Busiest week of the year… for CEDR’s training team

“…how can we do it all?” Susanne Schuler, Assistant Director of Training, muses at one of our increasingly popular daily scrum meetings. So far this financial year we have managed 150 courses and projects in the UK and overseas – a  50% increase on last year.  This week alone, we have in-country training assignments in five jurisdictions including two in Africa, two in Western Europe and several here in the UK. The subjects under discussion this week focused on mediation and difficult conversations training (part of our Conflict Management offering) with participants in each project differing quite markedly:  bankers, judges, lawyers, policymakers, civil servants, organisational managers and project teams.

While a number of CEDR consultants are around the globe delivering training, more London-based staff are busy with on-going projects in over four countries in the Middle East and Europe.

All of our projects have ADR Consultancy at their core i.e. to assist clients to deal with conflict and disputes more effectively. But what does this actually mean in practice?  Let me use some examples from the last couple of weeks that may go some way to explain:

  • the analysing of arbitration laws in a country that is embarking on a justice reform initiative;
  • designing a mediation court-pilot scheme for a jurisdiction that is seeking to promote foreign direct investment and to minimise lengthy court cases;
  • reporting on the outcomes of an organisational conflict audit;
  • speaking with a client about how one may minimise conflict when embracing a change programme.

“…well that’s sorted then…” Susanne states as the multi-colour spreadsheet is hung on the wall, and the project team smile and look for caffeine.  NEXT!

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