Conflict Management | 31 mins


Andy Grossman image


Dr. Andy Grossman, Principal Consultancy, CEDR

Susanne Schuler


Susanne Schuler, Director of Training and Consultancy, CEDR

Ben Thomson, CEDR Content Strategist


Ben Thomson, Content Strategist, CEDR

Stay Quiet. Protect the Group. Save Reputations.

The Groupthink mantra.

It is hard to stress just how destructive this trait can be within teams and organisations.

In this podcast, Dr Andy Grossman and Susanne Schuler tackle the following questions:

  • What is Groupthink?
  • Why is it such a problem for teams and organisations?
  • What are the symptoms of Groupthink, both the obvious and not so obvious?
  • How can you immediately tackle the problem?
  • What are the longer-term, sustainable solutions to Groupthink?

If you would like to schedule your free conflict consultation as talked about in the podcast, you can do so here.

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