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Impartiality – The Double Edged Sword

An Embassy and Brexit: Case studies in the use of Neutrality and Impartiality – The Double Edged Sword Watch James South talk about An Embassy and Brexit – Different Sides of the Impartiality Coin in our latest CEDRtalks vlog here. Fundamental to being an effective third-party neutral is in the name; neutrality or impartiality. These concepts […]

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International ADR Trainers’ Network – Making Multiple Connections

CEDR’s biennial International ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Trainers’ Network, with over 30 professionals, from 17 countries worldwide and kindly hosted by both Allen & Overy and CMS, was held in London four weeks ago.  The International ADR Trainers Network, created by CEDR in 2011, brings together high quality trainers biennially to provide a forum for […]

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Keeping step – Mediation Skills in Japan

By James South, CEDR’s Director of Training. While in Japan recently training mediators, I got to thinking about the issue of pace in mediation. Just like the trains in Japan, mediators often work at different speeds. Some are like the Shinkansen Bullet trains, speeding along, while others are like the commuter trains, those that constantly […]

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We need to stop talking about different ‘schools’ of mediation

When I was trained as a mediator 20 years ago, I was taught the “facilitative method” of mediation, like many of you who are reading this, which emphasises the mediator as a process manager only. According to this school of mediation, facilitators should not get involved by giving their view on the outcome of the […]

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Tunisian Dialogue Group Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

When seeing the words “Arab Spring” in headlines or on the internet, the first thoughts one has might be negative. The Arab Spring did, after all, cause significant change in many countries, but it also brought about a significant amount of violence in the Middle East, perpetuated by both government and rebel forces, and it […]

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