What is the Homes England Scheme?

CEDR’s role is to act as the independent external complaints reviewer to review whether or not the policies and procedures adopted by Homes England have been followed and whether or not its service standards have been met. CEDR may make relevant recommendations arising from the complaints we investigate about service improvement in relation to Homes England policies and procedures and service standards where appropriate.

You can complain about the service you have received from HE, regarding any of the following:

  • failure of staff to follow Homes England procedure
  • poor treatment by Homes England staff, eg rudeness or not doing something they said they would do
  • undue delays with processing the complaints
  • not responding to phone calls, emails or letters
  • not answering complaints fully and promptly
  • failure to comply with their published service standards.

If you want to complain about CEDR please read our Complaints Procedure document. Once you have read the Complaints Procedure and you want to submit your complaint, please use our Complaint Form below. 

Complaints Procedure

Complaint Form

Independent Reviewer's Terms of Reference

Companies covered

You will directed to an external link.

The steps you must take before submitting a complaint

Step 1.

Stage 1 is managed by the HE team to which the complaint relates. You should complain no later than 3 months after you became aware of the problem, or should reasonably have become aware of it.

Step 2.

If you’re unhappy with the way HE handled your complaint at stage 1, you can escalate it to their legal services team as an independent review of the original complaint (stage 2). This should be within 3 months of receiving a response to stage 1.

Step 3.

If you remain unhappy with HE’s stage 2 response then you can refer your complaint to us, where we will carry out an independent review. Following our independent review, if you are still not satisfied, you can ask your MP to take your complaint to the independent Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to review the handling of your complaint.

Things we cannot review

  • the service you’ve received from a housing association
  • the service you’ve received from a local authority if you have a problem with your council home
  • matters that are the subject of police investigations or court proceedings or;
  • regarding the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations and Data Protection Act which are subject to different procedures

If you are still not satisfied after Step 3, you can ask your MP to take your complaint to the independent Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to review the handling of your complaint.

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