Companies Covered

For home builders registered with Premier Guarantee, LABC Warranty and Checkmate, please use the A-Z accordions below.

If a home builder appears, it is covered by the Scheme and you can bring a claim against them. If a home builder does not appear, it is most likely not covered by the Scheme, but you are welcome to contact CEDR through the ‘Need Assistance?’ section at the bottom of this page to enquire as to whether you can bring a claim against the home builder.

For home builders registered with NHBC, please consult the up-to-date register on NHBC’s website at

1-6 Ashford Close Limited
100 Rye Street Ltd
11 Pope Lane LLP
111A Arundel Road Development LLP
1215 Heritage Homes Ltd
123 High Street LLP
18 Cumnor Hill Limited
236 Lordship Lane Ltd
2C Homes Limited
3 Rivers Developments Ltd
314 Goring Road Ltd
383 Long Lane Ltd
3Ace Contractors (UK) Ltd
3D Developments
3MS Construction Limited
5103 Ltd
5D Construction (SW) Ltd
9 Invest Ltd
A & D Little Construction
A & E Builders (Basingstoke) Limited
A & F Pilbeam Construction Ltd
A & H Estates (South West) Limited
A & J Property Ltd
A & M Builders
A & R Construction (Derby) Ltd
A & S Enterprises Limited
A A Beer Limited
A Ainge & Sons
A and T Helm Properties
A B Canham & Son
A B Property Developers Ltd
A C Building Design
A C Lloyd Homes Limited
A Deakin Developments Ltd
A G Leinster Square (Jersey) Ltd
A Green Developments Limited
A J Lee Developments Ltd
A P Keenan Building Services
A R Cartwright (Construction) Ltd
A Spooner Builders Ltd
A W Hainsworth & Sons Limited
A Wallbridge
A. & J. Keith Ltd
A. Hinsley Ltd
A. King & Company NE Ltd
A. Sharman & Sons (Contruction) Ltd
A.J. Jackson Properties Ltd
A.J.Sleep & Son
A.W. Developments (Liverpool) Ltd
A2Dominion Developments Ltd
A2Dominion Housing Options Limited
AA Construction (North East) Ltd
AA Developments Limited
AAB Developments Limited
Aaron Group Ltd
Aarrhus Developments Limited
Abbey Construction (Scotland) Ltd
Abbey Developments Ltd
Abbeyfield Society
Abbeyfield Southern Oaks
Abbeyglen Properties (UK) Limited
Abbeyglen Properties (York Road) Limited
Abbeymill Homes Limited
Abingworth Homes Limited
Able Construction (Northern) Limited
Ablehomes Ltd
Abode Group Limited
Abode Holdings Ltd
Abode Homes Lancashire Ltd
Ac Castle Street Ltd
Accord Housing Association Limited
Acius Developments Limited
ACL Estates Ltd
Aclandbanks Ltd
Acorn Construction (Newbury) Limited
Acorn Construction (Southern) Ltd
Acorn Developments (SW) Limited
Acorn Homes (Bridgnorth) Ltd
Acre Products (Developments) Ltd
Adagio Estates Limited
Adam Pierre Building & Carpentry Contractor Limited
Adderstone Developments (110) Limited
Addlestone Flats Limited
Ade Apartments Limited
Adelmill Limited
Adelphi Wharf Phase 1 Ltd
Adib Arabi and Blue Sapphire Properties Ltd
ADPAD (Fremington) Ltd
ADPAD Construction Limited
Adpad Group Limited
Adston (UK) Limited
Advanced Construction (Lincoln) Ltd
Advanced Interiors
Advent Developments NE Ltd
AEL Developments Limited
Aequitas Estates (Maidstone) Ltd
Aequus Construction Limited
AEW Property Services Ltd
AGB Projects Ltd
Aggarwal & Co Ltd
Ah Kettering 2 Limited
Ailsa3 Developments Limited
Aim Excelsis Ltd
Aim High (Build) Ltd
Ainsworth Property Developments Limited
Airborne Properties Limited
Airbourne Construction
Ajam Ltd
AJB Homes And Utilities Limited
AJM Residential Developments Limited
AJT Building & Carpentry
AKAA Family Ltd
Akehurst Homes Limited
Aki Ltd
Alan Brown Builders Ltd
Alan C Ford Limited
Alan Franklin Builders Limited
Albrough Homes Limited
Albyn Housing Society Ltd
Alchemy Land & New Homes Ltd
Alcuin Homes (Yorkshire) Ltd
Aldbury Homes (Simpson) Ltd
Aldbury Homes Limited
Aldcliffe Developments (SPV) Ltd
Alder Developments Limited
Alexander Oliver Construction Ltd
Alexandra Wharf Limited
Alfa Homes Limited
Alfred Charles Homes Limited
Alfred Homes Ltd
Alington Homes Limited
All Saints Construction Ltd
Allan Water Developments Limited
Allbeck Homes Ltd
Allenbuild Ltd
Allert Building and Construction Limited
Allied Contracts (UK) Ltd
Allison Homes Ltd
Alpha Estates (London) Ltd
Alphabet Homes Limited
Alps Developments Midlands Ltd
Altimat Property Ltd
Altin Homes Limited
Altius Construction Ltd
Alysia Caring (oakham) Limited
AM Construction (Southern) Ltd
Amalgamated Berkshire Properties Limited
Amara Land Limited
Ambassador Developments (Park Quadrant) Ltd
Ambassador Residential Ltd
Amber Developments (St Ives) Ltd
Amber Property (South West) Ltd
Amclo Developments Limited
AMCM Group Ltd
Amesview Developments Ltd
Amethyst Homes Ltd
Amherst Homes Ltd
Amiri Construction Ltd
AMJ Construction Ltd
Amodeo Holdings Ltd Limited
Amrit 4 Constructions Limited
Analytic Building Contractors
Anbeck Homes Ltd
Anderson & Evans Ltd
Anderway Limited
Andjo Properties Limited
Andrew Developments Limited
Andrew Harper Homes Ltd
Andrew Pike Builders Limited
Andrew Towns-Wadey (Builder) Ltd
Andrews and Dickens Ltd
Andrews Homes Ltd
Andy Swales
Anglesey Estates Bridgtown Limited
Anglesey Fine Homes Limited
Anglia Maintenance & Construction Ltd
Anil Estates Ltd
Anmo Building Services Limited
Annie Kenyon Developments Limited
Annington Developments Ltd
Annington Property Limited
Anoesis Ltd
Anslow Construction Ltd
Antelope Homes Ltd
Anthology Deptford Foundry Ltd
Anthology Hoxton Press Limited
Anthology Stratford Mill Limited
Anthology Wembley Parade Limited
Antler Homes PLC
Antur Developments Limited
Anvil Homes Ltd
Anwyl Construction Company Limited
AP Construction (London) Ltd
APC Building Services (London) Ltd
Apple Green Developments Limited
Applecourt Limited
Applefield Homes Ltd
Applefield Properties Ltd
Applegate Homes (LINCS) Ltd
Applegate Homes Ltd
Applemont Ltd
Applewood Developments (Beverley) Ltd
Aptus Property Rentals Limited
Aqua Construction Limited
Aquinna Homes Plc
Ara Homes Limited
Arbor Vale Limited T/A Portabella
Arcadia Construction Limited
Archaylen Property Ltd
Archer & Pountney Ltd
Archmore Homes Ltd
Archway Construction (Northants) Ltd
Archway Developments (Northants) Limited
Arcus Construction Ltd
Ardgowan Homes Ltd
Ardmore Construction Ltd
Arg Property Development Ltd
Ariane Developments Ltd
Ark Build Plc
Arkbell Ltd
Aroncorp Ltd
Arrow Properties (Tiptree) Limited
Arrow Services Limited
Arrowfield Property Limited
Artesian Challenger Plc
Artesian Property Partnership
Artez Ltd
Arthur M Griffiths & Son Ltd
Artisan Canonmills Ltd
Artisands LLP
Artro Property Services Ltd
As Built Ltd
AS Homes (Scotland) Ltd
ASA Property Management Ltd
Ascot Developments Ltd
Ascot Developments Southern Limited
ASE Build Ltd
Ash Mill Salisbury Ltd
Ash Mill South Hams Ltd
Ashbourne Construction Ltd
Ashbrook Ltd
Ashby & Tate Limited
Ashcot Construction Ltd
Ashcourt Contracts Limited
Ashcroft Construction (Cumbria) Limited
Ashcroft Plant (Cumbria) Limited
Ashdrew Ltd
Ashfield Group (Yorkshire) Limited
Ashford Borough Council
Ashford Homes (Leeds) Ltd
Ashford Homes (South Western) Ltd
Ashgrove Developments Midlands Limited
Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd
Ashley Avenue Limited
Ashley King (Developments) Ltd
Ashmore Developments Limited
Ashmount Homes Ltd
Ashville Homes Limited
Aspect Construction Ltd
Aspect Developments (Oxford) Ltd
Aspects (Earlsdon) Ltd
Aspects Building Services Ltd
Aspen Build (East Anglia) Ltd
Aspen Homes Ltd
Aspen New Homes Ltd
Asset Developments UK Ltd
Astenway Homes Limited
Aston Residential Ltd
Aston Road Developments Ltd
Astor Developments Limited
Athena Jobi Investments Ltd
Atherton's Construction Ltd
Atkinson Building Contractors Ltd
Atkinson Homes Ltd
Atlantic (Hertford) Ltd
Atlantic Developments (Cudworth) Ltd
Atlantis Developments South Ltd
ATS Estates Limited
ATS Homes Limited
Atticus Developments Ltd
Auday Tokatly
Audus & Peachey Carpentry & Joinery Limited
Augustines Road Ltd
Aurora Living Limited
Aurora Properties (Sale) Limited
Autograph Homes (Hambrook) Limited
Autograph Homes (Rode) Limited
Avakas Construction Ltd
Avalon Building & Decorating Contractors Ltd
Avani Construction Ltd
Avant (BBH) Ltd
Avant Homes (England) Ltd Yorkshire Division
Avant Homes (Yorkshire) Limited
Avoncroft Homes Ltd
AWA Builders Ltd
AWB Carpentry and Building Services Limited
Axeus Group Ltd
Axia Investments Ltd
Axis Homes Limited
Axis Manchester LLP
AY Properties Ltd
Ayelle (Wiltshire) Ltd
B & E Boys Ltd
B & K Future Limited
B & R Leisure Ltd
B A K Building (Contracts) Limited
B B Properties
B F Design Solutions Ltd
B H M Electrical Services Limited
B J Smith Builders Ltd
B M Farrar Joinery
B Rolls & Son
B&H Construction (Services) Ltd
Bacchus Property Ltd
Badsey Homes Ltd
Bailey Construction (Derby) Limited
Bailey Rhodes Development Ltd
Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Ltd
Balfron Tower Developments LLP
Balkerne Gate Developments (South East) Limited
Ballagan Developments (Commercials)
Ballards Mill Development Ltd
Ballasalla Properties Ltd
Balmoral Homes Ltd
Balmoral Property Services Ltd
Bancon Construction Ltd
Bannister Developments (Grimsby) Limited
Bantock Homes Ltd
Banyard Construction Ltd
Baobab Projects Limited
Baranswift Ltd
Barcap and sons Limited
Barclay Properties (Southport) Ltd
Barcley Developments Limited
Bardsley Construction Ltd
Barepta Cove Limited
Bargate Homes Ltd
Barley Homes (group) Limited
Barnes and Edwards Property
Barnes Webster & Son Limited
Barnett Developments Group Limited
Barnfield Construction Limited
Barnfield Homes Limited
Barnfield Investment Properties Limited
Barnfield Real Estate Partnership Ltd
Barnick Homes
Barratt and Canniford Ltd
Barry Howard Homes (Harpole) Limited
Barry Howard Homes (Watling Street) Limited
Barry Howard LLP
Bart's Construction Ltd
Barton Grange Developments Ltd
Barts Square First Limited
Barty Developments Limited
Barwood Homes Ltd
Base Build Services Ltd
Base Green Gibsons Yard Limited
Baseline Complete Construction Ltd
Bassett and MacGregor Construction Ltd
Bassingbourne Properties Limited
Bastion Build Ltd
Bastion Homes (Emerson) Limited
Bastion Homes (Heritage) Limited
Bath & West Developments LLP
Bath and Stratford Homes Ltd
Bath Road Properties Limited
Batt Williams Buildings LLP
Batty Developments Ltd
Bauhaus Living Limited
Bayar Enterprises Limited
BBA Developments Ltd
BBS NT Park Central (D) Ltd
BBS NT Park Central (E) Ltd
BBS NT Park Central (F) Ltd
BCHT Development Company Ltd
BCL Homes (NW) Ltd
Beachcote Homes Ltd
Beacon Estates (Chepstow) Limited
Beacon Heights Developments Ltd
Beal Developments Limited
Beard & Tandy Developments Ltd
Beauchief Homes Ltd
Beaumont (West) Ltd
Beaumont Developments Limited
Beaumont Morgan Developments Ltd
Beaver Construction (South East) Limited
BEC Construction Ltd
Bede and Cuthbert Developments Ltd
Bee Tee (Builders) Ltd
Beech Developments (NW) Ltd
Beech Hill Developments Limited
Beechcroft Developments Ltd
Beechwood Construction (South West) Ltd
Beechwood Homes (Richmond) Limited
Beechwood Project Management North East Ltd
Beeston Build Limited
Beeston Close Limited
Beestons Property Services
Beggars Barn Developments Ltd
Belbroughton Developments Ltd
Belford Homes Ltd
Belgravia Homes Ltd
Belhaven Homes LLP
Bell Tower Homes
Bellcorp Ltd
Belle Vue House Ltd
Belle Vue Mills Limited
Bellfield Construction Ltd
Bellfield Property and Development Limited
Bellmore Homes Limited
Bellrose Developments Ltd
Bellway Homes Ltd
Belmont Contractors Ltd
Belmore Developments Ltd
Ben Bailey Homes Ltd
Benfield & Loxley (Builders) Limited
Benjamin Allen Construction Ltd
Benjamin Armitage (Hyde) Ltd
Bennell Developments Ltd
Bennett (Construction) Limited
