The Process

CEDR provides independent investigation services to the public and private sector in relation to employee issues, boardroom conflicts and investor relations. Independent investigation processes are designed to fit the needs of their users and CEDR will assist on shaping the process.

The benefits of the investigation process include:

  • An independent and fresh perspective from an individual (or team) that has seen many similar situations before
  • Rapid clarification of the issues, enabling you to manage your risk appropriately
  • Clear demonstration to your stakeholders of your organisation's commitment to equity and fairness in managing the resolution of conflicts and disputes
  • Separation of managers from the details of the investigation so that they can manage the ongoing stakeholder relationships and chosen dispute resolution process
  • A detailed and robust report presented in a constructive manner
  • Like all our dispute resolution processes, a flexible process designed to meet your needs

Our independent neutral professionals will agree the scope of the work directly with the client and, having familiarised themselves with the organisation, conduct an appropriate investigation.

At the end of the investigation a full report of findings will be provided orally or in writing (as agreed in advance) together with a recommended route map for ongoing management and likely resolution. This is typically offered with detailed verbal feedback.

We can also offer:

  • Conflict coaching for managers involved in achieving conflict resolution
  • Policy and procedure or systems reviews in order to prevent recurrence and improve management processes
  • Mediation services, provided by a different neutral professional
  • Conflict management training and awareness raising
  • CEDR charges an appointment fee £1,500.00 + VAT.
  • The Investigator charges an hourly rate, which is dependent on who is selected by the client.

All our investigators are experienced practitioners in conflict management. They have previous experience in undertaking investigations and as such have the credentials and understanding to get to the core of the issue, and, if requested, to work with clients on different ways of concluding and resolving their problems.

For further information on our Independent Investigations Service, please contact CEDR on +44 (0)20 7536 6060 or email

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