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CEDR ‘Inquiry into Inquiries’ symposium: a summary

On Thursday 21 March CEDR held a symposium based around its ‘Inquiry into Inquiries’ Foundation project. The project looks at how we can extract the greatest public benefit from Public Inquiries, looking at areas like their design, process and what they can be expected to deliver. We recorded the day across a number of platforms, […]

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Do Inquiries provide good value for money? The £200million question

One of the most famous public inquiries in British history is the Saville Inquiry held into the “Bloody Sunday” killings in 1972. The Inquiry was commissioned in 1998 by then Prime Minister Tony Blair, and over the course of 13 years costs spiralled to an estimated final total of £200million, much of which is thought […]

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Speaking for the unvoiced – confidentiality and vulnerable stakeholders

One of the clear strengths of the public inquiry system is its inclusivity. While the “death of deference” may not be quite upon us, there is perhaps a cultural shift away from traditional institutional centres of authority towards more civic, grassroots ways of working through problems. Inquiries speak to both of these ways of working […]

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Purpose v Intention – the inquiries dilemma

The fallout from the Leveson Inquiry’s recommendations has been writ large on the front pages of this week’s newspapers, sharply contrasting with previous inquiries where the rustle of tumbleweed pointed the path to the long grass. The emerging Royal Charter on press conduct and regulation has provoked strong feelings from various stakeholder groups; described by […]

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Buzzwords – drowning out effective communication?

How do you feel about buzzwords? Jargon? “Estate Agentese”?  Roy Greenslade at the Guardian says that journalists, at least, are “often amused, sometimes irritated and even occasionally enraged by the attempts to engage their attention by PR outfits” using spectacularly creative turns of phrase. Mr Greenslade’s comments sum up my feelings fairly well. Whether I […]

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