ADR Thought Leadership | 50 mins

Looking Back & Looking Forward – CEDR’s Review of 2020


John Munton, Director of Dispute Resolution Services, CEDR


Lauren McGuirl, Director of Commercial Disputes Services, CEDR

Susanne Schuler


Susanne Schuler, Director of Training & Consultancy, CEDR

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year. Necessity being the mother of invention saw us all adapt to new ways of working with both colleagues and clients alike.

As we move into 2021, what can we learn from this tumultuous year to ensure we effectively meet the challenges and opportunities of the next?

CEDR spoke to John Munton, Lauren McGuirl and Susanne Schuler about:

– The challenges they faced in their respective departments
– The cross-company learning and how their teams and service offerings have adapted
– What can users of dispute resolution services expect in the coming year
– How will conflict skills help individuals, teams and companies respond to the continuing COVID-imposed crisis
– Aspirations for 2021 and beyond

The aim of this podcast is to pool together the expertise from CEDR’s three distinct, but ultimately connected business units and to share some personal reflections and insight.

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