International Mediator panel

CEDR has one of the largest Commercial Mediation Panels in the United Kingdom and mediators in many countries around the globe. We are often asked to appoint mediators from different countries in International Disputes. We have therefore developed a Global Panel representing over 40 countries and many different languages.

  • William Aylmer

    Republic of Ireland | Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “He is a mediator of choice in respect of his knowledge, patience, commitment and integrity”

  • Mathew Chi Ming Ho

    Hong Kong | Commercial Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “30 years of professional legal and commercial experience”

  • Raymond Lee

    Indonesia | Neutral & Lecturer

    Client Feedback: “Raymond is very good at holding the participants’ attention…” “…enthusiastic.”

  • Laura Kaster

    United States | Arbitrator & Neutral

    Client Feedback: “She is excellent at understanding issues and bridging differences over them.”

  • Federico Antich

    Italy | Arbitrator & Neutral

    Client Feedback: “Federico approaches the mediation process keeping in mind the human side of it, no matter what is the nature of the issues at stake. He is capable of digging out opportunities that parties do not even dare to consider. He is honest, impartial and straightforward, always committed to balance the benefits for both … Continued

  • Alan Limbury

    Australia | Commercial Mediator

    Alan has over 30 years of experience mediating commercial and intellectual property disputes of all kinds in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, in which parties are legally represented. He was described by Who’s Who Legal: Mediation 2018 as “one of the best mediators in the world”.  

  • Philip Punwar

    United Arab Emirates | Barrister

    Philip Punwar is a practising barrister and partner in the international arbitration and dispute resolution group of the law firm Baker Botts LLP. Based in Dubai Philip became a CEDR accredited mediator in 2010 and is now acting as a mediator in addition to his work as a lawyer and international arbitrator. He has recently … Continued

  • Kenwick Yam

    Hong Kong | Barrister

    Client Feedback: Kenwick believes that thorough preparation is the basis for mediation. Being dedicated and constructive, he works whole-heartedly by aiming at resolving disputes between the parties. 

  • Dorcas Quek Anderson

    Singapore | Judge & Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “She has an excellent disposition as well as grasp of the case’s facts and law. Humble and kind person whom the parties can trust.”

  • Michael Hartmann

    Hong Kong | Retired Judge

    A Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal and Chairman of both the Market Misconduct Tribunal and the Securities and Futures Appeal Tribunal, Michael Hartmann has had a long-standing interest in mediation. Mr Hartmann effectively introduced mediation into Hong Kong court proceedings in chairing the working group responsible for making mediation an integral part … Continued

  • Patrick Sherrington

    Hong Kong | Mediator & Legal Partner

    Client Feedback: “By concentrating on the benefits of a commercial settlement, Patrick side-swept problems.”

  • Nigel Kat

    Hong Kong | Barrister & Chartered Arbitrator

    Nigel Kat has been engaged in the process of helping parties resolve their disputes for over 30 years. A barrister in England and in Hong Kong since 1983, and a chartered arbitrator, he has wide experience of international, regional and domestic corporate and organisational disputes. Nigel was accredited by CEDR in 2009 and has focused … Continued

  • Geoff Sharp

    New Zealand | Commercial Mediator & Barrister

    Client Feedback: “Also in the region is Geoff Sharp who is “the leading mediator in New Zealand” for many of our respondents. He enjoys an “exceptional reputation” all over the world…”

  • Sevdalina Aleksandrova

    Bulgaria | Lawyer, Neutral

    Client Feedback: “Sevdalina was extremely helpful in keeping the focus on the important issues during the entire mediation. And when we were stuck, she just kept moving the discussion forward.” 

  • Jennifer Brandt

    United States | Attorney & Commercial Mediator

    Jennifer is a solo practitioner specializing in mediation and alternative dispute resolution with prior extensive commercial and family law litigation experience. She is one of original court-appointed mediators for commercial, family and bankruptcy law cases in statewide mandatory mediation programs, Federal District Court mediator and Storm Sandy mediator through American Arbitration Association and arbitrator for … Continued

  • Isabel Phillips

    Ethiopia | CEDR Faculty, Neutral

    Client Feedback: “I am confident that the settlement would not have been secured without her persistence.”

  • Gordon Tregaskis

    Thailand | Barrister, Full Time Neutral

    Client Feedback: Gordon is solutions-oriented and brings a unique understanding of cross-cultural issues to disputes or differences which may be adversely affecting organisations reaching successful commercial settlements and targets. 

