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April 2020

Monday 27/04/2020

During this crisis, our main focus at CEDR is to continue to provide the high quality of services we always have to our commercial, consumer and training clients who continue to call on our services. We are also focussed on protecting the welfare of our staff and ensuring CEDR comes through this crisis strong. This will mean we will be ready to provide our services for the good of the society we serve, in whatever form that might take in the post-COVID 19 environment.

In order to ensure this, in the short-term, it has become necessary for some of our staff to go on furlough leave. This is not a step we have taken lightly and we thank our furloughed staff who have agreed to this and undertake to bring them back to full-time work as soon as conditions allow.

To you our clients, mediators, trainers and friends, this will not affect our commitment to you to provide the highest quality service. All we ask over this time when we are fewer is your patience and understanding.

Yours in solidarity

James South
Managing Director

February 2020

Thursday 20/02/2020

Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) announces partnership with CEDR - As part of the BBRS, CEDR will review both eligible historical and current cases submitted by customers. The Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS), a new independent service set up to resolve disputes between eligible small and medium-sized businesses and participating banks, is today announcing its partnership with CEDR to work on cases brought to the BBRS. Further information can be viewed here. The BBRS website can be accessed here

January 2020

Thursday 30/01/2020

Sir Alex Jarratt, Life President of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution - It is with great sadness that CEDR announces the passing of Sir Alex Jarratt last month at the age of 95. Sir Alex was CEDR’s Chair for the critical first 10 years of the organisation’s existence from 1990 to 2000, seeing CEDR on its journey to become Europe’s largest independent ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) organisation, working with disputants in the UK and helping businesses and legal systems around the world. To view the full statement click here.

Wednesday 29/01/2020

Model Documents update -  This morning we hosted an event marking updates to our Model Rules and Procedures for ADR. These publicly available documents are designed to benefit users and professional practitioners.  Downloaded by 20,000 users annually, the rules and model documents are a popular and widely respected tool. The full Press Release can be found here and the documents can be accessed on this link.

Tuesday 28/01/2020

Mediation for Business and Human Rights
– We are working with a number of stakeholders including leading law firms, companies and NGOs, to establish a mediation facility to support the effective resolution of disputes in the business and human rights arena. To find out more click here 

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