Mediation Insights | 9 mins

Workplace Mediation Series | EP.05 | Internal or External Mediator?


Gillian Caroe, CEDR Mediator, Trainer & Facilitator

This podcast series on Workplace Mediation accompanies ‘CEDR’s Complete Guide to Workplace Mediation’ which can be accessed below. The series will convene leading workplace mediators to provide practical advice on dispute resolution for those responsible for addressing workplace conflict.

In Episode 5, we speak to Gillian Caroe about choosing between an internal or external mediator. Deciding who mediates your case is something workplace commissioners need to give careful consideration to and what option, internal or external, is most appropriate and likely to lead to a successful outcome.

Gillian Caroe is a leading CEDR Mediator, Trainer and Facilitator. Before becoming a full-time mediator, Gillian had a successful career in international business with one of the world’s top companies. She worked in UK, European and Global roles across a range of business functions in a number of different countries.

Link to ‘CEDR’s Complete Guide to Workplace Mediation’

Link to Gillian Caroe’s Bio

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