Benning Brothers Ltd
Benning Construction Ltd
Bentlands Homes Limited
Benton Ltd
Beresford & Curbishley Limited
Berkeley De Veer Ltd
Berkeley Homes (East Thames) Ltd
Berkeley Homes (Eastern Counties) Ltd
Berkeley Homes (North East London) Ltd
Berkeley Homes (Oxford & Chiltern) Ltd
Berkeley Homes (Southall) Limited
Berkeley Homes (Southern) Limited
Berkeley Homes (Three Valleys) Ltd
Berkeley Homes (West London) Ltd
Berkshire Property Development Ltd
Bernicia Direct Build Team 
Bernicia Group
Berwick Street Securities LLP
Berwood Homes Ltd
Bescon Ltd
Bespoke Construction Ltd
Bestwick Estates Limited
Beulah Construction Limited
Bewick Homes Ltd
Bewley Homes Plc
Beyond Housing
BFS Contractors Limited
BH 1 Ltd
BHC Limited
Bhere Limited
BHH Developments Ltd
Bickerstaffes Ltd
Big Bear Construction Limited
Big Sky Developments Ltd
Bingham Homes & Co. Limited
Binks Developments Ltd
Birchdale Developments Ltd
Birchmeadow Ltd
Birkby Construction Ltd
Bishop & Levett Ltd
Bishops Cleeve Construction Limited
BJF Connections Limited
BK Construction
BKG Construction Limited
BL Taylor Developments Limited
Black Hawk Ltd
Black or White Ltd
Blackclip Limited
Blacklane Developments Ltd
Blackmore Building Services Limited
Blackstone Estates Ltd
Blackthorn Homes Ltd
Blackwall Developments Limited
Blakelynn Limited
Blakes Construction
Blaydon Developments Ltd
Blayney Developments (Pembs) Ltd
Blenheim Estates Contractors Ltd
Blenheim Homes (Bucks) Limited
Bleriot Construction Ltd
Blessville Limited
Bliss (killamarsh) Limited
Block88 Ltd
Bloor Homes Limited
Blue & Co. Limited
Blue Bay Homes (Clifftops) Limited
Blue Bay Homes Ltd
Blue Bay Properties Ltd
Blue Horizon Homes Ltd
Blue Tongue Limited
Bluestone Homes (SW) Ltd
BMK Constructions Limited
BMS Building Contractors (Plymouth) Ltd
Bond Developments (Leeds) Limited
Bonds Builders & Contractors Ltd
Boningale Homes Ltd
Bonnel Homes Ltd
Boom Construction Limited
Boost Lettings Ltd
Booth Homes Limited
Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk
Borras Construction Ltd
Borrowdale Construction Homes Ltd
Boss Developments (Lincoln) Ltd
Boston Solutions Ltd
Boulevard Properties
Boultbee LDN (Canford Cliffs) Ltd
Bourne Valley Developments Ltd
Bourne Valley Homes Ltd
Bournehill London Ltd
Bournemouth Borough Council
Bouygues (U.K.) Limited
Bow Wharf Development LLP
Bowbridge Homes (Bugbrooke) Limited
Bowdon Homes Limited
Bower Mapson Homes Ltd
Bowsall Construction Ltd
Box Tree Homes Limited
Brabazon Homes Ltd
Bracken Developments Limited
Bracknell Enterprises Limited
Bradbuild Ltd
Bradley Big Local Community Land Trust Limited
Bradshaw & Parkinson
Brady Construction Services Limited
Braid Construction & Interiors Ltd
Bramber Construction Company Limited
Bramcote bromeholme Estates Limited
Bramley Homes (South West) Limited
Bramley Park Developments Ltd
Brands Direct (Barbados) Limited
Branley Developments Limited
Branley Estates Ltd
Branley Homes Limited
Bravo Property Investments Ltd
Bray & Slaughter Limited
Braybeech Homes Limited
Breckfield Construction Ltd
Brendan Loughran & Sons Ltd
Brendon (High Wycombe) Ltd
Brenig Construction Limited
Brenig Homes Ltd
Brent Dowson
Brentford Phase II LLP
Brenwards Limited
Brett Edward Pond
Brewery Yard Properties Limited
Brewin JV Limited
Briarley Construction Limited
Brickhill Construction Ltd
Brickhill Homes Ltd
Brickwork Direct Limited
Bridgeman Limited
Bridgend Plant Ltd
Bridgestone Construction Limited
Bridgewater Point Ltd
Brighton Housing Developments Limited
Brimas Construction Ltd
Brindle Homes Limited
Bristol Care Homes Development Ltd
Britcon (UK) Limited
Britecroft (Pyecombe) Ltd
Brix Ltd
Broadacres Services Limited
Broadcam Developments Limited
Broadhaven Homes Ltd
Broadley (Group) Ltd
Broadley Developments Ltd
Broadstaff Construction Limited
Broadway Property Developments Limited
Brockhouse Developments Ltd
Bromley Business Centre (Holdings) Limited
Brookes Cavendish Ltd
Brooklands 1 Ltd
Brooklyn Ellis
Brooks And Wood Limited
Brooksingh Ltd
Brookton Properties Ltd
Brookwell Development Ltd
Brookworth (Crouch) Limited
Brookworth (Rocks Hollow) Limited
Brother Developments Limited
Broughton Developments Limited
Brownsea Ltd
BRS Partnership
Brunel Developments Ltd
Brunel Homes (Gloucester) Ltd
Bruton Building Services Ltd
Bryant & Trowbridge Ltd
Bryburn Ltd
Brymor Construction Limited
Brynna Property Co Limited
Buckingham & Sparrow Limited
Buckland Granaries Ltd
Bucknalls Developments Limited
Bugler Developments Ltd
Build It Development Limited
Building Associates Ltd
Building Craftsmen (Dumfries) Limited
Building Themes International PLC
Buildmaster Construction Services Ltd
Builtform (BA) Ltd
Builtform (CH) Limited
Bullock Homes Ltd
Bunnybuild Limited
Buntingford Developments Ltd
Burbridge Homes Limited
Burgess Homes Limited
Burgh Homes Ltd
Burghley Developments Limited
Burley Developments Limited
Burmor Construction Limited
Burrington Estates (Newquay) Limited
Burrwood Homes Ltd
Burstow 2015 Limited
Burton Water Moorings Limited
Burwood Rumsby Ltd
Butler Property Investments Ltd
Buttercup Meadow at Bovey Tracey Limited
Buttermere Homes Ltd
Buxton Brothers (Heanor) Limited
Buzz Communications Ltd
BWL Estates Ltd
C & AJ Marshall Builders Ltd
C & C Joinery (NW) Ltd
C & G Builders
C & G Builders Ltd
C & G Building Contractors (UK) Ltd
C & G Finchley Ltd
C & J Griffiths Developments Limited
C & L Fairburn Property Developments  Ltd
C & M Contractors (Manchester) Ltd
C & S Developers Ltd
C C Wood Plant Hire Ltd
C Di Palma Ltd
C E Gilbert & Son (Developments) Limited
C J Bayliss (Hereford) Ltd
C J Construction (Wales) Ltd
C J O'Shea and Company Limited
C T Sheldon Ltd
C V O Limited
C W Duke & Sons Ltd
C W Langton Limited
C.A.R Homes Limited
C.B. Homes Limited
C.M.Williams Joinery & Building Contractor
C&S Ball Limited
Cablesheer Construction Limited
Caen Homes Limited
Caerlyon Estates Limited
Cairns Heritage Homes Ltd
Calderdale Homes (Eastern) Limited
Caledonian Developments (Watford) Limited
Calico Homes Ltd
Calmax Construction Ltd
CAM Construction (Midlands) Ltd
Camborne Holdings Ltd
Cambridge & County Developments Limited
Cambridge Building Collective Ltd T/a Cambridge Building Company
Cameron Builders (Newcastle) Ltd
Camm Developers Ltd
Cammells Property Ventures Ltd
Camperlands Builders Limited
Camstead Limited
Canning Ericsson Ltd
Cannon Build Ltd
Cannons Building Contractors Ltd
Cannylads Ltd
CAP Developments Limited
Cape Homes Ltd
Capital Homes (Southern) Ltd
Capitol Developments Limited
Capla Developments Limited
Capsel Ltd
Captiva Homes Ltd
Carabella Properties Limited
Carberry Contract Services Ltd
Cardhu Developments Limited
Carillion Arlington Spennymoor Trust
Carlen Design & Build Limited
Carlisle Estates Company, Ltd
Carlton Green Rothwell Ltd
Carlton House Exmouth Limited
Caro Homes Ltd
Caroline Bull
Carr & Carr (Builders) Ltd
Carriden Homes Ltd
Carrigmay Kings Point (Jersey) Limited
Carroll Build Limited
Carter Construction (Derby) Limited
Carter Land & Development Ltd
Cartrefi Ffosaron Homes Ltd
Casalivin Ltd
Casamao LLP and OKR LLP
Caspar Building and Developments Ltd
Caspian Developments Ltd
Caspidge Construction Ltd
Castell Homes Limited
Castle Homes (Developments) Limited
Castle Homes of Warwick Ltd
Castle Homes SPV 2 Ltd
Castle House Joinery Ltd
Castle Property Group Ltd
Castle Street Development Ltd
Castle Well Developments Ltd
Castlegate Homes Lincoln Limited
Castleguard Shernhall St Ltd
Castlehouse Construction Ltd
Castlemead Group Ltd
Castleoak Care Partnerships Ltd
Catalyst Contracting Ltd
Cathedral Property Development Limited
Cator Homes Ltd
Causeway Developments (Sussex) Ltd
Cavanna Homes (South West) Ltd
Cax Homes Ltd
CB Bespoke Property Development Ltd
CC Construction (Yorkshire) Ltd
CCG Homes Ltd
CCG Scotland Ltd
Ccha Developments Limited
Ccm Design And Build Limited
CCS Holdings Ltd
CDS Building Services
Cedarmill Developments Ltd
Celtic Developments (Coety) Ltd
Centaur Developments Ltd
Centaur Homes (east) Limited
Centaur Homes (North) Ltd
Centaur Homes (South West) Limited
Centaur Homes (south) Ltd
Centaur Homes Ltd
Centem Ltd
Central & Country (Horsehay) Limited
Central & Country (Redditch) Ltd
Central & Country Construction Ltd
Central & Country Developments Ltd
Cernea Construction Limited
Cert Jds Limited
Cete (llanddulas) Limited
Cete Limited
CF Developments Limited
CField Construction Limited
CFS Homes
CHA Ventures Ltd
Chalkdene Developments Llp
Chapel Riverside Developments Limited
Chappell & Dix Ltd
Chapter Homes Durham Limited
Charles Church Developments Ltd
Charles Edward Limited
Charminster Farm Ltd
Charter House Property Ltd
Chartford Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd
Chartford Developments Limited
Chartford Lunn LLP
Chartford White Rose Limited
Chartway Group Ltd
Chartwell Land & New Homes Ltd
Charworth Homes Limited
Chas & Dave Developments Ltd
Chase (WGC) Ltd
Chase New Homes Limited
Chay Hedger Ltd
Chealestoke Properties Ltd
Chelsteen Homes Limited
Chepstow Property Co Limited
Cheshire Developments (Handforth) Ltd
Chesil Developments Ltd
Chesside Homes Ltd
Chestnut Property Development Co (Preston) Ltd
Chesworth Brothers (Building Contractors) Limited
Chevin Homes (Ashbourne) Ltd
Chevin Homes (derby) Limited
Chevin Homes Ltd
Cheviot Holdings Ltd
Chi Homes Ltd
Chichester Homes Developments Limited
Chidwick & Moore Ltd
Chigwell (London) Ltd
Chigwell Properties Limited
Chiltern Developments (hitchin) Limited
Chilworth Tower Estates Limited
Chipmunk Limited
Chipping Homes Ltd
Chiverton Developments Ltd
Chris Duggin t/a The Nest Investment Company
Chris James Construction Ltd
Chris Kelly Developments Ltd
Chris Scott
Chris Smith Builder & Contractor Limited
Christchurch Fairmile Village LLP
Christine Homes Limited
Christmas Common Construction Ltd
Christopher & Lorelei Mariner
Chrome (Services) Ltd
Church Green Ltd
Churchdale Homes Ltd
Churston Building Company Ltd
Chyvogue Homes Ltd
Circlet Homes Ltd
City & Docklands Construction Ltd
City And Country Bristol Ltd
City and General Wardour Street Ltd & City and General Wardour Street (No 2) Ltd
City Estates (MK) Limited
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
City Partnership Housing Limited
City Pride Ltd
City Renovations Ltd
City West Works Limited
CityLife 4 ltd
Cityline Construction Ltd
Cityshape Heritage Ltd
CJ Developments (Midlands) Ltd
CJ Lynch & Sons (Minehead) Ltd
CJ McDonald Builders
Clack & Pettifer Limited
Clan Homes Ltd
Clarendon Living Ltd
Clarion Homes Limited
Clarity Properties Ltd
Clark Estates (UK) Ltd
Clark Homes Ltd
Clark Projects 12 Ltd
Clarke Homes Ltd
Classgrade Ltd
Classic Builders (South West) Ltd
Classic Construction (Southern) Ltd
Classic Homes South West Ltd
Claydon Builders Ltd T/A M&J Builders
Clayewater Homes Ltd
Claymore Homes Ltd
Clear Line Limited
Clearstone Limited
Clearview Homes (Horton Road) Ltd
Clearview Homes (Sutton Court Road) Limited
Clearview Homes Ltd
Clearview House Ltd
Cleave Wood Developments Ltd
Clementine Court Limited
Clerks Well Developments Ltd
Clifford G Mumm
Clifton Maybank Developments Ltd
Cliftons Developments Ltd
Clipper Developments Limited
Cloud 9 Developments Ltd
Cloud9 Homes Limited
Cloverfield Homes Ltd
Clovergate Construction Ltd
Clublight Developments Ltd
CMC Design Limited
Coastal Homes (North Wales) Limited
Coastal Property Company Limited
Coastline Housing Ltd
Cobalt Limited
Cocksedge Building Contractors Ltd
Coda Developments Limited
Coedlas Developments Ltd
Coinford Ltd
Colaren Homes Ltd.
Colburn Developments Ltd
Colburn East Ltd
Collins Design and Build Ltd.
