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  • Baria Ahmed image

    Baria Ahmed

    Barrister & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Calm and constructive approach which oiled the wheels for the deal.”   Overview Baria is a UK qualified … Continued

  • Heather Allen image

    Heather Allen

    Chambers Mediator

    A winning combination of pragmatism and insight.” – Partners Guide to the Legal Profession Languages: English Heather Allen has been a professional … Continued

  • Tony Allen

    Chambers Mediator

    Tony Allen is a former long-standing Director of CEDR and a CEDR Solve mediator. He became a CEDR accredited mediator in … Continued

  • Stehen Barker CEDR Chambers

    Stephen Barker

    Chambers Mediator

    Client feedback: His approach was very patient, measured and creative” – Client Feedback “Mr Barker was astonishingly effective.” – Client Feedback … Continued

  • Stephen Bate

    Chambers Mediator

    “Success was to a large extent due to the skill, expertise and persistence of Stephen. I would not hesitate to … Continued

  • Sheila Bates

    Mediator & Legal Partner

    Client Feedback: “… as a mediator she builds trust remains impartial and concentrates on the issues to hand and finds … Continued

  • Stephanie Bown

    Medico-Legal Adviser, Mediator & Conciliator

    Client Feedback: “Stephanie is an excellent facilitator who pitched content extremely well and kept control.”   Overview Stephanie Bown practiced … Continued

  • Stephen Boyd

    Barrister, Neutral

    Client Feedback: “… a calm, confident and analytical mediator”   Overview Stephen Boyd is a practising barrister, arbitrator and mediator … Continued

  • Gillian Caroe

    Chambers Mediator & CEDR Faculty

    Client Feedback: “Gillian has a natural ease and confidence in the role of the mediator and superb communication skills.”  Languages … Continued

  • Eileen Carroll QC (Hon)

    Principal Mediator and Co-Founder

    Client feedback: “She settled the unsettleable” “She led the most effective opening session I have ever seen.” “She has a … Continued

  • Joanna Cavell

    CEDR Faculty & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Very astute as to the main issues and made really valuable contributions.”   Overview Having worked in the … Continued

  • Laurence Cobb

    Solicitor, Neutral, Conciliator

    Client Feedback: “The mediator had an excellent grasp of the situation. He was personable, easy to talk to, he created … Continued

  • Fiona Colquhoun

    Principal Consultant & Mediator

    Fiona is a highly experienced Mediator, Facilitator, Coach, and Consultant with considerable breadth and expertise, and many years Board level … Continued

  • Jeremy Connell

    Mediator & psychotherapist

    Client Feedback: “He was very professional, was a wonderful listener and he built up trust very, very quickly”   Overview Jeremy … Continued

  • Michael Cover Image

    Michael Cover

    Solicitor, Arbitrator, Mediator and Adjudicator

    Client Feedback: “(Michael’s) skills as a mediator enabled the ill-will that was evident at the outset to be diffused”   … Continued

  • Malcolm Currie image

    Malcolm Currie

    Mediator & CEDR Faculty

    Overview Malcolm’s proven acumen in industrial relations, and understanding of UK-wide employment law, gives him a broad base of knowledge … Continued

  • Abigail Day image

    Abigail Day

    Mediator & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “Tenacious and driven, she finds a way to make things happen.”   Overview Abigail Day is a full-time … Continued

  • Lisa Drake

    CEDR Faculty, Mediator & Conflict Management Coach

    Client Feedback: “Focused, energetic, committed and helpful right through the end.” Overview Accredited Mediator, executive coach and mediation and conflict … Continued

  • Christopher Ennis

    Mediator & Chartered Quantity Surveyor

    Client Feedback: “…skillfully removing feelings of animosity so that a deal could be done.”   Overview Chris Ennis has over … Continued

  • Charles Feeny

    Barrister & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “He is able to cut through the most complicated of matters and quickly arrive at the nub of … Continued

  • Stephen Fielding

    Stephen Fielding

    Barrister & Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “After two years of torment we can get on with our lives again, thanks in no small part … Continued

  • John Fordham

    John Fordham

    Solicitor & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “He had a good grasp of the issues and reality-tested the litigation risk well.”   Overview A partner … Continued

  • David Foskett

    Sir David Foskett

    Mediator, Barrister

    Client Feedback: “…attentive, considerate, knowledgeable, down to earth and helpful”     Overview David trained as a mediator with CEDR … Continued

