About CEDR schemes

CEDR's experience in developing and running mediation services in myriad sectors has led us to develop mediation schemes in two ways:

First, by partnering with a specific body or institution to offer a tailor-made mediation programme, and second by developing sector- or dispute-focused services which can be used to resolve disputes of a similar nature.

What do these schemes include?

While each scheme is different, they generally include the following:

  • An adapted mediation process with its own agreement and procedures
  • A specialist mediator panel with mediators who have a particular experience or skillset to mediate the types of dispute in question
  • A clear fee structure appropriate to the types of dispute and the sector
  • Frictionless administration through CEDR Key, CEDR’s case management system and experienced client advisors

CEDR scheme summary

Partnering with a specific body or institution, CEDR offers the following tailor-made mediation programmes:

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CEDR's Mediation Schemes