Collis Properties Ltd
Colmar Construction (Poole) Ltd
Coln At The Knoll Limited
Coln Park Lakes Construction LLP
Coln Residential Limited
Coln Signature Homes Limited
Coln Valley Property Limited
Colstock Construction Limited
Colstock Developments Ltd
Colton Property Developments Limited
Colvester Homes Limited
Colville Construction Ltd
Compass Building & Construction Services Limited
Compass Developments (NE) Ltd
Compendium Regeneration Limited
Complex (Building Services) Ltd
Compton Avenue Limited
Concept 2 Construction Limited
Concept 2 Homes Ltd
Connolly & Fee Ltd
Connolly Builders Limited
Connor Construction (Watford) Ltd
Connor Developments (UK) LLP
Conroy Brook (Developments) Limited
Consero London Ltd
Construction and Maintenance (Dorset) Ltd
Construction Management Services Limited
Construction Partnership UK Limited
Construction Total Solutions Limited
Contemporary Eco Homes Ealing Ltd
Contract Construction Services Ltd
Cooke Construction Ltd
Coombs (Canterbury) Ltd
Cooper & Kelling Builders
Cooper Construction Ltd
Cooper Ramus Projects  Limited
Coral Civil Engineering Limited
Corner Stone (Newton Abbot) Limited
Cornerstone Land Ltd
Cornerstone Properties
Cornerstone South Limited
Corniche Construction Ltd
Cornovia Developments Limited
Cornovia Homes (Newquay) Limited
Cornovia Homes Limited
Cornwall Council
Corrib Properties Ltd
Costello Wright Developments Limited
Cotswold Builder Ltd
Cotswold Oak Ltd
Cotswold Premier Homes Limited
Cottam & Northcott Builders Limited
Cottleys Developments Ltd
Counterpoint Properties Ltd
Country Homes Scotland Ltd
Country House Limited
Countryside Properties (UK) Limited
Countrywide Solar Ltd T/A Countrywide Construction
County Builders (Hope Care) Limited
County Developments (SW) Ltd
County Life Homes Ltd
Countylife Bamburgh Ltd
Countylife Beadnell Ltd
Countylife Corbridge Ltd
Countylife Northumbria Limited
Court End Developments Limited
Court Homes Construction Ltd
Courtenay Building Contractors Ltd
Courtyard Construction (UK) Ltd
Courtyard Developments (Bramley) Limited
Cousins (Scotland) Limited
Cove Construction Limited
Coy Pond Developments Limited
Coyde Construction Ltd
CPR Property & Development Ltd
Craggy Island Properties Ltd
Crane & Walker Developments Limited
Cranford Construction & Development Ltd
Cranford Estates (Mobberley) Ltd
Cranston33 Limited
Craven Holmes Design & Build Ltd
Crawley Borough Council
Crayfern Homes Limited
Crayford Mews Ltd
Craymanor Ltd
CRB Homes Limited
Crdp Developments Llp
Cre8ive Developments (Sorto) Limited
Creating Enterprise CIC
Creigiau Developments Ltd
Creo De Vere Limited
Crest House Developments Ltd
Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd
CRH Developments Ltd
Cripps Developments Ltd
Croft Developments
Croft Group UK Limited
Croft Homes Developments Ltd
Crosbie Developments Limited
Crosland & Sons Limited
Crossfield Construction Ltd
Crossman (Weston Park) Ltd
Crossman Build Ltd
Crossman Homes Ltd
Crossman Land (Three) Ltd
Crossman Land Limited
Crossmolina Ltd
Crouch MGR Ltd
Crown House Homes (North Station) Limited
Crown Ingatestone Limited
Crownfield Holdings Ltd
Crowning Developments Limited
Crownmead Homes Ltd
Crownwood Estates (East Grinstead Land) Limited
Crownwood Estates Limited
Cruden Building & Renewals Ltd
Cruden Construction Ltd
Cruden Property Services Limited
Cruz Developments Ltd
Crystal Homes 2 Limited
CSS Homes Limited
CST Building Services Ltd
Cube Estates Ltd
Cube Homes Limited
Cumberland Developments Limited
Cumbrian Homes Ltd
Curley Construction (Cambridge) Ltd
Curo Construction Limited
Curo Enterprise Ltd
Curtis Jones Property Developments Limited
Cussins (North East) Limited
Custom Built of Westbury Ltd
CW Facilities Management
Cyden Homes Ltd
D & C Murrell Ltd
D & G James Developments Ltd
D & K Contracting Services Ltd
D & R Developments
D & R Investments Ltd
D A Pritchett Building & Joinery Contractors Ltd
D C Wolfe Construction Ltd
D G Building (East Cambs) Ltd
D G Rose LTD
D Jensen Investment Properties LLP
D L Rhodes & Son Ltd
D Laughton Developments Ltd
D N Associates Ltd
D P G Developments Limited
D Parry
D R 4 Developments LLP
D R Jones (Yeovil) Ltd
D Rogers General Builders
D S Developments (SW) Ltd
D. C. Li (Builders) Ltd
D. Hare (Construction) Ltd.
D. Noble Limited
D.A.B. Builders and Construction Services Ltd
D.Broddell Joinery Ltd
D.F. Tourle Limited
D.Fearley Construction & Groundwork
D.j.l.(Sutton) Limited
D.P. Builders Limited
D.W. Francis Ltd
D&F Bruce Partnership
D&M Middleton Ltd
D3 Property Developments Ltd
D7 Developments Limited
Daco Construction (Norfolk) Limited
Dacol Limited
Dacre Street Developments Limited
Daisy Rock Investments Limited
Dakarts Limited
Dakin And Loveridge Building Services
Dale Edgson Construction
Dalestone Properties Limited
Dalesview Developments Limited
Daleway Developments Ltd
Dalin Ltd
DAM Green Services Ltd
Damamere 1 Limited
Dan Herridge
Dandara Limited
Danefield Developments Limited
Danegrove Developments Ltd
Danehurst Gough House Limited
Daniel Gath Homes (Yorkshire) Limited
Daniel Gath Homes Ltd
Daniel Gath Properties Limited
Daniel Webster Ltd
Danum Developments Ltd
Dappa Homes Ltd
Darfields Limited
Dariston Land & Development Limited
Dark Stream Developments Ltd
Darnley Developments
Darren Roche Builders Ltd
Darren Rock Building Services
Darwin Holdings Limited
Datblygiadau Moelfre Developments Ltd
Date Developments Ltd
Datum Construction Group Ltd
Datum Contracts and Construction Management Limited
Davall Developments Limited
David Ashley Developments Limited
David Bothma
David Cox Building Contractors Ltd
David Dent Building Contractors Ltd
David Holmes Construction Limited
David Hunt Construction Ltd
David Langdon Chartered Builders
David Miller Homes Ltd
David Reed Homes Ltd
Davidson Homes Ltd
Davies Construction
Davies Homes (Merthyr) Ltd
Davies Homes (S.W.) Ltd
Davies Homes & Developments Ltd
Davies Homes Ltd
Davies Properties
Davis & Sons
Davlyn (Surrey) Ltd
Dawnus Construction Holdings Limited
Dawson Brown Ltd
Days New Homes Ltd
DB Design and Build Limited
DB Homes (Welland) Ltd
DBL Developments Ltd
DCB (Kent) Ltd
DCD (St. Marina) Limited
DCH (Cornwall 1) Ltd
DCH Builders (Derby) Ltd
Dealmead Limited
Dean & Dean Construction Ltd
Dean Worsfold
Deansgate Properties
Debenham Homes Ltd
Debquest Developments Limited
Decorsi Limited
Decorus Homes Ltd
Deeley Construction Limited
Deeley Homes Limited
Deer Park Management Ltd
Deercroft Homes Ltd
Deers Leap Properties Limited
Delane Developments
Delkan Homes Limited
Delta Property (Cardiff) Ltd
Deltaline Trading Limited  t/a Reynolds Trading
Denmark & White Ltd
Denmore Homes Limited
Dennett Road Limited
Dennis Edwards Limited
Denton Construction and Electrical Ltd
Dentone Builders Limited
Derby Plastics Ltd
Derbyshire Developments (Tutbury) Ltd
Dere Street Homes Ltd
Design & Build Developments Ltd
Design & Construct (London) Limited
Devan Homes Limited
Devcor (Plymouth) Limited
Devcor Properties Ltd
Devellis Ltd
Develop (Woodbridge) Ltd
Development Contracting Ltd
Development House Limited
Devon & Dorset Properties Ltd
Devonshire Development Ltd
Devonshire Homes (Landkey) Limited
Devonshire Homes Ltd
Devonshire House Property Limited
DevTec Solutions Limited
Dex Homes (Portchester) Ltd
Dexter Pollard
DGK Construction Limited
Dhani Properties Ltd
Diamond Build Plc
Diamond Red Ltd
Digby and Roe Property Developers Ltd
Digey Homes Limited
Digey Limited
Dighton Developments Ltd
Dinos Building Ltd
DJ Atkinson Construction Ltd
DJ Hughes Construction Ltd
DJJR Developments Ltd
DK & R Properties Limited
DLB Scotland Ltd
DLR Property Development  Ltd
DMBE Build Plus
DMH Contractors Limited
DMS Property Renovation Ltd
DNC Building Ltd
Dobson Construction Ltd
Dockleaf Chollerford Ltd
Dockleaf Developments Limited
Domestic Design & Build Ltd
Donban Contracting (UK) Ltd
Dore Construction Ltd
Doric Developments (Bath) Ltd
Dorset & Devon Developments Ltd
Dorset & Sussex Developments Limited
Doswell Projects Ltd
Douch Partners Ltd
Douglas Construction Ltd
Douglas Homes (Bristol) Limited
Douglas Property Developments Ltd
Dove Developments (Southern) Limited
Dover Building & Property Maintenance
Dover District Council
Downs Building Constructions  Ltd
DPA Architects Ltd
Dr Catherine Hakim
Dr David North & Mrs J H North
Dragon Eye Assets Limited
Dragon Homes (Wales) Ltd
Dragonfly Development Limited
Draper Construction Ltd
Drew Properties (New Milton) Ltd
Drew Smith Ltd
Drogo Developments Ltd
Dryburgh Contracts Ltd
Dryfesdale Developments Ltd
Drywater Developments Limited
DS Properties (Goods Shed) Limited
DSG Developments Limited
DTMR Developments Ltd
Dubarry Homes Ltd
Dudgeon Builders Limited
Dudley Construction Ltd
Dudley Council
Dudrich (Developments) Limited
Duffin Builders Ltd
DuFont Faes New Homes Ltd
Duncan and Son (Southwold) Ltd
Duncan Cameron & Hutchinson Ltd
Duncan Mitchell Developments Limited
Dunedin Hartshill Ltd
Dunedin Homes & Developments Limited
Dunlop (Scotland) Developments Ltd
Dunmore Developments Ltd
Dunstall Homes Ltd
Durkan Ltd
Durrance Developments Limited
Dwell Projects Ltd
DWS Building & Civil Engineering Limited
Dyason Developments Ltd
Dylan Rose Developments Ltd
Dyrham Land Ltd
E Basnett Ltd T/A EBL Group
E J B Developments Ltd
E J Rendall & Sons
E J Taylor & Sons Limited
E Manton Ltd
E T Webster
E. Farrer and Sons
E. Taylor & Sons (Southwell) Ltd T/A Carmalor Construction
E.C Connor Ltd
E.G.Carter & Company Ltd
E.N. Suiter & Sons Ltd
E3 UK Limited
EAB Homes Ltd
Eagergala Ltd
East Anglian Civils Ltd
East Coast Property (UK) Limited
East Rising Limited
Eastacre Westview LLP
Eastbank Studios Limited
Eastbay Construction Ltd
Eastbay Ltd
Easy Living Developments Limited
Ebel One Ltd
EBL Church Developments Limited
Eccleston Homes Ltd
Eckton & Company Limited
Eclipse Projects & Design Limited
Eclipse South West Services Ltd
Eco Timber Homes Limited
Eco2 Contracts
Ecobright Building Services Limited
Ecohomes One Limited
ECPO Homes Limited
Ecton Homes Limited
Eddie Wannop Limited
Eden Properties (Midlands) Limited
Edenvale Homes (York) Ltd
EDG Build Limited
EDG Property Coventry Limited
Edgioake Construction Ltd
Edison Developments Ltd
Edison Homes Limited
Ediston Homes Ltd
Edmunds Design & Construction Ltd
Edren Homes Ltd
Edwards Brothers Developments Ltd
EFB Property Investments (IOM Ltd
Egan and Nash Limited
Eider Construction Ltd
Elbac Limited
Elberry Properties 67 Ltd
Elberry Properties Ltd
Elder Kennedy Limited
Elevate Construction Ltd
Eliot Design & Build Limited
Eliot Developments (SW) Limited
Elite Residential Developments Ltd
ELKcott Developments Limited
Elliott Jameson Limited
Elliott-Cannon Associates Ltd
Ellis Bros (Contractors) Ltd
Ellis Building Contractors Limited
Ellison Construction Limited
Elm Avenue Developments
Elmore Homes Ltd
Elmridge Developments Limited
Elsworthy SJW Limited
Elton Homes Ltd
Emarek Ltd
Emberworth Ltd
Emsbourne Developments Ltd
Enchantment Homes Ltd
Encon Construction Limited
Enelco Limited T/A EBC
Engie Regeneration (Bramall) Ltd
Engie Regeneration Ltd
Engineering Productions (Pudsey) Ltd T/A EP Homes
Engineering Productions (Pudsey) Ltd T/A EP Homes
English Rose Homes Ltd
English Rural Housing Association Ltd
Entasis Limited
Entire Property Ltd
Environ Coastal Homes (South Devon) Ltd
Equitas Properties Ltd
Equity Estates Homes Ltd
ER Homes Limited
Eric Wright Construction Limited
Eringlade Limited
Erinvale Developments Ltd
Erlas Developments Ltd
Erris Homes Limited
Escafeld Developments Ltd
Esh Construction Ltd
Esh Homes Limited
Esja Newbuild Limited
Esprit Land Limited
Esquire Construction Ltd
Essence Developments Ltd
Essential Estates Limited
Essex Home Build Limited
Estructura Limited
ET Developments Ltd
Eton Construction Limited
Eton Homes Limited
Etruscan Homes Limited
Euro New Homes Ltd
Euston Road Limited
Evantyr Properties Ltd
Every Project Counts Ltd
Evolution Building Ltd
Evolutions Construction Company Ltd
Excelsior Land Limited
Exclusive Homes Limited
Executive Homes (North London) Ltd
Exeter Developments Ltd
Eximius Developments Limited
Exodus Build Ltd
Explorer Properties Ltd
Eyres Development LTD
F & W Creamer Ltd
F E Chase & Son Ltd
F G Sissons (Chesterfield) Limited
F J White (Developments) Ltd
F W Developments (IW) Ltd
F.C. Stark Ltd
F&L Group Ltd
F1 Modular Limited
Fairfax Acquisitions (Haywards Heath) Ltd
Fairfax Acquisitions Limited
Fairfield Homes Limited
Fairgrove (Derby) Ltd
Fairgrove (Nottingham) Limited
Fairgrove Homes Ltd
Fairleigh Construction Ltd
Fairoak Construction (UK) Limited
Fairview Building Solutions Limited
Fairview Estates (Housing) Ltd
Fairview New Homes Ltd
Faith Global Co Ltd
Faone Limited
Farebrother Construction
Farehand Properties Ltd
Farm Properties Developments Limited
Farminer Developments Limited
Fazal Property Ltd
Featherstone Planning Design and Development Limited
Feldon Homes Ltd
Fellside Land Developments Ltd
Feltham Construction Ltd
Fenviews Ltd
Fenwood Estates Limited
Fern Bay Properties Ltd
Fernbrook Builders Limited
Ferndale Developers (Cornwall) Ltd
Fernfield Homes Ltd
Ferrypark Developments Limited
FFH Braintree Ltd
FG Homes Limited
Findlay Construction Uk Ltd
Findlay Developments Limited
Finlay Blundell Homes Ltd
Finsbury Designs Ltd
Firmco Limited
First County Construction Limited
First County Homes Limited
First Steps (Ancoats) Ltd
Fish Developments Ltd
Fisher & Dean Construction Limited
Fisher & Dean Limited
Fisher & Wilkinson Limited
Fitzgerald & Burke Limited
Fitzmaurice Developments Limited
Fitzwilliam Developments (Stamford) Ltd
Fix Property Services Limited
Fizzle Ltd
FKR Properties Limited
FL Construction Ltd T/A Fraser Langdon
Flanagan Homes Limited
Flashfield Properties Limited
Flaybrick Developments Limited
Flaybrick Homes Ltd
Fleet Homes 2000 Ltd
Fleur Developments Ltd
Flint Developments '12 Ltd
Flintstone Contractors Limited
Floreat Living Limited
Flower & Hayes Ltd
Flying Trade Group Plc
FM Dalnair Limited
FMW Construction Ltd
Focon Ltd
Fomo Developments Ltd
Forays Homes (Southern) Ltd
Forcia Limited
Fordson Developments Ltd
Foreman (North East) Ltd
Foreman Homes Limited
Foresight Construction Ltd
Forest Homes Developments Ltd
Forge Weir View Limited
ForgeHomes Limited
Formation Design & Build Ltd
Formby Point Construction Ltd
Forth & Clyde Properties Ltd
Fortis Homes Ltd
Forty 50 Construction Limited
Fossgate Developments Limited
Foster Welburn Limited
Fothermill Limited
Fountain Construction Limited
Fountain Homes (UK) Limited
Four By Two Build Limited
Four Oaks Homes Limited
Four Quarters (College Lane) Ltd
Four Quarters Construction Ltd
Fourmation Developments Ltd
Fox Industrial Services Ltd
Foxbury Hill Property Consultancy Limited
Foxglove Investments (construction) Limited
Foxglove Investments (developments) Limited
Foxglove Investments Homes Limited
Foxwood Investments Ltd
FP Newhaven Two Ltd
Francis Construction Ltd
Francis Jackson Homes Ltd
Francmanis Properties
Frank Goddard & Son Ltd
Frankham Developments Ltd
Freemantle Developments (Salcombe) Limited
Fremel Construction Ltd
Frendcastle Homes LLP
Freshwater Estates (Haverhill) Ltd
Freshwater Estates (Mildenhall) Ltd
Friday Hill House Limited
Friday Street Developments Ltd
Fromebridge Construction Limited
Front Row Construction (East Midlands) Ltd
FSG Property Services Ltd
Fusion Park View Road Ltd
Fusion Watford Road Ltd
Future Management & Construction (FMC) Limited
Future Management Consultancy (fmc) Limited
Future Plan Ltd
Futures Housing Group Limited
Fynecast Homes Limited
G & L Homes Ltd
G & M Roofing Ltd
G A Quality Building
G and P Construction Limited
G H Construction (Bristol) Ltd
G L H (Midlands) Ltd
G P Thomas & Son Ltd
G S Jones & Sons Limited
G S Kelsey Construction Ltd
G.P. Developments Limited
G.P.H Construction Ltd
G&Am Lawson Ltd
G&W Developments Ltd
G3 Developments Ltd
Gaiger Brothers Limited
Gallagher & Richards Developments Ltd
Galliard Construction Ltd
Galliford Try Building Limited
Galliford Try Partnerships Ltd
Galliford Try Partnerships North Ltd
Galliford Try Partnerships Yorkshire Holdings Limited
Galliford Try Partnerships Yorkshire Limited
Galvin Projects Limited
GAM Construction Ltd
Garddfon Ltd
Garden City Design & Build Limited
Gary Denham Property
Gary Sullivan