  • Tracey Fox

    CEDR Employee, Neutral & Psychologist

    Client Feedback: “Very calm, maintained composure when things got tough, yet maintained control of the situation and people.”   Overview … Continued

  • Neil Goodrum

    Chambers Mediator

    Client feedback: “He got to the nub of the issues very quickly and painlessly” – Client Feedback Languages: English Neil Goodrum is a … Continued

  • Nicholas Gould Image

    Nicholas Gould

    Solicitor, Mediator & Chartered Surveyor

    Client Feedback: “We have appointed Nicholas a number of times to act as mediator. We cannot fault him in this role … Continued

  • Carolyn Graham

    Mediator & Conflict Coach

    Client Feedback: “…she is very friendly but quite firm and is good at keeping everything right on track…”    Overview Carolyn is … Continued

  • Dr Andrzej Grossman

    CEDR Director, Architect & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Fair, forward-thinking and tenacious; he came across as a person of real integrity”   Overview A member of … Continued

  • Tim Hardy

    Chambers Mediator

    “You conducted the mediation with great courtesy, patience and diligence. I have no doubt, but for your great efforts, we … Continued

  • Peter Higgins

    Mediator, Conciliator & Business Director

    Client Feedback: “Peter had an excellent understanding of the key issues. His persona and commercial approach significantly contributed to both … Continued

  • William Ingram Hill

    William Ingram Hill

    Commercial Mediator

     “His calm, rational and approachable manner allows him to disarm those in conflict and assist with reaching a swift and … Continued

  • Rosemary Jackson QC

    Mediator, Queens Counsel, Crown Court Recorder

    Client Feedback: “Adopts a firm but charming manner”    Overview Rosemary Jackson is in full-time practice as a Mediator and … Continued

  • Alan Jacobs

    Chambers Mediator

    “…brought gravitas and a high level of understanding to the mediation and he developed rapport wonderfully.” – Client Feedback Languages: English Alan … Continued

  • Amrik Kandola Image

    Amrik Kandola

    Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Your approach was exactly what was required. You had a real understanding of the case and the drivers … Continued

  • Gerard Khoshnaw

    Chambers Mediator

    “He understood the personal dynamics and got to grips with the issues quickly.” “…persistent & determined…” – Mediation Feedback Languages: English Gerard … Continued

  • Andrew Lancaster

    Mediator & Legal Partner

    Client Feedback: “Andrew was superb; I liked his style. He knew when to apply a little push and when to … Continued

  • Jon Lang

    Full Time Mediator & Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “…regarded by many observers as ‘a cut above the rest’…”   Overview Jon Lang is one of the … Continued

  • Mandy Lenton Image

    Mandy Lenton


    Mandy is an experienced mediator with a busy practice. Highly regarded by leading real estate barristers and solicitors, mediation participants … Continued

  • Clive Lewis OBE DL

    Clive Lewis OBE DL

    Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Clive is just about the calmest and most professional mediator I have ever met. He is deeply analytical, … Continued

  • William Lister

    William Lister

    Solicitor, Neutral

    Client Feedback: “You emphasised your role and this was the opportunity for the parties to sort it out without resorting … Continued

  • Dr Karl Mackie CBE, CEDR Founder & Mediator

    Dr Karl Mackie CBE

    Founder President

    Karl is one of the best-known names in commercial mediation practice and brings both professional commitment and legal and business psychology training … Continued

  • Andrew Manning Cox

    Mediator & Chartered Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “… combines gravitas with a calm personality …”    Overview Andrew Manning Cox is a highly experienced lead … Continued

  • Gill Mansfield Image

    Gill Mansfield

    Commercial mediator

    “She was excellent” “A rare talent for finding practical solutions to problems very quickly” – Client Feedback Languages English Overview … Continued

  • Graham Massie

    Chief Operating Officer

    Graham has over 25 years’ experience as a business consultant and trainer of technical and business skills. After qualifying as … Continued

  • Fionnuala McCredie QC

    Barrister, Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Develops strong relationships with her clients, which means she understands their business and commercial objectives ”   Overview … Continued

  • Andrew Miller QC

    Andrew Miller QC

    QC Mediator

    Client Feedback:  “Andrew definitely made a difference by helping the parties focus on their real needs to reach resolution. Andrew … Continued

  • Matthew Molloy

    Mediator & Chartered Quantity Surveyor

    Client Feedback: “Thanks Matt, I have to say I didn’t think you’d get it over the line but many thanks … Continued

