CEDR acts as the Administrator of Bonsucro’s Grievance Mechanism. The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism is one of the ways that an individual or organisation, or even Bonsucro, may issue a complaint against a Bonsucro Member for a violation of the Bonsucro Code of Conduct, Bonsucro Standards.

CEDR is an independent alternative dispute resolution service provider with over 30 years’ experience in the ADR field.

What is the Bonsucro Grievance Resolution Scheme?

Having an effective Grievance Mechanism is essential for proactive compliance, risk management and remediation. It also demonstrates the credibility of Bonsucro to stakeholders, including ISEAL and the European Commission (EU RED accreditation).

Bonsucro wanted to take proactive steps to improve its Grievance Mechanism to align it with the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGP) on Business and Human Rights, Effectiveness Criteria.

The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism is a formal process through which individuals and organisations may seek remedy from a Bonsucro Member for a violation of the Bonsucro Code of Conduct, Bonsucro Standards.

Further Information

The Grievance Mechanism follows a three-stage process as follows:

Stage 1 – Determination of Scope

All submissions are reviewed by CEDR and assessed for completeness and scope. If a submission is rejected on these grounds the applicant will have an opportunity to perfect any issues flagged and resubmit.

For further guidance on eligibility please see our Eligibility Checklist here.

Stage 2 – Mediation (optional)

Once CEDR receive all the relevant information the Complaint will proceed to mediation. Mediation is a flexible process conducted confidentially in which a trained neutral actively assists people and/or organisations to work towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute. Both parties are in ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution. All mediations through the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism will take place virtually unless otherwise agreed by the parties and additional costs are funded independently.

For further information on mediation click here. For further information on online mediation click here.

Stage 3 – Adjudication (only for Complaints which do not attempt or are not settled at mediation)

Where the case does not settle at mediation, then it will proceed to adjudication. After reviewing the Required Information, the Adjudicator, a third-party neutral, will issue a report determining if there was in fact a breach. This is communicated to the Bonsucro Board and posted on the Bonsucro website. If a breach is found, then the Adjudicator may also submit recommended actions for review and approval by the Bonsucro Board. Any amendments to the recommended actions will be indicated by way of a written addendum to the Adjudicator’s Report.

Further details concerning the origin and process for designing the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism can be found here.

A copy of the Rules governing the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism can be found here.

The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism is a formal process and sits within a wider grievance and complaints ecosystem. Once you determined that your issues are within the scope of the Grievance Mechanism, please complete the application form here and provide your submissions together with any annexes.

To check on the status of a current complaint and for more information of Bonsucro’s reporting please see Bonsucro’s website here.

For more information on how the Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism works please see the following:

The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism webpage
The Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism Rules
The Application Form
The Timetable
The Eligibility Checklist

Bonsucro Grievance Mechanism Panel Mediators

Please click on the Mediators profile below to read more information. 

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  • Richard Schaverien

    Full Time Mediator & Consultant Solicitor

    Client Feedback: “His style of ease and confidence let the parties resolve the issues without the usual volatile situations that can arise.”   Overview Richard Schaverien has been an active mediator for nearly 20 years and has used his skills and experience in a wide range of sectors to assist parties in the settlement of … Continued

  • Susan McCrory


    Expertise: Adjudication; Mediation Qualifications: Solicitor, BA(Hons) English and French Law (Canterbury, Kent and Sceaux, Paris), PG Dip. European Law (ICADE, Madrid)

  • Eileen Carroll QC (Hon)

    Principal Mediator and Co-Founder

    “She settled the unsettleable” “She led the most effective opening session I have ever seen.” “She has a very unique, dynamic and proactive approach to mediation” Languages English Overview Eileen started her career in the international chemical industry before becoming a partner in the city law firm Turner Kenneth Brown (now CMS) where she was … Continued

  • Funmi Jones


    Expertise: Adjudication Qualifications: 2:1 LLB (Hons) Politics degree at Middlesex University. Admitted as a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales in 2012. Memberships: The Law Society of England and Wales

  • Baria Ahmed

    Barrister & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Calm and constructive approach which oiled the wheels for the deal.”   Overview Baria is a UK qualified barrister, mediator, arbitrator and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) consultant and has worked in the field internationally since 2003. Previously the Head of CEDR Solve, the leading ADR services provider in Europe, and latterly having established … Continued

  • John Owen

    Mediator, Marine Insurance

    Client Feedback: “Has used his mediation and ADR training to avoid contentious litigation in all but a few circumstances in more than 25 years.”   Overview Having worked eighteen years at sea in the merchant navy and a further 26 years within the marine insurance community, John established Bernicia Marine Consultants Limited to provide expertise … Continued

  • Oliver Segal QC

    Queens Council, Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Relaxed assured style, engages well with the parties from the start.”    Overview Oliver Segal is a practising barrister at Old Square Chambers who specialises in the fields of employment and discrimination, contract and commercial law. Having gained considerable experience acting as a representative in mediations for many years Oliver is now bringing … Continued

  • Tony Cole


    Expertise: Arbitration Languages: English; Italian; French; Spanish; German Location: UK, France, Germany Qualifications: Studied law at the University of Michigan, graduating in 2004. Member of the New York Bar since 2004 Memberships: Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

  • Uju Obi


    Expertise: Adjudication; Arbitration; Complaint Review; Conciliation; Mediation Qualifications: 2.1 LLB (Hons) Law and European Legal Systems degree from the University of East Anglia, Norwich and University of Uppsala, Sweden Memberships: Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

  • Corrado Mora


    Languages Italian, English Overview Corrado’s practice contains well over 1,200 cases many of which concern matters including property, delicate and complex contract disputes, highly valued international commercial disputes involving top-rank businesses, clinical/medical malpractice, IP, technology, defamation, among the others. Most cases he helped his clients to settle involve difficult negotiations, a plurality of stakes, multi-party … Continued

  • Eileen Carroll QC (Hon)

    UKCS Panel

    Eileen is one of the most senior and sought after mediators in practice today. She has worked with clients across a diverse range of sectors around the world. Her work has included highly complex multi-party disputes including international infrastructure, insurance, commercial contracts, property and energy including coverage dispute regarding property damage in connection with a … Continued

  • Julia Pui G Lau

    Hong Kong | Barrister

    Julia is a practicing Barrister in Hong Kong and a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators. She specializes in personal injury, employees’ compensation, medical negligence and insurance disputes. Her vast experience in these areas of litigation has given her a deep insight into interpersonal relations and working culture in both the industrial and … Continued

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