Mediation is not a game – until now

Disputes – and therefore mediation – are a serious matter, where knowledge and skill can play key roles in performance or quality and CEDR is always looking at new ways to do this. It took a while, but organisations – including CEDR – eventually realised the proverbial truth hidden in the adage ‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy‘ and toyed with the idea of infusing “play” in work to aid development, paving way for Gamification.

What is Gamification?
With a promise and potential to transform mundane business processes into fun and engaging, Gamification is the use of game theory and game mechanics such as points, leaderboards, badges, progress bars etc. in non-game contexts to engage users. It hinges on the tenets of rewards, instant feedback, and intrinsic & extrinsic motivators to amp up engagement levels and motivates users. Gamification can be applied to most of the business processes across industries.

EffectivnesV2Learning and Development function was one of the early adopters of Gamification and rightfully so
. Engagement is quintessential in all learning programs and it is very important to engage learners and increase their ability to stay focused and retain information. Moreover designing a good gamified learning can get learners hooked and make sure the learning is effective.

Gamification not only gives learners the boost in motivation they need to become active participants in the learning process, but it also serves as an incentive for improving and becoming the best.

Gamification and Mediation
As a leading pioneer in mediator skills training and accreditation and having trained 9000 mediators internationally, CEDR always explores ways to innovate learning. In the last two years, recognising the benefits and potential of Gamification to provide an immersive experience, CEDR forayed into Gamification with the first of its kind – the Mediation Simulator.

Mediation Simulator currently forms a part of the Mediator Skills Training, a five-day programme of comprehensive tuition and participation in effective dispute resolution where participants are trained in the skills needed for effective mediation of commercial disputes and workplace and employment conflicts. The mediation simulator gamifies the mediation process and takes the learners through different stages of mediation. It is crafted to satisfy learner’s desire for playfulness, usefulness and provides control over their own learning.

Mediation Simulator will soon be provided as a standalone product as well.

Did it pique your curiosity? Here’s more scoop on Mediation Simulator

Mediation Simulator
An experiential and immersive learning program, Mediation simulator enables users to mediate and guide parties through the phases of mediation by incorporating role play game mechanics.Blog 2

Just as in real life, whether or not a settlement has reached in mediation depends on the choices that the mediator makes, similarly the Mediator Simulator enables users to choose different options and experience how mediation develops. The users have ultimate control over the process & content management and the relationships you build with each of the parties. In addition to this, users get real-time feedback about the choices they make through a scoring system which is designed to give the user and trainers an indication of areas for further focus.

Mediation Simulator has been designed ground up to integrate the proven principles and mechanics behind engaging games and empower users to mediate better.

Mediation Simulator will be launched as a standalone product in the last week of September. For more updates and information on Mediation Simulator, drop us a line.

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