CEDR Foundation Activity | 1 hour

Understanding Consumer Disputes (Ep.02)

Frederick Way, Head of the CEDR Foundation


Frederick Way, Head of CEDR Foundation


John Munton, Director of Dispute Resolution Services, CEDR


Tom Earley, Principal Adjudicator, CEDR

Episode 2: The Journey of Consumer ADR

Frederick Way, Head of CEDR Foundation speaks with John Munton, Director of Dispute Resolution Services at CEDR, and Tom Earley, Principal Adjudicator at CEDR.

Dispute Resolution in Consumer Law is a vast and developing field.  The CEDR Foundation thought leadership series ‘Understanding Consumer Disputes’ aims to explore the developing landscape to understand the latest trends and best practice.  The series will look with experts at topics about the complaints themselves, how to build consumer trust, accessibility and vulnerability and the law.

In Episode 2 The Journey of Consumer ADR, consumer experts John Munton and Tom Earley discuss with Frederick Way their experiences of building a consumer dispute resolution department and the lessons learnt along the way.  This episode focuses on how consumer alternative dispute resolution schemes are developed, the considerations that industries need to give when setting up a consumer scheme and the practicalities of running consumer schemes dealing with hundreds of thousands of cases a year.

This podcast series is part of CEDR’s not-for-profit Foundation activity which undertakes cutting edge alternative dispute resolution research and innovation as well as addressing key issues facing wider society.

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