What is the scheme?

We provide independent arbitration for disputes relating to cavity wall insulation provided by installers who are registered with the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency and the Insulation Assurance Authority (The IAA) (https://www.theiaa.co.uk/).

Application forms can be requested from CIGA (please click here) or the IAA (https://www.theiaa.co.uk/). Alternatively, please use the 'complain now' buttons to be directed to their websites

The scheme is set up to arbitrate disputes that have not been resolved through the installers own complaints procedure.

This Scheme uses Arbitration to resolve disputes. Arbitration is a formal, legally binding process where the dispute is resolved by the decision of a nominated third party called an arbitrator. Once the arbitrator issues their award it is legally binding under the Arbitration Act of 1996 and can only be appealed in the courts on very limited grounds.

  • The process is conducted entirely in writing.
  • Both parties will see all the evidence submitted by the other.
  • The arbitrators award is confidential between the parties.

If you want to complain about CEDR please read our Complaints Procedure document. Once you have read the Complaints Procedure and you want to submit your complaint, please use our Complaint Form below. 

Complaints Procedure

Complaint Form

Independent Reviewer's Terms of Reference

Companies covered

A full list of installers covered by the arbitration scheme can be found on the CIGA website.

The steps you must take before submitting a complaint

Step 1.

Raise your complaint with the installer in the first instance.

  • The name of the installer will be on the guarantee and contact details for all the installers currently in membership of CIGA can be found here.
  • The installer will contact you to arrange to investigate and promptly rectify any defects and should report to CIGA within 2 months.

Step 2.

If the company is not able to resolve your dispute to your satisfaction within 8 weeks then you can contact CIGA setting out the problem and the steps you have taken to resolve the matter. 


Step 3.

If you are not happy with the response you receive from CIGA the Guarantee provides that any dispute between you and CIGA can be referred to arbitration by CEDR. The arbitrators decision will be final and legally binding on all parties.

Complaint Information

  • You can contact CIGA by email at [email protected],  by using the form on the CIGA website or by writing to CIGA at CIGA House, Vimy Court, Vimy Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1FG
  • CIGA will investigate your complaint and decide what needs to be done to resolve it. This may include carrying out an inspection of your property, which will be at no cost to you.
  •  If CIGA carry out an inspection of your property they will send you a copy of the report.
  •  If it is necessary CIGA will ensure that any remedial work required is carried out free of charge in accordance with the terms of the Guarantee up to a maximum value of £20,000 per property

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