This is a unique five-day residential International Conflict Mediation and Peacemaking Skills programme delivered by Oxford Process and CEDR. It leads to Oxford Process Certification in Managing Radical Differences.

  • Anyone who is passionate about helping people resolve their issues and conflicts.
  • Anyone who has accumulated hard-won experience in different conflict areas.
  • Anyone who has a CEDR accreditation and wishes to use it more widely.

In this five-day, high-impact, content-rich and interactive programme, led by renowned and experienced facilitators and speakers, we will cover the three main areas you need to invest in if you want to become an international peacemaker.

  1. Learn the core skills – We will show you where many international mediators go wrong and list the strategies, tactics and moves you must make in order to succeed.
  2. Build your practice – Learn from the two main mistakes most people make. Build your identity and passion-based professional brand by acquiring the skills an international mediator needs, and learn the structures and processes required.
  3. Demonstrate Dynamism – Helping you to develop confidence and leadership by owning your personal experiences and articulating your past successes with energy and relevance, to become a visible and valuable part of the peacemaker network.
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