Mediator Quality Commitments

At CEDR the appointment of a mediator to our panels and to individual cases is guided by 4 commitments:

  1.   Quality
  2.   Developing new talent
  3.   Diversity
  4.   Transparency of selection

Further information can be found here.

CEDR has one of the most comprehensive groupings of mediators in Europe. Mediators appointed to all CEDR Panels are CEDR accredited and have been through our quality assurance processes and are appointed to our Panels in accordance with our Mediator Quality Commitments (see left panel).

This gives our clients the confidence that by choosing a CEDR panel mediator they will be getting a tried and tested professional.

CEDR operates three different mediator panels:

  • CEDR Chambers
  • UK Panel
  • International Panel

Further information can be found here.

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