When no-one else can help, you need… The “A” Team

“So you’re basically a Judge?”… is often the response I receive when I explain to someone that I work as an Adjudicator. In essence, yes, the term adjudicator does mean judge… just not the type that wields a gavel and wears a wig! For all intents and purposes a litigation Judge and Adjudicator’s roles are almost exactly the same; we both examine a wide variety of disputes by reviewing evidence and considering arguments, we both apply legal reasoning in our decisions and we both make directions in relation to the rights and obligations of the disputing parties. In fact, even in the event that a dispute moves from adjudication to litigation, it is almost always found that the Judge’s decision mirrors that of the Adjudicator’s.

“So what’s the difference?” Well, the answer is very little in terms of decision outcome; however, it’s the factors surrounding the processes themselves that reveal the big differences. For example, unlike a Judge, an Adjudicator is able to resolve disputes quickly without being burdened by the bureaucracy of litigation. Furthermore, an Adjudicator is able to offer a tailor made process which is cost-effective (avoiding the rigidity and spiraling costs of litigation). In addition, unlike litigation, an Adjudicator is able to offer the disputing parties confidentiality. This means that the adjudication process and its outcome are kept completely confidential thus allowing the parties to continue any prior relationship or association without any prejudice of public opinion.

At IDRS Limited, a subsidiary of CEDR Limited, the adjudication team resolves disputes across a multitude of sectors, such as: education; housing; construction; mail; communications and internet services. Furthermore, IDRS Limited possesses a complement of in-house Adjudicators who are all legally trained with wide-ranging specialties covering a variety of disciplines, thus ensuring that the required expertise is always at hand.

So, if you have a dispute, when no-one else can help….

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