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Learning to speak up effectively

Apparently, 85% of people in the workplace have ideas and knowledge they are afraid to voice to their bosses or colleagues. This is why Microsoft ‘missed’ the internet back in the 90s and why Google somehow managed to miss the social networking hype. I think it’s safe to say at a great majority of Google’s […]

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Class of 2012:  Certificate in Advanced Negotiation

Class of 2012: Certificate in Advanced Negotiation

I have recently returned from course managing the final module in CEDR’s Certificate in Advanced Negotiation.  Thirteen delegates worked together for a total of seven intensive training days spread over five months held residentially, in Surrey. Having observed the modules I became aware of that we may not realise but negotiation is a key skill […]

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Negotiating…when not quite awake…

The further east I go in the world, the more I find I have to be aware of culture, conflict and methods of effective communication.  I am fortunate to be able to travel to many different places and often find that I have to use less familiar airlines and transit through some rather interesting places.  […]

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Think before sending out a mass email

And then suddenly my third week at CEDR comes to a close which means I have almost been here for a month. This week was all about the Observership programme. CEDR Solve has a programme through which recently accredited mediators have the opportunity to observe a real-life mediation with a CEDR mediator, obviously with consent […]

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It takes practice to be that good…fame doesn’t come easily….

One of the real highlights of the Olympics and Paralympics – for me at least – was how everyone was totally in awe of the athletes. Pretty much everyone agreed that Ennis, Simmonds, Farah et al were breath-taking in what they achieved and the classy way they did it. There has been a lot of […]

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