What is the Independent Conciliation Scheme for Customers (National Association of Jewellers)?

We provide independent conciliation services to help resolve your dispute. 

Conciliation is a private and structured form of negotiation assisted by a trained CEDR Accredited mediator. If a settlement is reached the mediator can draw up an agreement that can then become a legally binding contract if signed by both parties.

This process is conducted by several means of communication including telephone, Skype, Zoom or by email.

Please note that the conciliator will seek to conclude the conciliation within 21 working days of his or her appointment.  If an agreement is reached, the parties have 14 days to sign and return the Outcome Statement. Please note that the conciliator will speak to the parties by telephone or communicate in writing (including email) with the parties, either together or individually, to request further information or to explore possible solutions. Therefore please ensure that you are available during the 21 working days so that this stage isn’t prolonged unnecessarily.


Appoint Conciliator 
Within 5 working days of a completed Application Form being received 

Outcome Statement
15 working days for Conciliator to issue an Outcome Statement 

10 working days for Parties to sign and return Outcome Statement 

The steps you must take before submitting a complaint

Step 1

Contact the jeweller to raise your complaint.

Step 2

If the jewellers is unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you can escalate your complaint to the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ).

Step 3

NAJ may refer your matter to CEDR for independent conciliation.

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