Peter Higgins

Mediator, Conciliator & Business Director

Client Feedback

“Peter had an excellent understanding of the key issues. His persona and commercial approach significantly contributed to both parties ultimately reaching an agreed settlement.”




Peter is a full-time commercial mediator who has settled private, civil, commercial, litigation in person and workplace disputes from points of principle to sums involving millions. He is CEDR accredited, a member of the CEDR UK Panel and a CMC registered commercial and workplace mediator. Since 2017 Peter has mediated a broad range of commercial disputes reflecting his broad experience as a CEO, MD and Commercial Director in corporate SMB business.

Peter has an energy and style that is focussed on ensuring parties are listened to and ultimately working towards reaching an agreement. He understands the landscape, pitfalls and consequences of parties proceeding to expensive, time consuming and impersonal litigation.

He has a natural intuitive ability to understand the key issues, the positions of each party and why parties are positioned where they are. He possesses an excellent commercial sense of what is required to reach a settlement. He will carefully challenge parties to ensure their ‘positions’ are reality checked and enables honest risk assessments as opposed to over-confident positioning. He encourages both parties not to agree, but to consider positions from each side and the subsequent implications of not settling.

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Constructive Trust
  • Professional Sports Athletes and Promoters
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Employment and Workplace
  • Litigation in Person
  • Debt and winding up petition
  • Gambling
  • Franchise and White Label agreements
  • Partnership, Shareholder and Joint Venture
  • Commercial Landlord
  • Private Landlord
  • Private Client
  • Probate
  • High Profile Individuals