CEDR's Expertise in ESG

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance issues) as a business term has become increasingly prominent within the last decade. It has become a standard agenda item for most major corporates and led to a rapid growth of specialist roles or responsibilities within organisations. A plethora of new emerging issues require increased collaboration, dialogue, and grievance redress. CEDR’s experience and expertise in these areas can help organisations navigate the complexity of ESG.

CEDR's Independent Accountability Mechanism Procedure and Guidelines
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CEDR's Insights on ESG

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Our Expertise

Grievances, conflict and disputes will be inevitable in this fast-developing area. CEDR has years of experience in delivering the resolution processes to assist in resolving these, as well as providing expert neutrals for these types of disputes (for example in OECD National Contact Point mediations or other complaint redress contexts). The specifically designed ESG Independent Accountability Mechanism aims to bring the best of CEDR’s 30 year experience in independently and professionally managing difficult and complex conversations where there are significant concerns, conflicts or grievances that need addressing, and doing so in the most creative and constructive way possible.

The need to engage with a multitude of stakeholders to work through issues and find creative solutions and agreements, requires a particular set of skills, which CEDR experts possess. The ability to first map the stakeholders involved, analyse their respective interests and influence, and then design a process to effectively engage with them, is an inherent part of the role of conflict engagement experts.

Working through the complexity of ESG requires effective conversations both internally and externally, with stakeholders and clients/customers. As an independent body, CEDR can convene and facilitate these conversations, ensuring all viewpoints and interests are understood, and that things are moved forward to agreement on actions and timelines.

Those involved in ESG issues require a sophisticated set of professional interpersonal skills to engage effectively with others. CEDR can assist individual, groups and teams develop their capacity to facilitate groups, have difficult conversations, engage in active listening, deliver effective skills-based training and resolve conflict through conflict coaching interventions.

The obligations and responsibilities imposed by ESG laws and regulations requires the negotiation of these issues into existing and new contractual arrangements. A collaborative approach, as opposed to a positional one, is crucial to ensuring differing interests are adequately addressed in these new relationships. CEDR are experts in this form of negotiation.

CEDR'S ESG Experts

The following CEDR experts are just some examples of those with experience in engaging with clients on ESG issues in many of the areas set out above. 

For any enquiries in relation to how CEDR can assist you in ESG issues please contact Dr Karl Mackie.

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Roundtable on Resolving Environmental, Social and Governance Disputes

In this roundtable event, Dr Karl Mackie CBE spoke with a range of experts to outline their thoughts on some of the core elements of ESG business practice and regulation.

Members of the Roundtable were:

  • Dr Karl Mackie CBE, CEDR’s Founder President
  • Eve Pienaar, CEDR Mediator
  • Jennifer Egsgard, Lawyer & Mediator
  • Daniel Leader, Barrister and Partner, Leigh Day
  • Caroline Rees, President and Co-Founder, Shift
  • Sarah Ellington, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams
  • Rae Lindsay, Partner, Clifford Chance
  • Chris Bellringer, Associate, Freshfields
  • Robert McCorquodale, Barrister and Mediator, Brick Court Chambers
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