Gary Taberer Limited
Gascoines Group Ltd
Gates Property Lettings Ltd T/A Gates Estates
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
Gateshead Trading Company Limited
Gaunts Construction Ltd
GB Construction Partnership Ltd
GB Design & Build Ltd
Gb Dibden General Builders Limited
GCM Developments Limited
GD Midlands Ltd
GDL (Millharbour) Limited
Ge Contracts Ltd
Geda Construction Company Limited
Geda Construction LLP
Gee Construction Co Ltd
Gelder Ltd
Gem Construction (York) Limited
Gem Construction & Civil Engineering Limited
Gemdome Ltd
Gemini Property Ventures Limited
Gemselect Ltd
Genesis Homes (North) Limited
Genr8 North Ltd
Gentian Projects (Oxfordshire Three) Limited
Gentlecraft Ltd
Gentoo Homes Ltd
Geo Construction Limited
Geo Houlton & Sons Ltd
Geoff Bowker Ltd
Geoffrey Osborne Ltd
George Downing Construction Limited
George Leigh Limited
Gerard & Huby Building Specialists Limited
Germain Homes Limited
GFL Developments Ltd
GFZ Developments Ltd
GHL Trinity Square LP
Gilbert & Goode Ltd
Gilbert Homes Ltd
Gilbert-Ash Ltd
Gilby Homes Limited
Gilco Building & Civil Engineering Contractors Ltd
Gill Developments
Gillett's (Holdings) Limited
Gipping Construction Ltd
Glawood Limited
Glazegate Homes Ltd
Glebe Hall Limited
Gleeson Regeneration Limited
Glencairn Estates Limited
Glencairn Properties (Scotland) Limited
Glenfarg Partnership Limited
Glenman Corporation Limited
Glenview Builders Ltd
Global Investment Partners Limited
Globalhome Estates Ltd
Glossbrook Builders Ltd
GM Developments (London) LLP
GM London Limited
GN Construction Ltd
Go D&b Ltd
Go-Develop (Biggleswade) Limited
Godfrey & Hicks Builders Ltd
Godsall Property Development Ltd
Gold Section Developments LLP
Golden Mede Development Company Limited
Golden Ventures Limited
Goldfish Developments (Midlands) Limited
Golding Homes Ltd
Golding Places Ltd
Goldstar Real Estate Limited
Gomac Business Developments Ltd
Gomm Developments Ltd
Goodfellow Construction Ltd
Goodwin Building Contractors Ltd
Goss Builders Limited
Gould Construction Ltd
Gould Homes (south West) Ltd
Gould Homes Limited
Goulden & Sons Limited
Goulden Simpson Ltd
GPS Estates Ltd
GPS Projects Ltd
GPT Properties Limited
GR33N Group Ltd
GR8 Space (Red House) Limited
Grace Homes Ltd
Graddon Property Services Limited
Graham Ashley Shapiro & Harvey Barry Shulman T/A Shapiro Shulman Properties
Graham Developments (UK) Limited
Graham Ottaway Builders Limited
Granbrook Developments Limited
Grandgrade Ltd
Grange Developments (St Albans) Ltd
Grange Mill Developments Ltd
Grangemoor Developments Limited
Grangemoor Estates Limited
Grantbourne Ltd
Gratton Homes Limited
Graven Hill Village Development Company Ltd
Gravitas Housing Ltd
Gray & Sons Ltd
Grays Thurrock Properties Limited
GRB Builders Limited
Great Harbour Cay Ltd
Great Oak Developments Limited
Great Park Developments Ltd
Greater Midlands Housing Company Ltd
Green Build (UK) Ltd
Green End Developments Ltd
Green Gate Homes (NW) Ltd
Green Homes Telford Limited
Green Pads Ltd
Green Parc Ltd
Green Place Developments Limited
Greenacre (Chidham) Ltd
Greencore Construction Ltd
Greengable Investments Limited
Greengate Homes (Norfolk) Ltd
Greenhaven Homes Phase 3 Ltd
Greenland Ram (London) Limited
Greenlife Properties Limited
Greenmasters Properties Limited
Greennow Limited
Greenrock Land & Property Limited
GreenSquare Group Limited
Greenstead Ltd
Greentithe Limited
Greenvilla Homes Limited
Gregory Projects (Monk Fryston) Ltd
Gregory Projects Ltd
Gregory Robinson Developments
Greswolde Construction Ltd
Grevayne Properties Ltd
Grey Oak Developments Limited
Greyhound Developments Ltd
Greyhound Property Services Limited
Greymoor Construction Ltd
Greymoor Homes (Greenleaf) Ltd
Greymoor Homes (north Chailey) Limited
Greystone Design & Build Limited
Greystone Property Investments Ltd
Greywell Property Ltd
Griffiths Services & Developments Limited
Griggs (Hanstead) Ltd
Griggs(Rest Harrow) Ltd
Groby Property Ltd
Groom Design Services Limited
Grosvenor Development North West Limited
Grosvenor Homes (Wirral) Ltd
Ground-Tech Construction Ltd
Grove Care Developments Ltd
Grove Care Limited
Groveland Estates Limited
Grovewalk Properties Limited
GRW Property Limited
GS Robinson (Builders) Limited
GSS Construction UK Limited
GST Developments (NW) Ltd
GTB Homes Limited
Guardian Construction Limited
Guardian Industrial (UK) Limited
Guddemi and Barba
Guest and Fiore Contract Bricklayers Limited
Guild Homes (IOM) Ltd
Guild Homes Ltd
Guildmore Ltd
Guinness Developments Ltd
Gurmit Kaur Poonia & Rickveer Singh Poonia
Gus Robinson Developments Ltd
Guy. R. Smedley
Guymer Developments Ltd
Guymer Executive Homes Ltd
GW Contractors Limited
GWC (Surrey) Limited
Gwithian Projects Ltd
Gypfix Interiors Ltd
H & A Developers Ltd
H & H Prestige Homes Ltd
H & J Builders Ltd
H G Construction Limited
H G Homes (Bottesford) Limited
H K Build Limited
H, B & E Limited
H.G.Bird (South Heath) Ltd
H.Turnbull & Co.Limited
HA & DB Kitchin (Alton) Limited
Hacer Developments Ltd
Hackwood Homes Limited
Hadden Construction Ltd
Hadrian Homes Ltd
Hagley Construction Limited
Hagley Homes (Bishampton) Limited
Haig Developments Limited
Hail & Stone Consultancy Ltd
Hale Homes (Wales) Ltd
Halebourne Developments Ltd
Halebourne Group Limited
Hallmark Developments (North West) Ltd
Hallwave Ltd
Halsall Construction Ltd
Halsbury Homes (East Anglia) Limited
Halsbury Homes (East Anglia) SGP Limited
Halsbury Homes (South East) Ltd
Halsbury Homes Ltd
Ham Zanoun
Hambridge Homes (Peckham) Limited
Hambridge Homes Limited
Hamden Homes Limited
Hamilton Church Limited
Hamilton Developments (Newmarket) Ltd
Hamilton Estates (South West) Limited
Hamlet Court Properties Ltd
Hammell Builders
Hammond Homes of Distinction Limited
Hanford & Son Ltd
Hannah Homes Investments Ltd
Hannan Developments Ltd
Hannon Homes Ltd
Hanover Developments (Wakefield) Ltd
Hanson Construct Ltd
HAP Services Ltd
Happy Management Limited
Harborough District Council
Harbot (Builders) Limited
Harbour Landmark Living Limited
Hardkeel Ltd
Hardy Farm Ltd
Hargreaves Contracting Ltd
Hargreaves Residential Developments Limited
Harmsworth Pension Funds Trustees Ltd
Harpenden Properties Ltd
Harper Group Construction Ltd
Harper Homes (UK) Limited
Harridge Developments Limited
Harrier Developments Limited
Harrier Homes Norfolk Limited
Harrington Properties Ltd
Harrogate Borough Council
Harron Homes Limited
Harrop & Associates (de) Limited
Harry Fairclough (Construction) Limited
Hart Builders (Edinburgh) Ltd
Hartly Ltd
Hartog Hutton Ltd
Hartwell Projects Limited
Harvey & Coombes Limited
Harvey Developments (Cheshunt) Ltd
Harwell Land (Oundle) LLP
Harwill Homes Ltd
Hassco Building Ltd
Hastingwood Estates Ltd
Hastoe Housing Association Ltd
Hausman Hughes Ltd
Havenmist Ltd
Haverbridge Homes Ltd
Havisham Homes Limited
HAVVA Limited
Hawk Developments UK Ltd
Hawk Homes Ltd
Hawkings Alexander Ltd
Hayes Property Developments Ltd
Hayward Exclusive Homes Ltd
Hazeldene Farm Trust
Hazelend LLP
Hazelton Homes (Midlands) Ltd
Hazledene Properties Limited
HB No1 Limited
HC Development Co 15 Limited
HC Developments Co 19 Limited
HC Moss (Builders) Ltd
HC Real Estate Limited
HCM Developments (Huddersfield) Ltd
Hearles Builders & Contractors Ltd
Hearne Holmes Developments Limited
Heartwood Homes (Isle Of Wight) Ltd
Heathfield Construction Ltd
Heathland Build Ltd
Heaton Homes Ltd
Heavenly Residential Limited
Hebble Properties Limited
Heddmara Limited
Hedgeview Developers Ltd
Hellier House Ltd
Hembury Homes Ltd
Hemdean (Portersbridge) Ltd
Hemingford (Coldmans Lane) Limited
Hemingford (Witchford) Limited
Henderson Homes (UK) Ltd
Heneghan Homes Limited
Henley Construct Limited
Henley Homes Barnes Village Ltd
Henley Homes Rembrandt Ltd
Henley Homes YR Limited
Henley Renovations Limited
Henry Boot Construction Limited
Henry Construction Projects Ltd
Henry James Homes (Claygate) LLP
Henry W Pollard & Sons Ltd
Hensmill (SJR) LLP
Hereward Homes Ltd
Heritage (SW) Ltd
Heritage Developments Ltd
Heritage Developments South West Ltd
Heritage Homes (Cheshire) Ltd
Heritage North Limited
Heronsbrook Homes Ltd
Heronslea (Beechwood) Ltd
Heronslea (Bushey4) Ltd
Heronslea (claybury) Limited
Heronslea (Grenville Place) Ltd
Heronslea (Patchetts) Limited
Heronslea (watford Road) Limited
Heronslea Ltd
Hertingfordbury Road Limited
Heyford Contracting Limited
Heyford Homes (Oakley) Ltd
Heyford Homes Ltd
Heyford Park Developments Ltd
Heyford Park Settlements LP (acting through its general partner Dorchester Heyford Park GP Limited)
Heywood Developments (Brockholes) Ltd
HGC Properties Limited
HH Smith & Sons Co Ltd
Hicks Developments Limited
Higgins Builders Ltd
Higgins Construction Plc
Higgins Homes PLC
High Grange Developments Limited
High Street Homes Ltd
High Wycombe Developments 2 Limited
High Wycombe Developments Limited
Highall Developments Ltd
Highbeech Properties Limited
Highclere Investments Limited
Highdean Ltd
Highfield Homes Ltd
Highfield Homes of Distinction Ltd
Highfield Manor Ltd
Highgate Homes (Lincoln) Limited
Highgrove Construction & Development Ltd
Highgrove Homes (Spalding) Limited
Highgrove Property Services Ltd
Highlands (Penarth) Limited
Highstone Building Services Ltd
Hightown Housing Association Limited
Highwood Construction Ltd
Highwood Homes Ltd
Hill Harris & Houghton Limited
Hill Partnerships Limited
Hill Valley Estates Ltd
Hill Yard Management Company Ltd
Hillcliffe Homes Limited
Hillcrest And Louis Homes Ltd
Hillcrest Construction & Developments Ltd
Hillcrest Homes (Hurst Green) Ltd
Hillcrest Rising Developments Ltd
Hillgrove Estates Limited
Hilliams Property Limited
Hilljet Construction Limited
Hillmorton Developments Ltd
Hills Homes Developments Limited
Hillside KH Limited
Hilltop (Bury) Ltd
Hilltop Developments Ltd
Hindhaugh Homes Ltd
Hitchambury Homes (Coleshill) Ltd
Hitchambury Homes Limited
HMR Developments Ltd
Hobson & Porter Ltd
Hodgkinson Builders Ltd
Hodson Developments Ltd
Hodson Properties Limited
Hoe Property Developments Limited
Holbeck & Lewis (Developments) Limited
Holben Holt Limited
Holdsworth Construction Ltd
Holloway Property Development Limited
Hollows Building Company Limited
Hollybrook Ltd
Holmes Building Services Ltd
Holmside Construction Company Ltd
Holroy Developments North West Limited
Holroyd Homes (Yorkshire) Ltd
Holton Homes Limited
Home Farm Ellingham Limited
Home2Me Limited
Homzz Investments Ltd
Hoober Limited
Hope Homes (Chapelton) Limited
Hope Homes (Scotland) Ltd
Horgan Homes & Developments Ltd
Horizon Construction (East Anglia) Ltd
Horizon House Cambourne Limited
Hornby Homes Ltd
Horton Homes Ltd
Hoskins Developments Limited
Housecroft Construction Ltd
Housing Maintenance Solutions Limited
Howarth Contractors Limited
Howarth Homes PLC
Howbeck Homes Limited
Howe Park Development Limited
Howsin Building Contractors Ltd
Hoxston Ltd
Huckscott Developments Limited
Hughes Construction
Hughes Jarvis Limited
Hughie Construction Limited
Hundle & Co Ltd
Hundred Homes Limited
Hunter Developments Cheshire Ltd
Hurst Contracts Ltd
Hurstglen Properties Limited
HWPD2 Limited
Hyde New Build Ltd
Hyde Vale Ltd
Hygrove Holdings Ltd
Hygrove Homes (Swansea) Ltd
Hyper Construction Ltd
Hyperion Homes Developments Limited
I & K Ferguson Builder
I G Estates Ltd
I.L. Beeks (High Wycombe) Ltd
Ian Developments Ltd
Ian Monks Construction Services Ltd
Ian Williamson
Iconico Log Homes Ltd
Identified Developments (cambridge) Limited
Idris Davies Developments Ltd
Idyllic Estates Limited
iHomes (London) Ltd T/A Insignia
IIB Developments Ltd
IJB Property Developing Company Limited
IJW Developments Limited
Ikon Estates Ltd
ILA Developments Ltd
Imagine Property Developments Ltd
Imperial Homes Yorkshire Limited
Imperial Mews Limited
Incredible Homes Limited
Indecon Building Limited
Individually Designed Homes Ltd
Inland Finance Ltd
Inland Homes Developments Ltd
Inland Homes Plc
Inland Limited
Inland Partnerships Limited
Innsway Developments Limited
Inspire Property Developments
Inspired Designs (Building) Ltd
Intelle Construction Limited
Interbuild Properties Limited
Interclass Public Limited Company
Interserve Construction Limited
Intium Construction Limited
Invertay Homes (No.2) LLP
Ipswich Wharf Developments Ltd
Irwin & Simpson Property Developers
ISG Construction Ltd
Isle Anglesey County Council
Isle Of Wight Hotels Ltd
Ivan Simpson Builders
Ivanhoe Developments Limited
Ivanhoe Homes Ltd
Ixion Developments Limited
J & C Developments (Louth) Ltd
J & L Hunsdon Limited
J & M Homes
J & M Homes (South East) Limited
J & S Builders
J A Ball Ltd
J B Loughlin (Contractors) Ltd
J Cheesmur & Sons (Lewes) Limited
J England Homes Ltd
J F Investments Ltd
J Guest Limited
J Harper & Sons (Leominster) Ltd
J L Design & Build Ltd
J McMahon Limited
J Melrose Developments Ltd
J Murphy & Sons Ltd
J P Walker (Developments) Limited
J P Whelan Homes Ltd
J R Buckett & Sons Ltd
J S Bloor (Measham) Limited
J S Property (West Midlands) Ltd
J Tomlinson Ltd
J W S Developments Ltd
J W Stratton Limited
J. Brown & C. Edwards
J. R. Melrose Building Contractor Limited
J.C.W. (Loft Conversions) Ltd
J.J.K Project Management Ltd
J.M. Properties Management
J.P. Warren Plasterers
J.R. Baughan Ltd
J&L Build Ltd
J&L Build ltd
J&L Developments Ltd
J3pso Limited
Jack Bowker
Jack Loggin Ltd
Jack Lunn (Properties) Limited
Jack Lunn Limited
Jackamax Ltd
Jackson & Jackson Developments Ltd
Jacksons Building Contractors
Jacob Homes 1 Limited
Jake Kirkman
JALF Limited
Jam (South Yorkshire) Ltd T/A Fern Tree Homes
James Development Company Limited
James Hudson Properties
James Paton
James R Pearce Development Ltd
James Stockdale Limited
Jamie Batson Building and Bricklaying
Jamie Cassidy Brickwork Ltd
Jamie Smith Estates Ltd
Jamieson Properties Ltd
JAMS Developments Ltd
Jamson Estates Limited
Janel Construction Ltd
Janet Anne Developments Ltd
Jarvis Homes Limited
Jas Formworks Ltd
Javlin Homes Ltd
Jawsan Limited
Jayan Limited
Jayne Commercial Ltd
Jaysam Contractors Ltd
Jaysam Developments Borehamwood Ltd
Jaysam Developments Wembley Ltd
JBC Computers Limited T/A JBC Properties Limited
JBC Grand Homes Ltd
JBRT Developments Limited
JD Hillman Property Limited
JDS Properties & Developments Ltd
Jeakins Weir Ltd
Jeary Developments Ltd
JEB Construction Ltd
Jehu Project Services Ltd
Jem Build Ltd
Jeneva Developments Ltd
Jenks Property Limited
Jenner (Contractors) Ltd
Jenner Building Contractors Limited
Jenner Homes Limited
Jeremy Westcott
Jerram Developments Limited
Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd
Jessup Brothers Ltd
Jet Projects
JFC Developments Residential Limited
JG Hale Construction Ltd
Jh Balham Ltd
Jigs (Humberston) Ltd
Jim Fairburn Ltd
Jim Shoesmith
JIW Properties Limited
JJ Hall Builders
JJ Rhatigan & Co (UK) limited
JJS Construction & Development Limited
Jkma Premiere Limited
JLS Buildings & Development Ltd
JMD Design & Build Ltd
Jme Civils Limited
JMJ Construction Limited
JNG Developments Ltd
John Collis Builders Ltd
John David Homes Ltd
John Ducker, Paul Ducker, James Ducker, Stephen Ducker, Mark Ducker & Clare Allen
John Duggleby Homes Limited
John E Griggs & Sons Limited
John Ebdon Homes Ltd
John Fredrick Milsted
John G Gray (Homes) Ltd
John Graham Construction Ltd
John Horsler
John Leahy & Son (Builders) Ltd
John Moody & Son Ltd
John Parkins & Esther Dennis
John Sillcock
John Sisk & Son Ltd
John Southworth Builders Ltd
John Turner Construction Group Ltd
Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust Limited
Johnson & Gault Construction (UK) Ltd
Johnson Properties
Jolliffe Builders Ltd
Jomast Development Limited
Jones Brothers (Henllan) Limited
Jones Brothers Weston Rhyn Ltd
Jones Building Group Ltd
Joshua Developments Ltd
Joyce Construction and Civils Ltd
JPI Holdings Limited T/A Riva Homes
JPM Construction Ltd
JPW Yorkshire Limited
JRA Properties Limited
Jrm Bespoke Properties Limited
JRS Homes (Creigiau) Limited
JS Crawford Contracts (Borders) Ltd
JSJ Homes Limited
JSM Building & Technical Services Ltd
Jubilee Resource Community Ltd
Juniper Developments (Rugby) Ltd
Just Build Developments Ltd
Just Extensions (Reigate) Limited
JWM Construction Services Limited
JWT Developments Ltd
K & M Grant Limited
K Gibbs Construction Limited
K Hughes And Son Brickwork And General Building Ltd.