  • Christopher Newmark

    Chambers Mediator

    … hugely developed insight into the dynamics of a dispute” – Chambers & Partners Guide to the Legal Profession Languages: English Chris … Continued

  • Nick Pearson

    Chambers Mediator

    “His interventions were always to the point and I felt that the parties recognised and valued his obvious experience.” – Mediation … Continued

  • Eve Pienaar Image

    Eve Pienaar

    Chambers Mediator

    Client Feedback: “The calm, measured and consummately professional approach you adopted greatly helped in achieving a resolution to what appeared … Continued

  • Terry Renouf

    Terry Renouf

    Commercial Mediator, Conciliator & Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “Terry Renouf offers clients the depth and breadth of his experience in managing multi-track personal injury claims”.   … Continued

  • Andy Rogers

    Andy Rogers

    Principal Consultant & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “… not afraid to take control when matters looked impossible to resolve.”   Overview Andy Rogers is a … Continued

  • Chula Rupasinha

    Chula Rupasinha

    Mediator & Trainer

    Client Feedback: “Chula brought a very high level of professionalism to the mediation and throughout displayed skills that enabled the … Continued

  • Stephen Ruttle

    Stephen Ruttle QC

    Full Time Mediator, Queens Council

    Client Feedback: “Wonderful presence, brilliant at narrowing down the issues quickly.“    Overview Stephen Ruttle QC has been a full time … Continued

  • Richard Schaverien

    Full Time Mediator

    Client Feedback: “His style of ease and confidence let the parties resolve the issues without the usual volatile situations that … Continued

  • Susanne Schuler

    Susanne Schuler

    CEDR Director of Training, Senior Consultant & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Susanne’s professional skills are head and shoulders above other practitioners. I was impressed by her astute communications skills … Continued

  • Joe Shammah

    Chambers Mediator

    Tenacious and dedicated to the cause of settlement” – Client Feedback   Overview Joe Shammah has been a practising mediator for … Continued

  • Caroline Sheridan

    Chambers Mediator

    The “amenable” Sheridan “quickly establishes trust in mediations” and “doesn’t let the parties go off on a tangent” – Chambers & Partners Guide to the Legal Profession … Continued

  • Kevin Smyth

    Kevin Smyth

    Full Time Mediator & Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “…sensible, thoughtful and finally managed to broker an agreement when initially the parties were poles apart… He is … Continued

  • James South

    James South

    CEDR Chief Executive, Senior Consultant & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Good at controlling the discussion so that the parties did not escalate.“ Languages English, Spanish Overview James South … Continued

  • Felicity Steadman

    Felicity Steadman

    CEDR Faculty, Full Time Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Her manner creates trust and confidence in her ability.”   Overview Felicity Steadman has been a professional in … Continued

  • Mark Summerfield

    Mediator & Commercial Litigator

    Client Feedback: “His manner with the parties was open and straight forward; he was highly intelligent and pleasant company.”   … Continued

  • Joe Tirado Image

    Joseph Tirado

    Solicitor & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “Joe did an excellent job.  He was professional, enthusiastic and detail-oriented throughout the process. My client had never … Continued

  • Beverley Vara


    Client Feedback: “Beverley Vara is a “very supportive and helpful” mediator who is regularly appointed to property disputes and cases … Continued

  • Ana Virginia Bauder

    Ana Virginia Bauder

    Lawyer, Mediator, Conciliator & Adjudicator

    Client Feedback: “Excellent in all respects. She had a robust style; yet approachable, and very aware of financial and legal … Continued

  • CEDR Mediator & Trainer, Wolf Von Kumberg

    Wolf Von Kumberg

    Arbitrator, Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Well placed to understand the needs of business people.”   Languages English, German Overview Wolf Jürgen von Kumberg is … Continued

  • Frederick Way, Head of the CEDR Foundation

    Frederick Way

    CEDR Employee, Mediator, Conciliator & Barrister (non-practising)

    Client Feedback: “Frederick was very good… he gave balance to the mediation…  very professional… very well prepared in advance.”   Overview  Frederick … Continued

  • Philip Williams, CEDR Trainer, Mediator & Coach

    Philip Williams

    CEDR Employee, Mediator, Senior Consultant & Conciliator

    Client Feedback: “Philip brings insightful, real-world stress-tested, knowledge, skills and experience to professionals seeking that edge in negotiation, mediation or … Continued

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