‘The One Where CEDR Writes A Book’

While the nation welcomed Prince George of Cambridge to the world earlier this month,  in June CEDR experienced their own small “special delivery”. Representing nearly 18 months of careful planning, research, crafting and revision CEDR’s latest book, “Effective Conflict Management”,  arrived hot off of the press on a grey Friday afternoon. Published by the Institute of Company Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), the book offers practical insight and reflections on how to manage Board-level conflicts.

Looking at the final product, with its shiny cover and new book smell, is quite a strange experience for me personally. Acting as CEDR’s in-house editor for the book, I can still see the neat chapters in their draft forms, with comments in the margins from each author suggesting ways of making each section better and more valuable for the reader. Working with 11 in-house contributors who are all experts in their fields was a practical exercise in communicating clearly, solving problems collaboratively and ensuring a project was delivered on time and on budget – a team embodying the virtues it espouses.

As a person with no legal training and minimal mediation exposure, I am also pleased to report that the material is accessible – the reader is not left to drown in dry legalese! From the chapters and varied case studies, it is very clear that conflict management is absolutely necessary across the board (and indeed, all Boards should be thinking carefully about how they manage conflict across their organisation). People, even those with the best intentions, sometimes find themselves in conflict with others, and the book makes clear that ignoring the conflict and all of its associated emotions and implications is not a solution.

‘Effective Conflict Management’ is available to buy directly from CEDR for a limited time via our Publications page. You can also purchase copies  through ICSA Publishing at http://bit.ly/17jd0Up.

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