K Reynolds & Sons Brickwork Limited
K T Construction Ltd
K W Bell Group Limited
K. Middleton Building Contractor
K&M Developments (Leighton Buzzard) Ltd
K2 (Wells) Limited
K2 Construction Ltd
KACH Developments Ltd
Kajal Properties Limited
Kalentha Assets Limited
Kamac Ltd
Kapital Residential Limited
Karbon Homes Limited
Karen Dodd
Karl Farey Developments Limited
Karllee Construction (UK) Ltd
Karllee Development Ltd
Karmo Limited
Karn Havos Building Company Limited
Kavbro Build Ltd
KAW Projects Ltd
KD Homes Limited
Kean Construction (Scotland) Ltd
Keble Homes 47 West Way Limited
Keble Homes Ltd
Keepmoat Homes Ltd
Keepsake Construction Ltd
Keigar Homes Limited
Kelland Properties Ltd
Keller Construction Ltd
Keller New Homes Ltd
Kempston Homes Ltd
Ken Biggs Contractors Ltd
Kendall Hastings Partnership
Kennet Construction Ltd
Kensco Limited
Kepple Limited
Kepranich Developments Ltd
Kerow Investments Ltd
Kerwick Limited
Kessler Dwyer Ltd
Kettle and Talbot Ltd
Key Developments (Godalming) LLP
Keyhaven Homes Bramham Ltd
Keyworker Homes (Northwest) Limited
KF Joiners Limited
Kibswell Homes Ltd
Kidbrook Homes (Godalming) Ltd
Kier Construction Limited
Kier Living Ltd
Kier Partnership Homes Ltd
Kier Services Ltd
Kilkenny & Gomm Developments Ltd
Kind & Co. (Builders) Limited
Kinder Developments Ltd
Kinellar Developments Limited
King & Drury Construction Ltd
Kingerlee Homes Ltd
Kingerlee Ltd
Kingfisher Developments (South West) Ltd
Kingfisher UNA Resort Limited
Kinglassie Developments Limited
Kings Church Homes Ltd
Kingsacre Homes Limited
Kingsbury Construction Company Ltd
Kingscliffe Homes Limited
Kingscoat Ltd
Kingsdown Farm Developments Limited
Kingsland Road Enterprises Ltd
Kingsley Developments International Ltd
Kingsley Homes Limited
Kingsley Residential Limited
Kingsman Homes Ltd
Kingsmead Homes Limited
Kingston Real Estate (New Homes) Ltd
Kingston Residential Investments Limited
Kingstonian Homes Limited
Kingswood Homes (UK) Limited
Kinvena Homes Ltd
Kirk Hallam Building Company Limited
Kirkcross Developments Limited
Kirkham Homes (Hunt Lane) Ltd
Kirtwood Developments Ltd
Kitto Group PLC
KJJ Properties Limited
KK3 Limited
KLM Property Ltd
KM Facilities Management Limited
KMAC Group Limited
Knarsboro Homes Ltd
Knight Build Ltd
Knight Homes (UK) Ltd
Knights Developments Limited
Knightsgate (UK) Limited
Knightspur Homes Ltd
Knowles Construction Ltd
Koori Limited
Kostadel Buckley Limited
Kream Properties Ltd
KSM Builders and Sons Ltd
Ktesius Keston LLP
KY Developments Ltd
Kyme Homes Limited
L & R Brickwork & Construction Limited
L C Nicholas Ltd
L I P Construction Ltd
L J S Design & Build Ltd
L Vickery Developments Ltd
L W Developments Limited
L. A. D. S. Construction Ltd
L.M. Peacock Contractors Ltd
La Rose Homes Limited
Lace Market Properties Ltd
Laddingford Developments Limited
Ladsa (Homes) Limited
Ladybank Homes Ltd
Ladypearl Ltd
Lake District Developments Limited
Laleham Homes Limited
Lambert Consulting Limited
Laming & Sons Ltd
Lancaster Homes (NW) Ltd
Lancer Scott Ltd
Lancet Homes Limited
Lancet Homes Limited
Land & Water Services Ltd
Land Developers (Lincs) Limited
Land Development Property Group Ltd
Land Developments (SW) Ltd
Land Genie Limited
Land London Ltd
Landaw Developments Ltd
Landbrook Homes Ltd
Landcom (Greater London) Ltd
Landex Ltd
Landhaven Developments Limited
Landmark Developments (Oakford House) Limited
Landown Ltd
Landslow Investments Ltd
Landstock Construction Limited
Landstock Developments (Northern) Ltd
Landway Properties Limited
Lane End Developments Construction Limited
Langcross Ltd
Lanneth Developments Ltd
Larkfleet Ltd
Larkfleet Ltd (trading as Allison Homes)
Larkfleet SW Ltd
Larkmead Homes Ltd
Lask 2018 Limited
Latch Developments Ltd
Latchmere Properties Ltd
Latchmere Securities Limited
Latimer Developments Limited
Latus Developments Ltd
Launch Builders Ltd
Lawrence & Williams Construction Ltd
Lawrence Baker Limited
Lawrence Evans Homes Ltd
Laxcon Developments Ltd
Laxmanbhai Construction (UK) Ltd
Laxmanbhai Construction (UK) Ltd Trading as Laxcon Construction
Laxton Properties Ltd
LC Carpentry and Construction
LCA Contractors Ltd
LCB Construction Ltd
LDS Estates Ltd
Le Grand Developments Ltd
Lea Croft Residential (Gomersal) Ltd
Lea Croft Residential (Sowerby) Ltd
Lea Valley Developments Limited
Leabridge Homes Limited
Leach Projects Limited
Leander Developments Limited
Leary Brothers Developments Limited
Leary Brothers Limited
Leck Construction Ltd
Ledcameroch Homes Ltd
Lee & Micklethwait Ltd
Lee Keeling
Legacy Homes Limited
Leinster Square Ltd
Lema Homes Ltd
Lepine Properties Limited
Leta Engineering and Plant Co Limited
Lewes District Council
Lewis Bather Ltd
Lewis Wyatt (Construction) Ltd
LGG Projects Ltd
LH Advisory Limited
LHN Developments Limited
LHSW (Ivybridge) Ltd
Liberty Acquisitions Limited
Liberty Homes (Kent) Limited
Lidbetter and Keith Limited
Life Build Solutions Ltd
Lifestyle (Stanground) Ltd
Lifestyle Construction Sussex Ltd
Lifestyle Properties Ltd
Lilyford Homes Ltd
Lilystone Homes Ltd
Lime Grange Developments Limited
Limegrove Build Limited
Limegrove Homes Limited
Limitless Construction Solutions
Linc (Hampton) Ltd
Lincs Construction Ltd
Lincs Premier Homes Limited
Linden (Manse Farm) LLP
Linden Court Homes LLP
Linden Homes Eastern LLP
Linden Limited
Linden Wates (Lovedean) Limited
Linden Wates (Royston) LLP
Linden Wates (Walberton) LLP
Lindisfarne Homes Ltd
Lindum Group Ltd
Lindum Group Peterborough Limited
Linell Homes Ltd
Linfit Developments Ltd
Linfit Investments (Wakefield) Ltd
Linfit Investments Ltd
Linfoot Country Homes Limited
Linford Construction Ltd
Lingar Assets UK Limited
Lingar Developments Limited
Lingar Developments NW Limited
Lingerwood Limited
Linia Developments Ltd
Lint Construction Limited
Linton Property Developments Ltd
Linton Road (great Abington) Llp
Lioncourt Homes (Development No1)  Limited
Littlecombe Park Limited
Livin Construction Ltd
Living Heritage Ltd
LJ General Builders Ltd
LJF Properties Ltd
Lloyd & Gravell Limited
LNT Construction Limited
Lochay Homes Ltd
Lodge Lane Developments Limited
Lodgecrest Developments Ltd
Lodgecrest Ltd
Logan Homes (Wickhambrook) Limited
Logan Homes Ltd
Logmoor Ltd
Logue Homes Ltd
London & City Estates Limited
London Borough of Ealing Council
London Borough of Islington Council
London Borough of Southwark Pension Fund
London Ebor Developments PLC
London Heritage Properties Ltd
London Light Ltd
Longclose Ltd
Longhurst & Havelok Homes Ltd
Longman Developments Limited
Longmuir Homes Ltd
Longprime Limited
Longshaw Construction Limited
Longshore Developments Ltd
Lord & Sons Ltd
Lord Rayleigh's Farms Limited
Lord Residential Limited
Lors Homes Ltd
Louander Developments Limited
Loughton High Road (256) Ltd
Lovat Court Developments Limited
Lovel Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd
Lovell Partnerships Ltd
Low Fell Developments Ltd
Lower Gill Developments Limited
Loxleigh Investments Limited
Loxwood Holdings Ltd
LR Lima Construction Ltd
LRD Construction Services Ltd
LT Contractors Limited
Lucy Developments Ltd
Ludgate 373 Limited
Ludwell Properties Ltd
Luke Arnold Homes Limited
Lukmore LLP
Lulworth Coastal Property LLP
Luna Group Limited
Lusty Glaze Developments Limited
Luxford Homes Limited
Lwc Homes Ltd
LXA Construction Limited
Lychgate Homes Limited
Lyndale Enterprises (UK) Ltd
Lynmore Homes LLP
Lynton Homes Limited
Lyons Partnership
M & D Developments Ltd
M & J Cosgrove Construction Ltd
M & S Neill Ltd
M A Eastwood Limited
M A J Developments Ltd
M B Building Works Ltd
M C I Developments Ltd
M D Construction (Bradford) Limited
M F Strawson Ltd
M Faulkner Builder Ltd
M Foster Construction Limited
M Ganatra & M Nathwani
M H General Building Limited
M H Stainton Ltd
M Harris & Co Ltd
M J Fellows (Building Contractors) Limited
M S M Estates Limited
M T W Construction Ltd
M W Jones Builders
M W Knight & Sons Ltd
M, P & Z Developments (Hornsey) Ltd
M. Freestone Construction Ltd
M. Mackney Developments Limited
M.A. Wright Limited
M.I.S. Properties Ltd
M.J.H. Property Developments Limited
M.J.S. Construction (March) Limited
M.J.S. Homes (March) Ltd
M&R Bowman Building Services
Mabec Nottingham Limited
Macbuild Homes Ltd
Mack Built Ltd
Mack Construction and Developments Ltd
Mackenzie Miller Developments Ltd
Mackova Developments Ltd
Maddoxwood Developments Ltd
Maden Eco Ltd
Maden Property Developments (cornhill Rd) Ltd
Madoc Developments Ltd
Mag Developments Ltd
Maher Millard Construction Limited
Maine Road Developments Ltd
Maison Atelier Developments Ltd
Majestic Property & Estates Limited
Makinson Homes Ltd
Malcolm Ball
Malcolm Reed Construction Limited
Malden Homes (Stow-on-the-Wold) Ltd
Mallard Homes Ltd
Malro Homes Ltd
Maltby Homes Limited
Malvern Estates Plc
Malvern Homes Ltd
Malvern Properties Limited
Man Construction Ltd
Management & Construction Services Limited
Managing Trustees of the SPS SSAS
Manchester Life Development Company Ltd
Mangrove Estates Limited
Mannor Homes Limited
Manor Building and Construction Services Ltd
Manor Developments (Derby) Limited
Manor Farm Developments (Coveney) Limited
Manor Farm Developments (Oldham) Ltd
Manor Farm Stretham Llp
Manorcrest Homes Ltd
Manorgate Homes (Atwood) Limited
Manse Road Homes Ltd
Mansfield Homes Ltd
Mansion Developments South West Limited
Mansion Gate House Limited
Maple Commercial Group Ltd T/A Maple Building Services
Maple Properties (Headingley) Ltd
Maplebrooke Limited
Maplevale Developments Limited
Mara Build Limited
Marconi Builders & Developers Ltd
Marcus Hawtin Builders Limited
Marden Essex Limited
Marden Homes Bell Mead Limited
Marden Homes Developments Ltd
Marden Homes Limited
Marden St Albans Limited
Marfen Homes Limited
Marfleet & Blyth Ltd
Marfleet Building Contractors LLP
Maris Properties Ltd
Mark Bryant Construction Ltd
Mark Elliott Building Co
Mark Scott Constructions Ltd
Mark Stevens General Builder Ltd
Markden (Audlem Projects) Limited
Markden City Homes Ltd
Market Deeping Building Company Limited
Markey Construction Ltd
Markovs Signature Limited
Marldene Limited
Marlow Construction Ltd
Marpul Ltd
Marrtree Developments Limited
Marsden Contracting Ltd
Marshall Bell Ltd
Marshall Construction Limited
Marstonbury Ltd
Martin Civil Engineering Ltd.
Martin Mason Homes Limited
Martin Property Development Ltd
Mase Construction Ltd
Mastre Properties Limited
Matlega Construction Ltd
Matlock Homes Limited
Maton Homes Limited
Matrix Bau Ltd
Matrod Frampton Limited
Matthew Austin Ltd
Matthew Homes Ltd
Maven Ambassador Clackmannan Limited
Maven Ambassador Renfrew Limited
Max Dart Builders Limited
Maytree Limited
Mb Services Iw Limited
MBE Construction Limited
Mc Dougall Dodds Limited
MC Property Investments Ltd
McCarthy Contracting and Development Ltd
McConnell Homes Ltd
McCulloch Homes Ltd
McDaniel Construction Ltd
McDermott Developments Limited
McDonald Construction (Watford) Ltd
McKernan Homes Ltd
McLaren Construction (UK) Ltd
McLaughlin & Mumm Signature Homes
MCSM Developments Ltd
McTaggart Construction Ltd
MDK Building Contractors Ltd
MDN Project Management Ltd
MDP South West Limited
Mead Developments Limited
Meadow View Estates (North West) Ltd
Meadowland Developments Limited
Meadowland Properties Limited
Meadowvale Homes Ltd
Meadsway Construction Ltd
Meakers Developments Limited
Mears New Homes Limited
MEJ Properties Limited
Melbourne Holdings Ltd
Melford Construction Ltd
Melhuish & Saunders Limited
Melius Homes Ltd
Mellisa Homes Limited
Mellow Homes Limited
Melton Green Limited
Melyd Medical Limited
Merchant Projects (Garland) Limited
Mercia Design And Build Limited
Mercia Homes Limited
Merco Place Ltd
Meredith Building Company Ltd
Mertello Developments Limited
Merton Park Properties Ltd
Methodist Homes
Metis Developments (The Knoll) Limited
Metis Homes (Millers Brook) Limited
Metis Homes Ltd
MF Construction (Midlands) Ltd
MG & JJ Cocks t/a Towncourt Homes
Mi-Space (UK) Limited
Mi-Space (UK) Limited
Michael and Andrew Johnson
Michael Brady London Ltd
Michael McNamara & Associates LLP
Mid Wales Property Ltd
Midas Construction Limited
Midgard City Limited
Mike Buckley
Mike Speed Builders Ltd
Mike Whittaker Builders Limited
Mike Yould
Mike Yould Developments Ltd
Mike Yould Plumbing & Heating Ltd
Mile End Developments Ltd
Milestone Developments (Ayrshire) Limited
Mill Bay Homes Ltd
Mill Developments Limited
Millbrook Developments Ltd
Millbrook Homes (Cwmbran) Ltd
Miller & Watson Carpentry Limited
Millgate (winchester) Limited
Millgate Developments Ltd
Millrock Limited
Millwood Contracts Ltd
Millwood Designer Homes Limited
Milne Group Ltd
Mini One Properties Ltd
Minster Building Company Ltd
Minster Developments Limited
Mint Construction (Bedford) Ltd
Minton Malmesbury Ltd
Miraj (GB) Ltd
Mitchell and Co Building & Renovation Ltd
Mixbrow Ltd
MJD Homes 2 Ltd
MJD Homes Ltd
MJN Bryan Limited
MJT Building & Civil Engineering Contractors Ltd
MK Refurbishment Ltd
MMG Building Services & Developments Ltd
MND Construction Services Ltd T/A Iconic
MNM Developments (Scotland) Ltd
Modern Housing New Homes Ltd
Modium Developments Ltd
Modlar Limited
Modplan Building & Refurbishment Contractors Ltd
Molecomb Investments LLP
Mon Developers Limited
Moner Developments Ltd
Mono Urban Space Solutions Ltd
Montaigne Limited
Montford Development Company Ltd
Montrose Developments Limited
Montway Ltd
Monument Two Limited
Moor Developments Ltd
Moor Isles Developments Ltd
Moorside Developments Ltd
Moortown Group Limited
Morgan Construction Wales Limited
Morgan Construction Wales Limited
Morgan Elliott Construction Ltd
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd
Morganstone Ltd
Morningside Manor Limited
Morricom (UK) Limited
Morris & Son Developments Ltd
Morris Homes (Eastern) Limited
Morris Homes (Midlands) Limited
Morris Homes (North) Ltd
Morris Homes Developments Limited
Morris Homes Limited
Mortar Nova Developments LLP
Morton Developments Ltd
Moss Lane Homes Limited
Most Construction Ltd
Mouaffak Hussain
Mount Anvil (Kidderpore) Limited
Mount Anvil (Western Gateway) Ltd
Mount Anvil Ltd
Mount Wise (Devon) Limited
Mount's Bay Trading Ltd
Mountains Building Contractors Limited
Mountjoy Ltd
Mowles Developments Ltd
Mp Building Contractors (south West) Ltd
Mr & Mrs A Broadway
Mr & Mrs Andy & Clair Barrett
Mr & Mrs C.W. Payton
Mr & Mrs Chris and Caroline Rabaiotti
Mr & Mrs D Smith
Mr & Mrs G &  D Fergusons
Mr & Mrs Ivor & Janet Beeks
Mr & Mrs J Leat
Mr & Mrs Mark Pike
Mr & Mrs N Wallbridge
Mr & Mrs Nigel & Rachel Lewis
Mr & Mrs P & A Laithwaite
Mr & Mrs Roger Garnet Bound and Elizabeth Joan Bound
Mr & Mrs S Dickinson
Mr & Mrs Vaufrouard
Mr & Mrs Wayne & Sheena Norris
Mr A Pye
Mr Adrian Simm, James Richard Simm and Jeremy Mark Simm
Mr Alan Bruter
Mr Alan Coleman
Mr Alan Forder
Mr Alon Wyn Williams
Mr and Mrs J Sawkins
Mr Andre Hogan
Mr Andrew Golawski
Mr Andrew Hine
Mr Andrew Maltby
Mr Anthony & Ms Sandra Sinclair
Mr AS & JK Mandeir
Mr Ayton
Mr Bholesh Kakiya
Mr Charles Simpson
Mr Chater Singh Bajwa
Mr Chris and Sharon Farrier
Mr Christopher Lay
Mr Christopher Oates
Mr Clive C Harding & Mrs P Harding
Mr Colin & Ms Pauline Annetts
Mr D Gale and Mrs T Gale
Mr Damion Lidstone
Mr Daniel Coughlan
Mr Danny Bowkis
Mr Darren Squires
Mr David & Fiona Langdon
Mr David Glyn Woolley & Heather Margaret Woolley
Mr David Hutchins
Mr David Malyon and Alex Travis
Mr David Peters
Mr David Rapley
Mr Derrick Daggers
Mr DJ & LA Callow
Mr Dominic Dillon
Mr Donald Budgen
Mr Dudley and Lisa Mills
Mr Ebrahim Isakjee
Mr Essam Barakat
Mr Felice Battista
Mr Feras Hamdani
Mr Gary Hope
Mr Gary Jessop
Mr Gary Wood
Mr Gerald Smith
Mr Graham Fillery
Mr Hugh Kneebone
Mr I.S. Thomson
Mr Irek Cichy
Mr Ismaeel Hussain
Mr J E Gran
Mr J Turley
Mr Jacek Jacek Ciupka