  • Peter Cheng Kar-Shing

    Hong Kong | Executive Director

    Mr Cheng is a Fellow member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb) and Hong Kong Construction Arbitration Centre (HKCAC). He is a CEDR Accredited Mediator and on the List of the Mediators of Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), Hong … Continued

  • Richard Lutringer

    United States | Counsel, Barrister & Commercial Mediator

    Mr. Lutringer has mediated commercial disputes related to buy-sell agreements, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, technology licensing, agency, distribution, franchising, loans, real estate (including commercial and residential brokerage and sale agreements), securities and corporate finance. In addition to commercial disputes, Mr. Lutringer has mediated disputes among members of family-owned and closely-held enterprises, (often referred … Continued

  • Srdan Simac

    Croatia | Judge, Mediator & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “… the right person for the job you are doing.”

  • Jarleth Heneghan

    Republic of Ireland | Arbitrator & Mediator

    Jarleth has an extensive experience in mediation and arbitration of construction contract disputes and commercial contract matters including landlord and tenant, employer and contractor, contractor and sub-contractor matters, quantum and time analysis as well as disputes in relation to professional partnership in the construction, property, insurance, professional, public and oil and gas industry sectors. Jarleth … Continued

  • Victor Durlesteanu

    Moldova | Neutral & Barrister

    Client Feedback: “… after years of successful applying mediation he is glad to find that it became a part of his life…”

  • Funmi Roberts

    Nigeria | Counsel, Neutral

    Client Feedback: “The dexterity with which you handled a very difficult situation which could have led to a damaged relationship is quite admirable and outstanding…”

  • Martin Brink

    Netherlands | Attorney & Neutral

    Client Feedback: “Martin helped us to reach an agreement due to his patience, perseverance and creativity”

  • Mike Holland

    United States | Full Time Mediator

    Client Feedback: “… highly effective in taking the heat out of a dispute and creating an atmosphere conducive to settlement.”

  • Jawad Sarwana

    Pakistan | Advocate & Neutral

    Mr. Sarwana is a CEDR accredited mediator and faculty member of CEDR. He is vice-chair of the IBA Mediation Committee and co-chairs the Mediation Trainings Committee of the Pakistan Mediators’ Association. His law practice involves assisting clients and international associates on acquisitions, joint ventures and takeovers; corporate and commercial law; employment and labor; Power and … Continued

  • Helena De Backer

    Belgium | Attorney & Commercial Mediator

    Helena De Backer is a practising Attorney and founder of DS De Backer and Bastin in Brussels, Belgium. She has over 40 years’ experience as an arbitrator and lawyer and has been a commercial mediator since 1999. She works on cross-border contract negotiation mostly related to mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property and new technologies projects. … Continued

  • Gary Soo

    Hong Kong | Barrister & Chartered Engineer

    Gary Soo is a practising Barrister and a Chartered Engineer and has been practising in areas of civil litigation involving commercial and construction disputes and arbitration. He also serves as arbitrator and mediator for various institutions in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

  • David Ravenscroft

    Hong Kong | Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “…thank you so much for having played such an integral part in the process of keeping us out of court.”

  • Birgit Sambeth Glasner

    Switzerland | Solicitor & Neutral

    Birgit Sambeth Glasner is Co-Head of the Dispute Resolution Team at Altenburger. As a former substitute judge, she is an acknowledged specialist in questions of strategic dispute resolution and is often appointed as a mediator in complex commercial, family and criminal matters. Further, she is frequently acting as a bankruptcy liquidator and creditor representative in … Continued

  • William Stone

    Hong Kong | Retired Judge, Barrister

    William works on cases across all aspects of commercial law with a particular focus on aviation, insurance, international trade, shipping (‘wet’ and ‘dry’) and regulatory matters in the financial and telecommunications industries”.

