Conflict Management | 18 mins

Conflict Engagement Skills for Leaders | Episode 3


James South, CEO, CEDR

A lot has been written about leadership skills, especially recently.

However, what is often missing from these works is a leader’s role in managing conflict or emerging conflict situations within an organisation.

In this podcast series, James South, CEO at CEDR will explore the mediator and conflict engagement skills he utilises every day in his role as a leader.

“When opening the conversation, your tone is crucial. Don’t seek to come in and persuade, or shut the conversation down – come from a position of genuine curiosity.”

As with anything in your professional life, if you don’t prepare effectively or start the conversation well, it severely limits the opportunity for a successful outcome.

This episode dissects the anatomy of having a difficult conversation and provides leaders with ‘Six Tips on How to Prepare and Start Well’.

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