Mr James Clarke & Mrs Louise Davies
Mr James Kavanagh
Mr James Smith
Mr Jason Timms
Mr Jeff Newton
Mr Jitesh Shah
Mr John Bennett
Mr John Burnham
Mr John Feltwell
Mr John Ludlow
Mr John Madden
Mr John Moore
Mr John N Wright & Mrs S L Wright
Mr John Tolly Carpentry and Building
Mr John Turley
Mr John Woods
Mr Jon Edmed
Mr Jonathan Bryk & Mrs Joanna Bryk
Mr Jonathan Cadman
Mr Jujhar Chatha
Mr K Holford
Mr Karl Frith & Mr Clint Todd
Mr Keith Dawson
Mr Keith Floyd K & Mrs H Floyd
Mr Keith French
Mr Keith Morris
Mr Khurram Ali Khalid
Mr Lee Kirby
Mr Leigh Connolly
Mr Les Salisbury
Mr Lionel & Keith Pooley
Mr Luke Dixon
Mr Manzoor Ahmed
Mr Mark Fraser / Mr Dean Riley / Mr James Ostel
Mr Mark Liley
Mr Mark Rowley
Mr Mark Skippen
Mr Mark Walmsley
Mr Mark Wright
Mr Martin Avery
Mr Martin Graham Blake
Mr Martyn Banyard & Mr Nick Banyard
Mr Mick Bartholomew
Mr Mohammed Hanif
Mr Morgyn Taylor
Mr Mr Andrew Burton, Ms Claire Burton, Ms Sandra Wright & Mr Martin Burton
Mr Mr P Westwood and Mr & Mrs A S Jones
Mr Muhammad Naeem
Mr N.J. Malpeli
Mr Neil & Mrs Stephanie Gibbs & Mr Chris & Mrs Rosie Mortimer
Mr Neil Matthew
Mr Nicholas Alexander Bowater
Mr Nick Loizou
Mr Nick Shiner
Mr Nigel Maqueline
Mr Norman Davill
Mr Oliver McGovern
Mr P Savjani
Mr Pat Higgins
Mr Paul Nevard and Michael Nevard
Mr Paul Nicol
Mr Paul Stevens
Mr Paul Stoodley
Mr Peter Lewry
Mr Peter Tiffen and Kylie Venn
Mr Phil Redman
Mr R J Bishop
Mr R Towle & S Towle
Mr R White, Mrs S Pratt & Mrs M Taylor
Mr Reza Amir Edalation Alipour & Mrs Toktam Hossein Zadeh Assar
Mr Richard Beastall
Mr Richard Franklin
Mr Richard Garford
Mr Richard Rowsell
Mr Richard Wiseman
Mr Ricky Mann T/A RM Consulting
Mr Rob Hogarth Joiner and Builder
Mr Rob Merriman
Mr Robert Leigh
Mr Robin Levy
Mr Robin Robin John Odell
Mr Roger Brennan
Mr Roger Whitehouse
Mr Rufus Dunne
Mr Ryan Seary
Mr S & Mrs A Neilson
Mr S & Mrs L Betteley
Mr Shaun Clark
Mr Shaun Shaun Russell
Mr Simon Lea
Mr Stephen Brougham
Mr Stephen Smith
Mr Steve Hinder
Mr Stuart and Ms Nikki Hodge
Mr Terry Clark
Mr Thomas Emmett Barnes & Mr Samuel James Donovan
Mr Tim West
Mr Tomasz Latas
Mr Tony Rule
Mrs P Dhillon
Mrs P Forrester
Mrs Shena Richardson
Mrs Toni Davis
Ms AB & SJ Clowes
Ms Barbara Sawyer
Ms Deborah Pengelly
Ms Jo-Dean O'Malley, Tracy Peart, Laura Peart and Owen Peart
Ms Maria Keenan
Ms Nicky Chambers
Ms Nora Mulligan-Cotton
Ms Susan Tina Alexandrou
Ms Zoe Mills
MSA Property Ltd
MSF Homes Ltd
MSKD Partnership
MT Wells Building Limited
Muir Homes Ltd
Mulalley & Company Limited
Mulberry Building Contractors Ltd
Mulberry Design & Build Ltd
Mulberry Homes Yorkshire Ltd
Mulberry Property Developments (HGP) Ltd
Mulberry Property Developments Limited
Mulbury Homes Ltd
Munsley Developments Ltd
Murray Freeport Developments Limited
My Construction & Carpentry Ltd
My World Homes Limited
Myacasa Developments Ltd
Mynyddbach Developments Ltd
N & J Meadham Ltd
N I Construction (NW) Limited
N K Developments (Scaynes Hill) Ltd
N K Lewis Ltd
N S R Partnership
N.B. Clark Limited
N.J. Whittaker Limited
NAL Plant Limited
Nash Residential Limited
Natasha Leo & Antonio Leo
Nationcrest Plc
Natta Building Company Ltd
Natta Country Homes Limited
Natural Land 3 Limited
Natural Light Homes Limited
NCS Building Contractors Ltd
ND Properties (Yorkshire) Ltd
Neatstone Limited
Necton Management Ltd
Neilcott Construction Ltd
Nerja Enterprises Limited
Neston Court Ltd
Neston Developments Ltd
Netherhall Gardens Ltd
Nevada Construction Ltd
Nevill Developments Ltd
New Build & Design Ltd
New Dawn Homes Limited
New Forest Developments (Westwood) Ltd
New Homes Manchester UK Limited
New Horizon Homes Limited
New Realm Services Ltd
New Start Associates Ltd
Newbattle Terrace Limited
Newbury Property Partnership
Newcourt Residential Limited
Newcrown Investments Ltd
Newcrown Services Ltd
Newdowns Developments Ltd
Newett Homes Limited
Newhailes Commercial Limited
Newhall Downey Limited
Newhomes Estates (Amersham) Ltd
Newland Homes Limited
Newman Homes Limited
Newmans Yard Limited
Newmarket Developments
Newplan Developments
Newtech Marketing Network Limited
Newton Homes
Newton Williams Properties Limited
NextGen Design & Build Ltd
NG Consultancy North West Limited
NG Properties SW Ltd
NH Construction Ltd
Nicholas King Homes Plc
Nick Amon
Nigel Bingham & Chris Jones
Nigel Brand Builders Limited
Nin Construction Limited
Nitor Investments Limited
NJS Group
NLS Builders
Noble Foods (WE) Limited
Nobles Construction Ltd
Nodia Properties (TH) Limited
Nordic Black Limited
Norfolk Holdings Limited
Norris (Town & Country) Ltd
North Bar Homes (Beverley) Ltd
North Hill Estates Ltd
North London Investments Limited
North Mead Farm Limited
North Park (Greetland) Ltd
North Park (Shelley) Ltd
North Road (boldon) Developments Ltd
North Street Investment LLP
North Two Estates Ltd
North Wilts Developments Ltd
Northcliffe Rennovations Limited
Northcott Building Contractors Ltd
Northeast Developments (Gateshead) Limited
Northill Developments Ltd
Northmead Developments Ltd
Northmoor Estates 2 Limited
Northrock Properties Ltd
Northumberland Estates Developments Ltd
Northumberland Estates Limited
Northvale Construction Ltd
Northvale Homes Ltd
Northvan Developments Limited
Notting Hill Home Ownership Ltd
NR & DM Bagshaw
Nugent Properties Limited
NuPlace Limited
NWPS Construction Ltd
O & P Construction Services Ltd
O.J. Developments Limited
O'Brien Homes Ltd
O'Marah Construction Limited
Oak & Lime (MK) Limited
Oak Building Construction Limited
Oak Developments (Bedfordshire) Limited
Oak Green Design and Construct Ltd
Oak Home Developments Ltd
Oak Lodge Gardens Ltd
Oak Tree Homes Ltd
Oakbridge Bespoke Homes Limited
Oakbridge Homes Limited
Oakeve Limited
Oakford Homes Ltd
Oakham Construction Ltd
Oakham Homes Ltd
Oakhill Building Limited
Oakives Property Ltd
Oakland Construction Limited
Oakleaf Building & Property Services Ltd
Oakleaf Commercial Services Limited
Oakley Builders & Groundwork Contractors Ltd
Oakley Park Developments Ltd
Oaklyn Construction Limited
Oakmere Homes (furness) Ltd
Oakmere Homes (Longtown) Ltd
Oakmere Homes (Northwest) Ltd
Oaktree (Construction Design & Management) Limited
Oakwood Construction (Midlands) Ltd
Oakwood Homes (Bridgnorth) Ltd
Oakwood Residential Developments Ltd
Oakwood Traditional Homes Ltd
Oceanair Services Limited
Oceanic Property Holdings Ltd
Oceanview Developments Ltd
Octagon Developments Limited
Ogilvie Construction Ltd
Ogilvie Homes Ltd
Ogon Homes Ltd
OHM Construction Ltd
Oilmews Limited
Old Park Ridings Limited
Old Thorns Luxury Apartments Limited
Oldtown Building & Development Ltd
Olive Property Construction North Ltd
Olnato Limited
Olympius Developments Limited
On Point Developments Limited
On Track Construction Ltd
One Housing Group Ltd
One Leeds Plc
One The Brayford Ltd
Onshore Homes Ltd
Opal Developments  (St Neots) Limited
Opecprime Developments Limited
Oppidan (KA) Ltd
Oppidan Limited
Optima Executive Ltd
Optimum Construction Limited
Orange Developments Ltd
Orbit Homes (2020) Ltd
ORCA LGS Solutions Ltd
Orchard Homes (East Anglia) Ltd
Orchard House Property Developments Limited
Orchard Wharf Developments Limited
Oricon Ltd
Orwell Homes Limited
Osborne Builders
Osborne Construction Services
Oval Estates (Frome) Limited
Oval Estates (Radstock) Ltd
Oval Estates (Rosedale) Ltd
Oval Estates (St Peter's) Limited
Owens Developments Ltd
Oxford Advanced Living Limited
P & K Anderson LLP
P & P Building & Roofing Contractors Ltd
P & S Build & Construct Ltd
P & T Design and Build Limited
P B Developments
P Chapman Construction Limited
P D L Builders Ltd
P Davey Developments
P F Burridge & Sons Limited
P J Livesey Country Homes (Eastern) Ltd
P J Livesey Homes (1) Ltd
P J Livesey Homes Limited
P J Livesey Living Space (11) Limited
P J Livesey Living Space (North) Ltd
P McKernan Construction Ltd
P S Armstrong Building & Plastering Contractors Ltd
P. Casey & Co. Limited
P.A. Finlay and Company Ltd
P.A. Hollingworth & Co Ltd
P.A.R. Homes Ltd
P.J. Livesey Living Space (12) Ltd
P.J. Williamson & Son Limited
P.J.Livesey Living Space (9) Ltd
P.J.Livesey Living Space Ltd
P.V.J. Developments Ltd
P&R Construction Ltd
Paasoon Investments Limited
Packwood Homes Ltd
Padco Developments Ltd
Paddock Homes (Sussex) Ltd
Padstone Ltd
Padwick Builders Ltd
Palady Developments (Newtown Road) Limited
Palady Developments Limited
Pallant Homes Ltd
Palmerston (Mercantile) Ltd
Palmtree Homes Ltd
Panameira Developments Ltd
PAP Building Services Limited
Paradigm Commercial PLC
Paragon Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd
Parc Garland Ltd
Parc Y Mynydd Limited
Park Hill Homes (UK) Limited
Park Lane Developments (Renfrewshire) LLP
Park Lane Homes (South East) Ltd
Park Lane Homes Ltd
Park Properties (Anglia) Ltd
Park Royal Developments (NW) Ltd
Park's Edge Developments Limited
Parker Home Developments Ltd
Parker Residential Ltd
Parkes Construction Ltd
Parkfield Homes Limited
Parnell Homes Ltd
Parquez Development Ltd
Parrott Construction Ltd
Partner Construction Ltd
Partridge Homes (Cotswolds) Ltd
Partum Domus Limited
PAS Development (Wilts) Ltd
Patrick B Doyle (Construction) Limited
Patrick B Doyle Limited
Paul and Page Ltd
Paul Ashworth Developments Ltd
Paul Baker Construction Ltd
Paul Elliott Homes Ltd
Paul Hassall Home Developments Ltd
Paul Simon Developments Limited
Paul Southon Ltd
Pave-Aways Limited
Pavehall PLC
Pavhurst Associates Limited
Pawel Latas Ltd
Paxton Homes Ltd
PBC Design and Construction Ltd
PBM Building Services (Midland) Ltd
PBS (Yorkshire) Ltd
PBS Group Ltd
PC Properties (SW) Limited
PCSJ Property Developments Ltd
PCW Developments Ltd
Pdh 1 Limited
PDR Construction Limited
PE Building Ltd
Peabody Trust
Peak Group London Ltd
Pearce Building Services Ltd
Pearce Construction (Barnstaple) Limited
Pearlmore Ltd
Peastone Properties Ltd
Peers Hunt Limited
Pegasus Life Development Limited
Pelican Building Contractors Ltd
Pemwood Ltd
Pen Y Bont Ltd
Pendle Enterprise & Regeneration (2) Ltd
Pendragon (Design & Build) Limited
Penenden Heath Developments Limited
Penistone Developments Ltd
Pennant Housing Association T/A Pennant Homes Ltd
Pennar Homes Limited
Pennine Developments (UK) Ltd
Penny Lane Builders Limited
Penny Lane Partnership Limited
Pennyfarthing Construction Limited
Pennyfarthing Homes Limited
Penparc Developments Limited
Pentaco Construction Ltd
Pentagon Apts Limited
Peppermint Grove
Perbury (Developments) Ltd
Perfection Homes Ltd
Persimmon Homes Ltd
Perth Securities Ltd
Peta Homes Ltd
Peter Dodge Partnership
Peter James Homes Limited
Peter Jennings Ltd
Peter Morgan, Patricia Morgan, Philip Baker & Sarah Baker T/A B2M2 Partnership
Peter Nicholas Homes(Baring Road) Limited
Peter O'Dell Groundwork Contractors Ltd
Peter Strawson Limited
Peterborough Properties Ltd
Peterden Limited
Petitt Brothers Contracting Ltd
Petra Build Ltd
Petronella Properties Ltd
Pettigrew Builders Limited
Peveril Homes Limited
Peveril Securities Long Lane Limited
PGF Development Limited
PGR Group Ltd
PH Property (DCI) LLP
PH Property Holdings Ltd
Phoenix 2000 Ltd
Phoenix Build & Developments Ltd
PHS Developments Limited
PIA Housing Ltd
Pickering Builders Ltd
Pickstock Homes Limited
Pierhead Developments Limited
Pierless Limited
Pieto Ventures Ltd
Pilar Investments Ltd
Pillar Land Securities Mannamead Ltd
Pillars Construction Ltd
Pillars Group Ltd
Pinecliffe Construction Ltd
Pinehurst Homes Limited
Pineland Homes Limited
Pineview Ltd
Pineview Stansted Ltd
Pinewood Homes (Staffordshire) Limited
Pinnacle West Limited
Pioneer Design and Build Ltd
PIP Jones Full Building and Roofing
Piper Homes (Ashton) Ltd
Piper Homes (Bransford) Limited
Piper Homes (Ebrington) Ltd
Piper Homes (Kingham) Limited
Piper Homes (Longborough) Ltd
Piper Homes (Oxhill II) Ltd
Piper Homes (Oxhill) Limited
Piper Homes (Powick) Ltd
Piper Homes (Salford Priors) Ltd
Piper Homes Construction Limited
Pitshanger Properties Ltd
PJ Fagan Construction Ltd
PJ Services (Bolton) Limited
PJPS Construction Ltd and Bracken Construction (East Yorkshire) Limited
Places for People Group Limited
Places for People Homes Ltd
Places for People Scotland Ltd
Planet Homes Limited
Planned Contracts Ltd
Plantation Developments Ltd
Planview Limited
Platinum Contracts London Ltd
Platinum Property Services (scotland) Ltd
Plenta Effect Ltd
Plowright Homes RWR Ltd
PLP Construction Limited
Plumtree Developments Limited
PMC Construction & Development Services Ltd
PMC Interiors Limited
PMD Magnetics Leisure Ltd
PMW Property Services Ltd
Pocket Living (2013) LLP
Pocket Living Bollo Lane Limited
Pocket Living Mapleton Limited
Pocket Living Varcoe Road Ltd
Pocket Living West Green Place Limited
Point Construction (Pembs) Limited
Pointcrest Ltd
Pop Jack Properties Ltd
Poplar Farm Estates Limited
Port Homes Limited
Porter Property Fund
Portfolio Homes (UK) Ltd
Porthia Homes Ltd
Porthia Homes Ltd
Porthminster Beach View Ltd
Portman Homes Ltd
Portnall Properties Ltd
Portsmere Construction Ltd
Portway Properties Ltd
Potticary Associates
Powerday Plc
PR Homes Direct Ltd
Praya Homes Limited
Premier Building Services (Derbyshire) Limited
Premier Construction Northern Ltd
Premier Design & Build (South West) Ltd
Preslowe Ltd
Prestancia Limited
Prestige (Fir Tree) Ltd
Prestige Design & Build (UK) Limited
Prestige Homes (South East) Ltd
Prestige Homes & Developments Ltd
Prestige Homes Kent Ltd
Pride Hampshire Limited
Prides Crossing Property Company Ltd
Prime Care Home Developments Limited
Prime Crest Homes Ltd
Prime Homes
Prime London Holdings 11 Ltd
Prime UK Property Limited
Primesave Properties Ltd
Primetower Properties Ltd
Primrose Holdings 1995 Limited
Princebuild Limited
Princegate Estates Limited
Principal Building Co. Ltd
Pringle Building Services Ltd
Pringle Executive Homes Limited
Pringle Homes (Cheshire) Ltd
Priory Construction & Developments Ltd
Priory Court (West Rainton) Limited
Priory House Estates Ltd
Priory Stream Ltd
Procare Group Limited
Proconex Limited
Procter Brothers (Bradford) Limited
Profive Limited
Project7 Construction Ltd
Property 1st Limited
Property Sphere Limited
Propertybase Construction Ltd
Prosser Homes Limited
Protean Developments Ltd
Protean Estates Limited
Providence Building Services Ltd
Provincial & Western Homes Ltd
Pryjen Construction Ltd
PST Developments Ltd
PSW Project Limited
PTA Developments Limited
PTR Design & Build Limited
Pure Residential & Commercial (Denbigh) Ltd
Pure Residential & Commercial Limited
Purelake New Homes Ltd
Purkiss Homes Ltd
Pyramid Construction (Uk) Ltd
Q Homes Limited
QCF Developments Ltd
Qdos Homes Ltd
QH Development Limited
Quada (Holyport) Limited
Quale Homes Limited
Quality House Builders Ltd
Quantum Group Ltd
Quantum Land Services (PM) Ltd
Quarnmill Construction Limited
Quarters Developments Limited
Quay Contracts Ltd
Qudos Homes Ltd
Queens Park Building Services Limited
Queens Staith Leisure Limited
Quickquote Limited
Quinn Estates Ltd
Quinn London Ltd
Quivira (Bushey) Ltd
R & A Smith and Sons Ltd
R & M Jackson Developments Ltd
R A Edwards & Partners Limited
R Austin Brickworks Ltd
R C Pickering Construction Limited
R D Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd
R D F Building Ltd
R Davidson Limited
R G Carter Building Limited
R G Carter Southern Limited
R H Dodson
R I Works Ltd
R J Bayfield Builder
R J Cadman Construction Ltd
R J Developments (IOW) Limited
R J Ellis Ltd
R K Bayford Building Contractors Limited
R K Wilson Builders Ltd
R P L Construction Ltd
R P Tyson Construction Ltd
R S J Builders Ltd
R W Estates Ltd & J I Sanders Partnership
R.Bonehill (Builders & Contractors) Ltd
R.G Carter Southern Limited
R.H.Fullwood & Co Ltd
R.J. Leighfield & Sons Ltd
R&B Newman Limited
R&G Cooper (Projects) Ltd
R&M Developments Ltd.
