Evolving to meet the needs of law firms

Evolving to meet the needs of law firms

by John Munton, Practice Manager, CEDR Solve

I have just written to 4,000 lawyers to inform them of some important changes that are taking place at CEDR Solve.

I am CEDR Solve’s first Practice Manager of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services. My role is to ensure that we meet the needs of law firms and business when it comes to the provision of ADR Services. I intend to use my experience as the former Practice Manager of Keating Chambers to strengthen CEDR Solve’s offering and to replicate the very best elements of service and professionalism that law firms have come to expect from the most successful barristers chambers.

Gregory Hunt, Director of CEDR Solve, and I have conducted a review of our services and have instigated some significant changes which include:

No administration fees for mediation appointments

The services provided by CEDR Solve team of Dispute Resolution Advisors are now free of charge regardless of whether you need a simple nomination service or an in-depth investigation that takes considerably longer to implement. That’s an immediate saving of £500 for a two party mediation.

Services orientated Advisors

Having spent over 20 years working at the Bar I understand that to be successful you must provide the best service, have access to the best people and adopt a commercial approach to professional services. ADR is no different and CEDR Solve will be operating with that philosophy. One size does not fit all so we will provide a flexible tailored service for every case and will work hard to ensure that only the most suitable mediators and neutrals are proposed. In addition our users are always encouraged to engage with mediators directly as part of the selection process if they would like to do so. In fact I believe that the sooner you begin a dialogue with your mediator candidates the better. My team will not be acting as ‘gate keepers’.

High quality Mediators and Neutrals

The CEDR Solve Panel of 130+ mediators is being completely re-assessed and improved. We aim to have highest quality panel of mediators in the world that covers every possible sector. We have already begun to re-assess our current UK panel and have also begun a program of inviting new talented mediators to join. Membership of the panel is now limited to a two year term after which mediators must re-apply. Only the best will be considered. In addition we are working on the formation of international panels for the Asia Pacific region, Middle East and Ireland with more to follow.

I proud to say that very many of CEDR Solve Panel members are independently recommended, for example in this year’s Chambers & Partners guide 48% are Solve Mediators selected for their quality, and our aim is to do even better going forward.

An increasing portfolio of services

CEDR Solve continues to evolve as a provider of solutions for disputes. We have recently launched a fixed cost mediation service for claims valued at up to £125K which caps the fees at no more than £3K and considerably less for smaller claims. We are currently reviewing applications for our first arbitrator panel to meet the need for quality arbitrators for our CEDR Solve Arbitration appointments service which is forecast to grow by 80% this year alone. Our Construction Adjudication service will shortly be re-launched following a
review of the service currently underway.

Above all I would like all potential users of our services to feel that they can call upon CEDR Solve for informed independent advice when searching for an ADR professional. Our number is 020 7536 6060 and you can visit our website at www.cedrsolve.com for additional information.

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