Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme

CISAS is an Ofcom approved alternative dispute resolution provider. CISAS is designed to adjudicate disputes that have not been resolved through the communication provider’s own internal complaints procedure.


Free to use


Approx. 6-8 weeks

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What we can do

This Scheme uses Adjudication. Adjudication is a procedure for resolving disputes without resorting to lengthy and expensive court procedures.

The service is free, independent and impartial.

  • If you want to know more about how we can help you with your CISAS complaint, please visit our Help & Guides.

The steps you must take before submitting a complaint

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Contact the company

Raise your complaint with the company in the first instance.
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Get in touch with CISAS

If the company is not able to resolve your dispute to your satisfaction within 8 weeks or if the dispute has reached ‘deadlock’ you can come to CISAS.
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Accept or reject the final decision

CISAS will adjudicate the dispute and an adjudicator will issue a final decision. You are free to either accept or reject this decision.
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Are you a business?

CEDR can provide dispute resolution services for businesses in most sectors.

  • Fast, and cost effective solutions
  • Provided at a sustainable cost
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