R2 Developments Ltd
R2K Construction
Radstock House Ltd
Raeburn Construction Services Ltd
Raeen Construction Ltd
Raemore Developments Ltd
Rafiki Enterprises Ltd
Ragdale Developments Limited
Raggett Developments Ltd
RAH Property Services Ltd
Railway Street Hertford Limited
Rainbow Construction Limited
Ralston Properties Limited
Rana Developments Limited
Randall & Chisnell Construction Limited
Rare Earth Medburn Limited
Raveendran & Kiritharan Partnership
Ravenscroft Developments Ltd
Ravenscroft Homes NW Ltd
Raw Element Ltd
Rawson Joinery Contractors Ltd
Raymond De Launey Ltd & Mr James Tynte-Irvine
Raymond Eversden Construction Limited
RBA Moody Bros (Contractors) Ltd
RBJ Developments Limited
RBW Carpentry
RC Construction (Cornwall ) Limited
RCK Developments Limited
RCP Incubation Services Limited
RDC Dorking LLP
Re-Vamp Home Improvements Limited
Readstone Construction Ltd
Reasch Developments Ltd
Rectory Homes Ltd
Red Arrow Developers Limited
Red Barn Developments Limited
Red Box Developments Limited
Red Tree Developments Limited
Redcliffe Homes Limited
Redfield Construction Ltd
Redmond Developments Ltd
Redrow Homes Limited
Redrow Homes Limited t/a Redrow Homes Southern Counties Division
Redwood Homes (South East) Limited
Redwood Retreats Ltd
Reece Ltd
Reflect Contractors Limited
Regaltaste Ltd
Regency Homes (Brierley Hill) Ltd
Regency Homes Limited
Regent Homes Ltd
Regent Property Development Ltd
Regent Property Services Ltd
Regenta Development Ltd
Regis New Homes Limited
Reilly Construction Ltd
Relayprime Ltd
Renaissance Assets Limited
Renaissance Retirement Ltd
Rennie Construction Ltd
Renovation Solutions Ltd
Renshaw U.k. Limited
Replan Ltd
Res Construction (Welling) Ltd
Res Homes Limited
Resolution Barwood LLP
Resolution Homes (Roxton) Ltd
Resolution Homes MM Ltd
Ressance Construction Limited
Ressance Land No 9 Ltd
Restore A Stone (Scotland) Ltd
Retsco Ltd
Revilo Developments Limited
Revival Builders Ltd
RGB P & C Limited
Rheidol Developments Limited
RHW Developments Limited
Ribble Property Developments Limited
Richard & Kate Harpin
Richard Burrows LLP
Richard C Gardner
Richard Cartman & Matthew Petchey
Richard James Homes Limited
Richmond Hill Ltd
Richmond Homes (Midlands) Ltd
Richmond Property Development Ltd
Richmond-upon-Thames Property Limited
Richstone Properties Construction Ltd
Richstone Properties Limited
Ridgeway Homes of Oxford Ltd
Ridgewell Estates Ltd
Ridley Homes Ltd
Rigg Construction (Southern) Ltd
Rimex Investments Limited
Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction LLP
Rippon Homes Ltd
Riseley Heritage Homes Limited
Rivar Limited
Rivercrest Management Limited
Rivermill Developments Ltd
Riversdale Developments Ltd
Riverwood Homes Ltd
RJ and DE Billings Limited
RJ Williams & Sons Ltd
RJK Projects Ltd
RK & JL Dowers
RK Properties (Scotland) Ltd
RL Davies & Son Limited
RM Developments Ltd
Roberge Brickworks Limited
Roberge Developments Ltd
Robert Dixon Developments Limited
Robert E Lee Ltd
Robert Gamlen Homes Ltd
Robert J Western Building Services Ltd
Robert Samuels Development Limited
Robert Weston Investments Limited
Robert Weston Ltd
Robert Woodhead Ltd
Robertson & Smart (Builders) Limited
Robertson Construction Eastern Limited
Robertson Construction Ltd
Robertson Construction Northern Ltd
Robertson Developments Ltd
Robertson Homes (East Anglia) Ltd
Robertson Homes Limited
Robertson Partnership Homes Limited
Robin Syrett & Max De Kment
Robins Building and Renovations Ltd
Robinson Developments (Roxholme) Limited
Robinson Developments Limited
Robyn Samuels Construction Ltd
ROC International Limited
Roche Barrett Estates Limited
Rochelle Living Ltd
Rock Lily Limited
Rockfield Trading Limited
Rockland Park Ltd
Rockley Developments Limited
Rockliffe Homes Limited
Rockwood Homes Limited
Rodus Developments Limited
Roe Developments (Uk) Ltd
Roe Foundations Ltd
Roffey Homes Ltd
Roger Adams Construction Ltd
Rohan Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd
Rolamstone Limited
Roma Capital Group Limited
Roman Boundary Park Ltd
Romill Homes Limited
Ronin One SA Ltd
Rooff Limited
Rooftop Homes Limited
Rooke Developments Limited
Rose Aggregates Limited
Rose Builders Ltd
Rose Homes (EA) Ltd
Rose Properties 
Roseate Tern Limited
Roseground Ltd
Roseville Projects Ltd
Rosewell Construction Ltd
Rosewood Homes & Properties Ltd
Rossleigh Developments Ltd
Rothbury Developments PCC Limited
Rouse Homes Birkenshaw Limited
Rouse Homes Flockton Limited
Rouse Homes Ltd
Rouse Homes Tankersley Limited
Rover Leigh Properties Ltd
Rowlinson Constructions Limited
Rowney Properties Limited
Roxford Ltd
Roy Limited
Royle Imperial Limited
Royston Properties (Isle of Wight) Ltd
RPC Developments Ltd
RPS Developments Limited
RS Twenty 2 Limited
RT & CG Ltd
RTI Estates Ltd
RTP Building Contractors Limited
Ruby Design & Developments Limited
Ruby Mews Developments Limited
Ruletown Limited
Runnymede Homes Ltd
Runnymede Investments (developments) Limited
Rural Homes Ltd
Rural Renaissance Ltd
Rural Splash Garstang Ltd
Ruskin Properties Ltd
Russell Armer Limited
Russell Developments
Russell Homes (UK) Limited
Russellhighbury Properties Ltd
Russells Ltd
RW & JR Brooks Limited T/A Brooks Building Contractors
RWS Properties Ltd
Ryan and Wilson Developments Ltd
Ryce Limited
Ryearch Ltd
Ryedale Estates Limited
Rylex Developments Ltd
Rymill Property Developments Ltd
S & A Kilcoyne Ltd
S & I Developments Ltd
S & N Developers Ltd
S & S Contracting Limited
S A Estates Ltd
S B Homes Ltd.
S Clift Building Contractors Ltd
S Cooper Building Contractors Limited
S Cox & Co Ltd
S Greening Limited
S J G Building Contractors
S K Hall & Son Building Contractors
S K Hill Developments Ltd
S R A Limited
S R Dillamore Ltd
S Seymour Builder Ltd
S V Rutter Ltd
S Yendell Ltd
S.A. Platt (Builders) Ltd
S.A.C. Construction Limited
S.J. Roberts Construction Ltd
S&T (UK) Limited
S1 Developments Limited
S2 Developments Ltd
Saco Developments Limited
Saint Edwards Estates Limited
Salix Homes Developments Limited
Salmons Bros Ltd
Saltash Enterprises Limited
Saltford Developments ltd
Saltwell Park Developments Ltd
Samclo Ltd
Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association Ltd
Sanctum Oxford Limited
Sandbach Commercial Dismantlers Limited
Sandbay Limited
Sanders Brow (Armathwaite) Ltd
Sandhill Homes Ltd
Sandhurst Contracts Ltd
Sandpiper TKL Ltd
Sands Limited
Sandwood Construction Ltd
Sandwood Design & Build Ltd
Sapphire Homes (NE) Limited
SAR Property Development
Satis Homes Limited
Saunders & Son Ltd
Saunders Brothers (Bucks) Ltd
Saunderton Estates Limited
Savatto Ltd
Saville Estates Limited
Saville Homes Limited
Savvy Construction Ltd
Sawmill Developments LLP
Saxon Country Homes Ltd
Saxon Gate Homes Ltd
Sayers Carpentry and Building Limited
Scarrington Developments Ltd
Scenic Homes Ltd
Schemp Limited
Schofield Homes (spalding) Ltd
Schofield Homes Limited
Scimitar Homes (Briarwood) Limited
Scimitar Homes Ltd
Scope Building Consultants Ltd
Scotchbarn Property Developments Limited
Scott Homes (Builders) Limited
SD Plastering Ltd
SDSC (Midland) Limited
Sea-Land Pembroke Ltd
Seagate Homes (UK) Ltd
Seagate Homes Ltd
Seagrave Developments Ltd
Sean Parker Limited
Searchwood Developments Ltd
Seaward Properties Ltd
Sebal Developments Limited
Seddon Construction Ltd
Seddon RDP Limited
Seedwell Limited
SEH French Limited
SEH Manager Limited and SEH Nominee Limited
Selbourne Building Services
Selby And District Housing Trust
Selene Enterprises Limited
Selsdon Building Contractors Ltd
Selwood Investments Ltd
Sendrig Construction Limited
Sennybridge Ltd
Sentry Care Developments Ltd
Serene Projects Ltd
Series 72 Limited
Service Developments Holdings Limited
Service Hotels Ltd
Settle Group
Sevenoaks (THH) LLP
Sevenoaks District Council
Seville Developments Limited
Sexton Developments (SW) Ltd
Seymour Building Company Limited
SGS Associates Ltd
Shabina Khanam
Shadwell Developments Limited
Shane Potter Properties Ltd
Shanly Homes Ltd
Shannon Development Company Limited
Sharaz Homes Ltd
Shaun Crawley
Shavemead Ltd
Shaw Developments
Shaylor Group Limited
Sheffield Housing Company Ltd (SHC)
Shelford Properties Ltd
Shellbourne Properties Ltd
Shelley Homes Ltd
Shelley House LLP
Shellmabed Limited
Shelly Homes Limited
Shepperton Builders Limited
Sherborne Homes Ltd
Sherrins Farm Developments Limited
Shieldhill Developments Limited
Shiny Homes Ltd
Shipley Construction Ltd
Shire Homes (South West) Ltd
Shopland Gray Developments Ltd
Shoreline Building Projects Ltd
Shorewood Homes ltd
Shortgrove Developments Limited
Shot Tower Chester Ltd
Shreeve and Son Ltd
Shrewsbury Homes (Mill Road) Ltd
Siam Consultancy and Investments Ltd
Sigma Estates Limited
Sigma Homes (Hove) Ltd
Sigma Homes (Storrington) Ltd
Signature Homes & Construction Ltd
Silver Sattar Bothwell Ltd
Silverhill Limited
Silverstone Homes Ltd
Sim (Group Holdings) Ltd
SIM Building Group Ltd
Simat Properties Limited
Simon Boon Homes Ltd
Simon Hibbert Building and Roofing Services
Simon Pike Builders Limited
Sir Edward Bernard Greenwell BT
Sirwan Property Investments Ltd
Site Sales Marketing Limited
Sivil Enterprises Limited
SJB Homes Limited
SJT Developments Limited
SKB Shepherds Kitchens & Bedrooms Limited
Skelton Cass Developments Limited
Skillcrown Homes Ltd
Skinner Brothers Ltd
Skinner Construction Ltd
Skipton Properties Limited
Skycrest Estates Ltd
Skylark Construct Ltd
Skylark Homes Ltd
Slag Systems (Glasgow) Limited
Sleaford Property Developments Limited
Sloane Gable Ltd
SMC Construction Limited
SMS (London East) Limited
Smyth Bros (Developments) Ltd
Snape Construction Limited
Snape Properties Ltd
Sneyd Building Contractors Limited
Snowden Developments Limited
Snowdon Homes Limited
Snugg Properties Ltd
Solarmount Limited
Solo Development & Construction Ltd
Solum (UK) Limited
Solus Homes Ltd
Sonning Homes Ltd
Sorrel Developments (UK) Limited
South Castle Properties Limited
South East Developments Ltd
South East Homes Developments Ltd
South Hampshire Developments Limited
South Nutfield Property Ltd
South Park Road Developments (Harrogate) Ltd
South Tyneside Homes Ltd
South1 Developments Limited
Southgold Ltd
Southlands Homes Limited
Southwark Council
Southway Developments
Southwood Homes Limited
Sovereign Land Development Ltd
Space Construction (NW) Limited
Sparkes Richardson Ltd
Spartan Property Developers Ltd
Spear Design Projects Ltd
Spec Building Limited
Specialised Supported Housing Limited
Speedcut Contractors Ltd
Speller Metcalfe Developments (Bromsberrow) Limited
Speller Metcalfe Living Ltd
Speltham Contracts Ltd
Spencer Francis Ltd
Spetisbury Construction Limited
Sphere Homes Ltd
Spinfield Investments (Stoke Hammond) Ltd
Spinfield Investments Ltd
Spinkhall Developments Limited
Spinney Park Ltd
Spinnyfield Ltd
Spitalfields Works Limited
Spitfire Bespoke Homes Ltd
Spitfire Properties LLP
Sprake & Tyrrell Limited
Sprake Developments (East Anglia) Limited
Springfield Properties PLC
Springvale Homes (East Yorkshire) Limited
Square One Homes (NW) Limited
SR Design & Build Limited
SRJ Construction Services Limited
St Albans City and District Council
St Christopher Developments Ltd
St Cross Developments Ltd
St Edward Homes Ltd
St Edward Homes Ltd
St George Central London Limited
St George City Limited
St George West London Ltd
St Joseph Holdings Ltd
St Joseph Homes Ltd
St Katherine LLP
St Lawrence (UK) LLP
St Modwen Developments Limited
St Modwen Homes Ltd
St Nicholas Developments Ltd
St Piran Homes Limited
St Vincent Homes Limited
St William Homes LLP
St. Laurence Homes Ltd
Stacco Ltd
Stacey Avenue Developments Ltd
Stad Property and Development Co. Ltd
Stag Developments Ltd
Stainforth Construction LLP
Stanborough (Construction) Limited
Stanborough (Developments) Limited
Stancliffe Homes (Shireoaks) Ltd.
