracts
  • Retail Betting
  • High Profile Individuals
  • Sport
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