The Water Redress Scheme (WATRS) adjudicates disputes between the customer and water and sewage companies or suppliers which have reached a state of deadlock.

WATRS has been designed to complement the mediation and investigation roles of the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater). If CCWater is unable to settle a customer’s dispute, WATRS will provide a final resolution that is binding upon water and sewage companies.

WATRS is an adjudication service based entirely on documentary evidence. The appointed Adjudicator will only consider the evidence submitted by the customer and the company and will have no direct contact with the parties to ensure full independence and impartiality.

In reaching their decision, the Adjudicator will consider all relevant law (such as The Water Industry Act 1991 and The Water Supply and Sewerage Services (Customer Service Standards) Regulations 2008), the company’s terms and conditions, the Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) and what is most fair and reasonable in light of the circumstances.

Once the decision is issued the customer can decide to accept or reject the findings. If the customer accepts the decision the company is contractually bound to provide the redress ordered by the Adjudicator. If the customer decides to reject the decision the process has no effect on law and the customer is free to pursue their claim through the courts.

Please note that all companies who are part of the WATRS scheme pay towards its costs as there is no cost to the consumer.

Visit the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) for further information, help and advice about your water and sewerage service or supplier. Alternatively, you can email CCWater at, call on 0300 034 2222  (England) / 0300 034 3333 (Wales) or write to it at Consumer Council for Water, First Floor, Victoria Square House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B2 4AJ.

The operation, independence and effectiveness of WATRS is overseen and assured by the WATRS Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel (the ADR Panel) which has been established to ensure the integrity of the Scheme. More details of the ADR Panel’s work can be obtained on the Resolving Water Disputes website.

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