What is the Gambling Scheme?

CEDR adjudicates disputes between customers and gambling and gaming operators who are members of the CEDR Scheme.

We are approved as an independent dispute resolution provider by the regulator, The Gambling Commission to adjudicate disputes related to transactions (game playing). 

The steps you must take before submitting a complaint

Step 1.

Raise your complaint with the company in the first instance

Step 2.

If you remain dissatisfied following receipt of final position letter from a Senior Manager you may refer the matter to CEDR by submitting an application for adjudicated.

Step 3.

Once submitted your application will be reviewed for its eligibility. If accepted your complaint will be allocated to an adjudicator. 

* Claims up to £10,000; the adjudicator will issue a written Decision that the customer may choose to accept or reject. If accepted the company must comply with the adjudicators direction on redress. 

Things we cannot assist with

  • We cannot adjudicate Disputes related to customer service and gaming licences which is dealt with by the Gambling Commission. 

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