International ADR Trainers Network: the first workshop

The first meeting of the International ADR Trainers Network is being held today in London and CEDR will be liveblogging and Tweeting from the event.

The International ADR Trainers Network is a forum that allows ADR trainers to share ideas about current practice worldwide, innovations in the field of ADR training delivery, and on standards and good practice. We will be welcoming delegates from countries including Greece, Pakistan, Nigeria and the UK and we hope that their insight will provide a springboard to developing an international standard in ADR training.

For me the keys to the network became immediately clear in the first half an hour, as delegates arrived, greeted each other and were welcomed by Karl Mackie, James South, Andy Grossman and Heather Allen. At the heart of each welcome were mentions of ‘shared experiences’ and ‘friendship’ as the founding principles of the Trainers Network. As well as a dedication to advancing the use of mediation, and developing a good standard of training, there also seems to be a strong message of interpersonal connectedness lying at the heart of good mediation practice and training.

CEDR’s Director of Training, James South, commented that he ‘gets a real buzz from working with local trainers who really know local jurisdictions’, and that sense of localism is something that I think will emerge as a key theme of the conference. There is clearly a wealth of knowledge and experience around the world on what works and what could be improved in delivering good ADR training, and one of the long term challenges seems to be how best to reconcile “standard practice” with the unique features of national and local mediation markets. I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts throughout the conference, and seeing what key thoughts emerge for charting the future of international ADR.

We will be blogging and Tweeting from the conference using the hashtag #ADRTrainers – keep an eye out for updates throughout the days.

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