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From Vague to Value: Here’s why an expert should take a seat at your negotiation table

IMAGINE you want to negotiate and you have no clue about what, with whom and where and when to start… IMAGINE you want to negotiate and you have no seat at the table… IMAGINE you want to negotiate and the parameters, rules and goal posts are constantly changing… We could continue this daunting list and […]

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Bridge over walls

Are women selling themselves short in the workplace? 5 tips for negotiating what you deserve.

By Liz Rivers Negotiation is something professional women do every day and you probably think you’re pretty good at it. I’ll bet you’re great at representing your clients, team or organisation – pulling out all the stops to make sure they get what they deserve. But when it comes to your own interests, are you […]

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Powerful and Purposeful Presence Promises Potent imPact

Do you sometimes suffer from the ‘imposter-syndrome’ and fear that, at any moment, you could be discovered as only ‘faking it’? Have you ever felt powerless, small, isolated, stupid and regretful during a meeting or conversation with people who have a higher status than you?  You felt you weren’t present and you either didn’t say […]

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Values Across Borders

We’re living in a time were both possibilities and problems have no limits and borders. The more we are connected by technology and economic interdependence, the more we are connected through our challenges within that wider community. The solution of the global problems seems obvious: cooperation across borders. But borders are there for a reason: […]

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Mediators show us the Crack In The Wall that leads to the Secret Garden

In a recent book club novel* I came across a metaphor: “The crack in the wall that leads to the secret garden”. The author was alluding to a person seeing something of another world that provides them with an insight into a crucial issue. In the novel, it is only later the heroine comes to […]

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