CISAS is managed independently by Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), an Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider, certified by Ofcom, to resolve disputes related to communication and internet services.

Who can use CISAS?

You can use CISAS if you are an individual or small business in dispute with your communications provider, as long as your provider subscribes to CISAS. See a full list of communications providers that subscribe to CISAS.

How does the CISAS process work?

CISAS operates on a ‘documents only’ basis, offering a simple and inexpensive method of settling disputes. CISAS will appoint an independent adjudicator to examine the documents that you and your communications provider put forward, and to give a fair and reasonable ruling, without too much formality. The adjudicator will find that your claim against your communications provider is entirely successful, partly successful or unsuccessful. The adjudicator will always give you full and clear reasons for the decision that they reach. The full case process is explained in the diagram below.

Flowchart showing the CISAS process

Further details can be found in the CISAS Rules.

Is it mandatory to use CISAS?

You do not have to use CISAS if you don’t want to. You can refer your dispute to court if you wish, but it is usually more expensive, complicated and time-consuming to do so.

How long do I have in which to make an application to CISAS?

You have to apply to CISAS within 12 months of the date on which you reached deadlock with your communications provider. If your communications provider has never told you that it has reached deadlock with you, you can apply to CISAS once you have waited at least 8 weeks after you first complained to them.

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