  • Sara Phelan

    Republic of Ireland | Mediator & Barrister

    Sara has been practising as a mediator since 2012, when she completed the CEDR Mediator Skills Training and became a CEDR-accredited mediator. Prior to this, Sara had participated in mediation advocacy skills training organised by Mediation Ireland (2010) and has since continued her professional development through workshops/seminars facilitated by CEDR, Round Table and the Mediators … Continued

  • Roger Beresford

    Hong Kong | Barrister & Neutral

    Roger Beresford acts in a wide range of company, financial and commercial litigation, including regulatory practice in securities, listed company representation and competition law matters. Prior to call to the Bar in Hong Kong, Roger was employed by Baker & McKenzie for 20 years (10 years in London and 10 years in Hong Kong), during … Continued

  • Syed Mustafa Mahdi

    Pakistan | ADR Official

    Syed is regarded by his peers as one of the prominent and accomplished attorney in this field. Syed is known for his formidable legal intellect, his excellent skills in advocacy and his impeccable presentation style. Syed possesses an innate ability to delve straight to the heart of any matter and offer simple yet effective advice … Continued

  • Julia Pui G Lau

    Hong Kong | Barrister

    Julia is a practicing Barrister in Hong Kong and a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators. She specializes in personal injury, employees’ compensation, medical negligence and insurance disputes. Her vast experience in these areas of litigation has given her a deep insight into interpersonal relations and working culture in both the industrial and … Continued

  • Joanna Kalowski

    Australia | Full Time Mediator & Judicial Educator

    Joanna has mediated or facilitated over 300 matters related to indigenous land claims, environmental matters, community involvement in public infrastructure projects, commercial, industrial and academic disputes. Since July 2013, Joanna has been principal facilitator in the pilot phase of the Defence Abuse Taskforce’s restorative engagement process (Australia) and has run briefing sessions for representatives of … Continued

  • Clive Grossman

    Hong Kong | Director, Neutral

    Clive is experienced in criminal matters such as commercial crime, money-laundering, corruption and cases involving human rights issues. He has also experience in international criminal practice as he has advised Governments of several countries. Clive has also an established public law and civil practice as he has been involved in judicial reviews relating to right … Continued

  • Deborah David

    United States | CEDR Faculty, Attorney & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “… a natural authority which she certainly brought to bear in the course of the mediation.”

  • Samuel Chat Chor Wong

    Hong Kong | Barrister & Mediator

    Samuel Chat Chor Wong is a practising barrister at law in Hong Kong, a Chartered Arbitrator and accredited mediator with both CEDR and HKIAC. A founding member of the CEDR Asia Pacific Practice Group Mr Wong is also listed on the panels of many of the recognised mediator panels in Hong Kong including HKIAC, Hong … Continued

  • Antti Juhani Heikinheimo

    Finland | Arbitrator, Mediator & Attorney

    Client Feedback: “…continues to impress interviewees by providing high-quality work, an atmosphere of trust and strong control of high-pressure situations…”

  • Jonathan Marks

    United States | Full Time Mediator & Attorney

    Co-founder and Chairman of ENDISPUTE, Incorporated, the nation’s first provider of a full range of dispute resolution and management services. After merger of Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services and ENDISPUTE, in August 1994, Vice- Chairman of J.A.M.S/ENDISPUTE, and Chairman of the firm’s Executive Committee, which set professional practice policies for the firm’s nationwide panel of … Continued

  • Danny McFadden

    Hong Kong | CEDR Asia Pacific Director, Solicitor

    Danny McFadden has been a Director of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) since 2004 and is the Managing Director of CEDR Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong. with a particular expertise in cross-cultural and multinational disputes. He is the current Regional Mediator for the World Bank and United Nations in Asia. Danny speaks … Continued

  • Kim Rooney

    Hong Kong | Barrister

    Kim Rooney is a barrister who has been based in Hong Kong since 1990, after first practising in Australia. Before moving to the Bar in late 2009, she was a partner of White & Case LLP and head of its Hong Kong based international dispute resolution practice. Kim has more than 30 years experience covering … Continued

  • John Gale

    Hong Kong | Solicitor

    John Gale is the founder and Managing Partner of J.S. Gale & Co. He was previously Managing Partner of Stephenson Harwood’s Hong Kong and China offices and has spent nearly 30 years in Hong Kong advising on a wide range of corporate, commercial and financial transactions centred in Hong Kong and Asia. John’s work includes … Continued

  • Austin Kenny

    Republic of Ireland | Full Time Mediator, Accountant

    Client Feedback: “We were very pleased with the cool professionalism that Austin brought to this emotionally charged and bitter disagreement.”

  • Gert Nilsson Eldrimmer

    Sweden | Commercial Lawyer & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “If Gert cannot manage it, nobody can.”

  • Nicholas Seymour

    Hong Kong | Chartered Surveyor, Mediator & Adjudicator

    Client Feedback: Nicholas’s approach to mediating involves thorough preparation and the use of early briefings with the parties in order to ensure that full benefit can be made of the opportunity to commence the mediation process in the most efficient manner.