Conflict Management | 33 mins

Safe-to-Fail Spaces

Susanne Schuler


Susanne Schuler, Director of Training and Consultancy, CEDR

Andy Grossman image


Dr. Andy Grossman, Principal Consultancy, CEDR

Ben Thomson, CEDR Content Strategist


Ben Thomson, Content Strategist, CEDR

Creativity and innovation within teams and organisations rely on people feeling encouraged and able to voice ideas and make mistakes without fear of retribution, exclusion or ridicule.

Fundamental to achieving this is the creation of Safe-to-Fail Spaces or a Safe-to-Fail culture.

We spoke to Susanne Schuler (Director of Training and Consultancy, CEDR) and Dr. Andy Grossman (Principal Consultant, CEDR), both of whom regularly work with international organisations and teams to improve their innovative and creative potential.

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