The process for submitting a claim is different depending on which company you have the complaint with.

Please select from the list below and then follow the instructions. Note that you will be logged out after 20 minutes.

Submit a claim online

Before making an application, please first check that the following conditions apply to your complaint:

  • The company is registered with CEDR,
  • You have already complained to the company and they have sent you a written final response that refers you to CEDR, or at least eight weeks have passed since you first complained to the company;
  • No more than 12 months has elapsed since you received the final response from the company.

CEDR will not be able to deal with your complaint if these conditions are not met.

If we deem that complaints have no real substance or are made only to create trouble for a company we will also refuse to deal with them.

Upload a claim form

Please click here if you have already downloaded and completed your claim form and are ready to submit it to CISAS.

Otherwise please continue to the 'Download claim form' section below.

Download claim form

Before continuing with your CISAS online claim, please first check that the following conditions apply to your complaint:

  • That you are an individual or a small business or organisation (with 10 or fewer employees).
  • That you have given the service provider a reasonable chance to settle your complaint.
  • That if you are seeking financial compensation, the total amount of your claim does not exceed £10,000.

Please note that CISAS cannot deal with the following types of complaint:

  • Products and services bought or rented from a company that is not a member of CISAS.
  • The content of internet sites, phone calls, e-mails, text messages or any other type of message.
  • Matters already dealt with by the courts, CISAS or any other recognised procedure.
  • Employment and staff issues in companies that are members of the scheme.
  • Complaints that we deem have no real substance or that are made only to create trouble for a company.
  • Business decisions a company has made on whether or not to provide a product or service, and the terms under which they will provide a product or service.