Trainee mediators really benefit from different perspectives

Trainee mediators really benefit from different perspectives

I am writing this post having just finished working as one of the lead trainers on this year’s CEDR’s International Mediator Skills Summer School (, which this year was held in Cascais, near Lisbon, in Portugal. One of the key reasons behind us doing the summer school is to attract a range of participants from different countries. This year we had delegates from Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad, Germany, U.K., South Africa and Greece.

At the end of the course I was reflecting with participants on their learning process. There were the expected comments about the content of the course, one-on-one feedback and the experience of the trainers.  However many mentioned a benefit of this particular course that I also observed: Participants really benefited from hearing about how the mediation process and skills might be applied in different countries and contexts.  These discussions during the course allowed participants to explore the range and limitations of the skills to be an effective mediator, whilst reinforcing that while we work with a mediation model, it is like the process, extremely flexible!

This interchange of ideas and perspectives not only enriches the course experience, it facilitates and contributes to the participants’ learning process.

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