Mediation Insights | 20 mins

Investor-State Mediation – Developments, Opportunities & Challenges

James South


James South, Managing Director, CEDR

Frauke Nitschke image


Frauke Nitschke, Senior Legal Counsel & Team Leader, ICSID


Ben Thomson, Content Strategist, CEDR

Investor-State Mediation is one of the newest and most interesting frontiers in international dispute resolution.

In this podcast, James South (Managing Director, CEDR) and Frauke Nitschke (Senior Legal Counsel, ICSID) look at the framework for the development of Investor-State Mediation as well as four key factors integral to it becoming widely adopted:

– Buy-in of stakeholders, users, lawyers, government officials and institutions
– Key structural and process reforms
– Development of a credible cadre of mediators
– Awareness-raising

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