Stancliffe Homes Ltd
Stanley Construction Services Ltd
Stanley Investments Building Services Ltd
Stanton Construction Limited
Stapleford Oaks Limited
Star Contractors Ltd
Stardust Developments Ltd
Starfish Commercial Ltd
Stark Design & Build Limited
STCS (Scotland) Ltd
Steele & Bray Limited
Stella Property Investments Limited
Stephenson Properties Ltd
Stepnell Ltd
Stevenage Road Residential Developments Ltd
Stevens Homes Ltd
Stevens Willington Smith Homes Limited
Steves Building Services
Stewart E Smith Building Contractors
Stildale Building Company
Stirlin Developments Limited
Stirlin Sadler Road SPV LLP
Stockgrove Homes Limited
Stocksfield Construction Limited
Stocksfield Property Limited
Stone Oak Developments Limited
Stoneacre Partnership Ltd
Stonebond Properties Ltd
Stonebottom Developments Ltd
Stonebridge Homes Ltd
Stonebridge Projects Ltd
Stonechart Developments Ltd.
Stonefield Design Limited
Stoneforth Limited
Stoneham Construction Ltd
Stonehurst Estates Limited
Stoneridge Homes Limited
Stonewater Procurement Ltd
Stoneywood Developments Ltd
Store Street Developments Limited
Storey Property Developments (the Bury) Limited
Storey Property Developments Ltd
Storm Building Limited
Storry & Irvine Ltd
Story Contracting Limited
Story Homes Ltd
Stowford Homes Ltd
Strata Homes Ltd
Strata Homes Yorkshire Limited
Strata Housing Services Limited
Stratford Homes
Strathmore Developments Limited
Strawberry Star UK Property Fund SPV1 Limited
Strongvox Limited
Stubbs Brothers Developments Limited
Studio BAAD Ltd
Summerford Limited
Summertime Limited
Sunbel Development Ltd
Sunbury Developments LLP
Sunbury Homes (Cranham) LLP
Sunbury Homes (Darsham) LLP
Sunningdale House Developments Limited
Sunninghill Construction Co Ltd
Sunny Day Trading
Sunnywood Estates Limited
Sunrise Homes (Derbyshire) Ltd
Superscheme Ltd
Sureway Developments Ltd
Surfbuild Limited
Surgo Construction Ltd
SUSD Victoria Avenue Limited
Sussex Design & Development Limited
Sussex Oak Structures Limited
Sussex Supported Housing Partnership
Sutherland Walk Developments Limited
Sutton and Wilkinson Architects Limited
Sutton Close Development Ltd
Sutton Properties Ltd
Swada Ltd
Swale Valley Construction Ltd
Swan New Homes Ltd
Swanbourne Property Ltd
Swanhome Developments Limited
Swarkestone Developments Limited
Sweetcroft Homes Ltd
Swinton Street Studios LLP
Swtan Developments Ltd
SYB Limited
Sycamore Homes Ltd
Sycamore Ltd
Sydney Developments (Oakley) Limited
Synergy Housing Ltd
Syntax Construction Ltd
Syntec Projects Limited
T & C Shaw Ltd
T & D West Ltd
T & M Homes Ltd
T and P Limited
T Balfe Construction Ltd
T Blackshaw Ltd
T Butlin Building & Plastering
T C Homes (Contracting) Limited
T C Homes Limited
T Coleborn & Son Limited
T H Kingerlee & Sons Ltd
T L C Groundworks & Construction Ltd
T L Chamberlain & Son Ltd
T Manners and Sons Ltd
T P Wainwright Limited
T R Wischhusen T/A Rosebay Developments
T Rutterford Limited
T W Jones & Sons
T. Dixon & Sons (Plumbers) Ltd
T.& C.Williams (Builders) Ltd
T.A.D Builders Limited
T.W. Stokes & Son
T&D Solutions Ltd
Taemar Limited
Tai Ceredigion
Taloncross Ltd
Tanbry Construction Ltd
Tangent Developments Ltd
Tanners Lane Developments Ltd & Purley Close Ltd
Tanyard Properties Limited
Tapster Street Properties
Tara Construction Ltd
Taraben Investments Ltd
Tarbrook Design and Build Limited
Tarchia Limited
Tarras Park Properties Limited
Task Force Developments Limited
Tatlow Holdings Ltd
Tatton Estates Limited
Tatton Hall Homes Ltd
Tatton Hall Homes(Temple Bar) Limited
Taylor Built Homes Ltd
Taylor Construction
Taylor French Developments Ltd
Taylor Pearson (Construction) Limited
Taylor Pearson Developments (Silver Street) Limited
Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd
TBC Contracts Ltd
TD Developments (Burwell) Ltd
Teague Homes (UK) Limited
Tecni-Build (Northern) Ltd
Tectonica Ltd
Teg Down House Limited
Telford Homes Plc
Telida Limited
Tempus Design & Build Limited
Tennyson Homes Ltd
Tenterden Developments Limited
Termrim Construction
Terry Self
Tesni Properties Limited
TG Sowerby Developments Limited
Thakeham Client Ltd
Thames & Newcastle Ltd
Thames Valley Refurbishment Limited
Thameside Property Company Limited
Thatchmoor Homes Limited
The Abbey Group (Cambridgeshire) Limited
The Breson Partnership Limited
The Brewery Square Development Company Limited
The Broadway (SPV) Limited
The Chuffin Puffin Limited
The Classic Home Company (Southern) Ltd
The Elements (SPV) Ltd
The Estate of Malcolm Roe
The Fairfield Hallmark Ryhill Courtyard Development Company Ltd
The Finden-Crofts Partnership Limited
The Gilstone Partnership Ltd
The Ground Group Ltd
The Grove Maidenhead Ltd
The Hallmark Development Partnership Limited
The Island Carpet Superstore Limited
The King of Trades Limited
The Medburn Land Company
The Mitcham Partnership 2 Ltd
The Nottinghamshire Building Company Ltd
The Old Dispensary Ltd
The Olivia Group Ltd
The Orchards (burgh By Sands) Ltd
The Property Partnership
The Redcar Brook Company Ltd
The Ron Jones 2012 Discretionary Trust
The Spartan Group Holdings Ltd
The Victoria Road Partnership
The Wiltshire Leisure Village Ltd
The Wingfield Building Company Ltd
Theon Developments Ltd
Third Avenue Developments Ltd
This Land Development Limited
Thistle Homes (NW) Limited
Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd
Thomas Edwards Homes Limited
Thomas Hibberd Construction Ltd
Thomas Homes Ltd
Thomas Nicholas Barrow
Thomas Pilcher Homes Limited
Thomas Sinden Limited
Thompson Developments (Wales) Ltd
Thornley Developments LLP
Thornsett Apartments Ltd
Thornsett Central Limited
Thornsett Developments Ltd
Thornsett Estates Ltd
Thornsett Living Limited
Thornsett Residential Ltd
Thornsett South London Ltd
Thoughtless Solutions Ltd
Tibbles Properties Ltd & Stanbridge Holding Ltd
TIC Group Limited
TIC Interiors Limited
Tide Construction Limited
Tidy Homes Limited
Tigerson Limited
Tiller (St Leonard's) Ltd
Tilsworth Developments Ltd
Tim Bond
Timberslip Developments Limited
Timothy Howard Limited
Timothy Smith Homes Ltd
Tiverton Homes Ltd
TLN Developments Ltd
TMJ Contractors Ltd
TN Development Ltd
TNE Properties Limited
Together Housing Association
Tolent Construction Ltd
Tolent Living Ltd
Tolent Solutions Limited
TOLH Limited
Tom Brown Construction Ltd
Tomahawk Homes Limited
Tompkins Construction Ltd
Toms & Wood Construction & Development Ltd
Tonnison Limited
Tony & Jackie Bennett & Oakland Estates Ltd
Tony Morris (Builders) Limited
Torpoint Ltd
Torsion Group Ltd
Total Homes and Developments Ltd
Total Solutions (NE) Ltd
Touchstone Projects Ltd
Towerhouse Systems Limited
Towers Construction (Yorkshire) Limited
Town & Country Developments
Towncourt Homes (Dornie) Limited
Towncourt Homes Ltd
Tps Abbeydale Archway Limited
Tracey Sics
Traditional English Properties Ltd
Traditional Fine Construction Ltd
Trafalgar Developments (UK) Ltd
Trafalgar New Homes Limited
Tranos (UK) Ltd
Transform Construction (Cornwall) Limited
Treberrik Homes
Tredwell Developments Ltd
Tregenna Castle Hotel Ltd
Tregenna Properties Limited
Trendgrey Construction Limited
Trengarren Ltd.
Treville Properties Limited
Trevor Construction Ltd
Tricas Construction Limited
Trinity Developments (Wakefield) Ltd
Trinity Developments (Wales) Ltd
Trinity Homes (UK) Ltd
Triton Construction
Troodon Limited
Trophy Property Investments Ltd
Trueform Ltd
Truelove Property and Construction Ltd
Truman Contractors (East Midlands) Ltd
Trustee Properties Limited
TSG Building Services Plc
TT Builders Ltd
TT Construction Solutions Limited
TTC Properties Limited
Tudorvale Properties Ltd
Tulip Design & Build Ltd
Tulip Properties & Real Estate Ltd
Tunsgate Homes Limited
Turn A Property Ltd
Turnbull Homes (Church Way) Limited
Turnbull Homes (Fryston) Ltd
Turnbull Homes (sunnybank) Limited
Turnbull Homes (Taplow) Limited
Turnbull Homes (Worcester Park) Limited
Turnbull Homes Ltd
Turner 2k (swanage) Ltd
Two Rivers Housing
Ty Llwyd Development Ltd
Tyddyn Ysgubor Ltd
Tylux Ltd
Tynemouth Developments Limited
Uavend Investments LLP
UKD Groundworks & Civil Engineering Limited
Unitbuild Ltd
United Forecourt Limited
United Living (North) Limited
United Living (South) Limited
Unity IG Limited
Upton Builders
Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd
Urban Edge Developments Limited
Urban Homes (NW) Limited
Urban Infusion Limited
Urban Shore Developments Ltd
Urban Union Ltd
Urbanac Homes UK Limited
USP WW Limited
V & R Homes Ltd
V K Cox Developers
V&A Homes (Yorkshire) Ltd
V2 Construction Ltd
Valco Ltd
Valentine Homes (Cowbridge) LLP
Vancouver Building & Maintenance
Vanderbilt Homes Ltd
Varley Property Developments Limited
Vascroft Contractors Ltd
Vaughandale Construction Ltd
Vello Limited
Ventura Developments Ltd.
Venturian Property Development Limited
Verde Construction Ltd
Vertex Homes Limited
Vertex Property Ltd
Verto Construction Ltd
Verto Homes Ltd
Vestal Developments Limited
Victoria Properties Limited
Vigilant Homes (UK) Limited
Village Developments Construction Ltd
Villawood Homes Limited
Vimal Pokar
Vincent Dobson (Builders) Ltd
Vinebridge Properties Limited
Virk Construction Limited
Visao Ltd
Vision Construct Limited
Vision Homes Ltd
Vision Property Partners Ltd
Vision Residences (Phase one) LLP
Vitruvian Homes Limited
Vive Developments Ltd
Vivid Housing Limited
VSN Enterprises Limited
Vulcan Ellis Limited
W & W Estates (Thornton Dale) Ltd
W A Bowler Limited
W B Griffiths & Son Ltd
W Cowell Property Management
W F Clayton & Co Ltd
W K Plasterers Ltd
W N Developments Ltd
W Stirland Ltd
W Stirland Ltd
W T Young & Son
W W Martin Limited
W.A. Hardman & Co. Limited
W.E. Black Ltd
Waddington Developments Limited
Waldon Properties Limited
Walker & Son (Hauliers) Ltd
Walker Construction Services Limited
Walshaw Homes Limited
Walter Thompson (Contractors) Limited
Walthams Ltd
Walton Homes Limited
Wannop Developments Limited
Wapping Wharf Beta LLP
Wardolls Limited
Ware Droxford Limited
Warrens (Homes) Limited
Washington Homes Limited
Watergate (Wakefield) Limited
Waterside Places (General Partner) Ltd And  Waterside Places (GP Nominee) Ltd
Waterstone Homes Limited
Waterwood Contracts Ltd
Wates Construction Ltd
Watkin Jones & Son Ltd
Watson Construction Ltd
Watts And Watts Limited
Waverley Tweed Limited
Wb Construxtion Limited
WBIC Developments Ltd
WDL Homes Limited
Webster Developments (Scotland) Limited
Webster Developments 2 Ltd
Webster Homes For Individuals Ltd
Weedon Developments Limited
Welch and Phillips Building Contractors Limited
Well Hung Properties Limited
Wellcare Construction Limited
Wellesley Homes Limited
Wellington Construction Limited
Wellington St Assets Limited
Wellington Street Assets 5 Limited
Wellington Woolwich Limited
Wellsway Developments Ltd
Wentworth Homes Ltd
Wesley Court Developments Limited
West Acres Park Limited
West Avenue Developments Ltd
West Drylining Ltd
West Hoe Developments Ltd
West Lancashire Borough Council
West London Properties Limited
West Mercian Property Ltd
West Wales Developments Limited
Westbank Restorations Limited
Westbridge Developments Ltd
Westbrooke Developments Ltd
Westchurch Homes Limited
Westcliffe Properties Limited
Westco Properties Ltd
Westcoast (Bristol) Limited
Westcoast Developments (2009) Ltd
Westcott Construction Limited
Westcountry Custom Homes
Westering Properties Limited
Westerwood Ltd
Westfields Homes Ltd
Westgate Construction (Hertford) Limited
Westgate House Developments Limited
Westgate Property Investments (Worksop) Ltd
Westlegate Developments Ltd
Westmere Homes Limited
Westmoreland Homes Ltd
Weston Contractors (South Wales) Ltd
Weston Homes PLC
Westridge Construction Ltd
Westridge Construction Ltd
Westshield Limited
Westward Investment Management Services (UK) Ltd
Westwood Building Services Limited
Weycott Homes Limited
WFW Developments Limited
WGC (Scotland) Ltd
Wheatcroft Land (Ancaster) Ltd
Wheatcroft Land (Moira) Ltd
Wheatleys (SPV) Limited
Wheeler Homes Ltd
White Lodge Developments Limited
Whiteburn Parkview LLP
Whitecroft Developments Ltd
Whitelock & Company Limited
Whiteoak Developments Ltd
Whiterock Homes Limited
Whiteway Developments Ltd
Whitewood Homes Ltd
Whitfield and Brown (Developments) Limited
Wiggett Construction Limited
Wiggett Homes Ltd
Wight Construction Limited
Wildgoose Construction Ltd
Willan Trading Ltd
Willander Homes Limited
Willgrove Limited
William May Developments Limited
William Street Company Limited
William Thompson Homes (Construction) Ltd
Williams Boyle Luxury Homes Ltd
Williams Build And Design Ltd
Williams Homes (Bala) Ltd
Williams Homes & Developments (Duke Street 1) Ltd
Willis Construction Ltd
Willmark Developments Limited
Willmark Ltd
Willmott Dixon Construction Limited
Willmott Partnership Homes Limited
Willow Croft (Homes) Limited
Willow Homes Lincolnshire Ltd
Willowcroft Bognor Limited
Willton Homes Ltd
Willton Homes South Ltd
Willton Homes Southern Ltd
Willton Homes Wessex LLP
Wilson Designer Homes Ltd
Wilson House Developments Ltd
Wilson Properties (London) Ltd
Wilson Properties (SW) Ltd
Wilson Smith Developments Limited
Windmill Holdings SPV Ltd
Wintergardens Cleethorpes Ltd
Winvic Construction Limited
Winworth Construction Limited
Wish Developments Ltd
WL Developments (Great Casterton) Ltd
Woadden Nash Contracts Ltd
Wodehouse Ltd
Woden Court Ltd
Wollaston Construction Limited
Wonderful Homes (Aldermans Place) Limited
Wonderful Homes Limited
Wood Farm (Stanmore) Limited
Woodbridge Brothers Limited
Woodbridge International Developments Ltd
Woodcock Brothers (Wimbledon) Ltd
Woodcock Construction Ltd
Woodcock Holdings Limited
Woodford Developments SW Ltd
Woodgate House Limited
Woodgate Property Development Ltd
Woodhams Court Limited
Woodhead Regeneration Limited
Woodhill Estates Ltd
Woodhouse Barry Construction Ltd
Woodlott Ltd
Woodmace Limited
Woodmancote Development Ltd
Woodperry Road Development Limited
Woodroe Parr Ltd
Woodroyd Limited
Woodside Southern Limited
Worth Homes (Yorkshire) Limited
WR Newland & Sons Ltd
Wrenman Homes Ltd
Wright Investments Ltd
WRW Construction Limited
Wyatt Homes Southern Ltd
Wye Valley Housing Ltd
Wynbrook Ltd
Wyndley Homes Limited
Wynndel Property Management Ltd
Wynngate Developments Limited
Wynyard Homes Limited
Wynyard Residential Company Limited
Wyro Developments Limited
Xanadu Developments Limited
Xanadu Investments Limited
Xpress Property Development Limited
Y Developments Ltd
Y H Residential Limited
Yardley Cross Developments Ltd
Yarlington Homes Limited
Yaxley Building Company Limited
Yelcon Limited
Yellow Bridge Developments LLP
Yellow Door Property Limited
Yenton Minster Homes Ltd
Yesteroak Ltd
YG Construction Ltd
Yorkshire Country Properties (Netherthong) Ltd
Yorkshire Nubuilds Limited
Yorplace Ltd
Yorvik Homes Limited
Yorvik Properties Ltd
Your House Construction Limited
Yr Hen Felin LLP
Zameen Developments Ltd
Zander Developments Ltd
Zaza International Limited
Zephyrus Construction Ltd
Zero C Holdings Ltd
Zibi & Jack Ltd
Zinc Construction Limited
Zionstone Ltd
Zota Limited

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