What is the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC)?

CEDR provides an independent arbitration service to resolve disputes between customers and companies who are members of Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). To request an application form please contact the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC).

We can deal with disputes related to:

  • Heat pumps (ground or air source)
  • Hydroelectric generators
  • Solar panels
  • Solar water heaters
  • Wind turbines
  • Wood chip or pellet fuelled boilers & CHP units

This Scheme uses Arbitration as the method of alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration is a formal, legally binding process where the dispute is resolved by the decision of a nominated third party called an arbitrator. Once the arbitrator issues their award it is legally binding under the Arbitration Act of 1996 and can only be appealed in the courts on very limited grounds.

The process is conducted entirely in writing. Both parties will see all the evidence submitted by the other. The arbitrators award is confidential between the parties. Applications are received in English and the process is conducted entirely in English.

The arbitrator’s award will outline to the parties details of how the outcome was reached. Please not that once the arbitration has started, you are only able to withdraw your case prior to the arbitrator issuing their award.

To request an application form please contact the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC).

If you wish to review the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, it is accessible at: https://www.recc.org.uk/scheme/consumer-code

Please note that whilst arbitration is a legally binding, the solution may be different from an outcome determined by a court applying strict legal principles.

CEDR also manages disputes on behalf of the Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd (“the Code Administrator”) for complaints relating to the Electric Vehicle Consumer Code for Home Chargepoints (“the Code”).

The Code is open to all those businesses active in the electric vehicle and electric vehicle charging installation sectors that have contact with consumers when selling home chargepoints as well as any product connected or linked to the home chargepoint.

The Service has been designed to resolve disputes between Code Members and their consumers. The Service is the final stage of the Code’s dispute resolution process as set out in section 9 of the Code. A copy of the Scheme Rules are located below:

Arbitration Rules EVCC (September 2020)
(click the icon below to download)

To request an application form please contact the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC)




If you want to complain about CEDR please read our Complaints Procedure document. Once you have read the Complaints Procedure and you want to submit your complaint, please use our Complaint Form below. 

Complaints Procedure

Complaint Form

Independent Reviewer's Terms of Reference

Companies covered

A full list of RECC member companies can be found on the RECC website.

The steps you must take before submitting a complaint:

Step 1.

Raise your concerns with the RECC member directly in writing.

Step 2.

If they cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you can escalate the matter to RECC through their dispute resolution process.

Step 3.

RECC will refer the customer to CEDR for independent arbitration. RECC will provide the consumer with the relevant application form and the customer must complete and send the form with a payment to CEDR (this fee may be refunded to the consumer if the independent arbitrator finds in his or her favour, or recommends it to be refunded). 

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