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Time to back-pedal our ideas on apologies?

Was it just me or did apologies seem to be dominating the headlines last week?  Firstly it was the full page newspaper apology from Tesco in response to the horsemeat burger scandal closely followed by Lance Armstrong’s public apology on the Oprah Winfrey show for his use of performance enhancing drugs to win his seven […]

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Perception and mediation – ‘context is all’

Margaret Atwood’s character Offred would make a great mediator. The narrator of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ repeatedly tells us that ‘context is all’, and nowhere is that a more pertinent observation than in mediation. This is not just a personal view – a comment piece in City AM last week eloquently reinforced the power of perception […]

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Christmas Conflict: “War is Over”

Who’s hosting it this year? Who’s putting up Uncle Jim for the night? When are we opening presents? Do we walk before or after the Queen’s Speech? I’d like to give out the tree presents, if no-one objects… Who gets the turkey breast? Why didn’t my Step-Daughter get a card from you? No wonder so […]

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