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CEDR mediators successfully resolve 89% of disputes.

Mediation is uniquely placed to address the legal, financial, and emotional issues which are at the heart of Trusts, Wills & Probate disputes. Through the use of mediation, parties to disputes are able to reach fair, commercial settlements which allow families to heal and businesses to continue.

CEDR’s mediators are experienced in working with parties to Trust, Wills & Probate disputes with varying levels of complexity, ranging in value from £10,000 to the hundreds of millions.  Here are some examples:

  • Distribution of an estate valued in excess of £20m to children of the deceased.
  • Challenge to a will governing the distribution of an estate worth £150,000 under the intestacy rules by a child to the deceased.
  • High-net worth Family dispute in connection with very large property portfolio £100m.
  • Distribution of over £400 million in assets held in a family trust.
  • Negligence claims against trustees to offshore and onshore trusts.

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CEDR's 12 Trust, Wills & Probate mediation specialists who are uniquely positioned to help you (see all below).

“The mediator has a very dynamic and proactive approach to mediation. She does not take a back seat but drives the energy and flow of the mediation very effectively. She is extremely well prepared and helped the parties cut through the legal and commercial difficulties and work past entrenchment issues in order to reach a deal which worked for both sides.” - Senior Associate, Sheffield Based Firm

“The conduct of the CEDR staff prior to the mediation and during mediation was great. The responses were very efficient and whenever help was needed, we received it.” - Senior Associate, City Law Firm

I thought the prospect of a settlement was zero. Your skills in dealing with both sides somehow produced a very fair deal … You are very much on the “list”. - Senior Partner, Silver Circle Law Firm

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Trust, Wills & Probate Mediation Panel

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  • Heather Allen image

    Heather Allen

    Chambers Mediator

    A winning combination of pragmatism and insight.” – Partners Guide to the Legal Profession Languages: English Heather Allen has been a professional … Continued

  • Stephen Bate

    Chambers Mediator

    “Success was to a large extent due to the skill, expertise and persistence of Stephen. I would not hesitate to … Continued

  • Gillian Caroe

    Chambers Mediator & CEDR Faculty

    Client Feedback: “Gillian has a natural ease and confidence in the role of the mediator and superb communication skills.”  Languages … Continued

  • Eileen Carroll QC (Hon)

    Principal Mediator and Co-Founder

    Client feedback: “She settled the unsettleable” “She led the most effective opening session I have ever seen.” “She has a … Continued

  • Abigail Day image

    Abigail Day

    Mediator & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “Tenacious and driven, she finds a way to make things happen.”   Overview Abigail Day is a full-time … Continued

  • Stephen Fielding

    Stephen Fielding

    Barrister & Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “After two years of torment we can get on with our lives again, thanks in no small part … Continued

  • Neil Goodrum

    Chambers Mediator

    Client feedback: “He got to the nub of the issues very quickly and painlessly” – Client Feedback Languages: English Neil Goodrum is a … Continued

  • Mandy Lenton Image

    Mandy Lenton


    Mandy is an experienced mediator with a busy practice. Highly regarded by leading real estate barristers and solicitors, mediation participants … Continued

  • Nick Pearson

    Chambers Mediator

    “His interventions were always to the point and I felt that the parties recognised and valued his obvious experience.” – Mediation … Continued

  • Eve Pienaar Image

    Eve Pienaar

    Chambers Mediator

    Client Feedback: “The calm, measured and consummately professional approach you adopted greatly helped in achieving a resolution to what appeared … Continued

  • Richard Schaverien

    Full Time Mediator

    Client Feedback: “His style of ease and confidence let the parties resolve the issues without the usual volatile situations that … Continued

  • Joe Shammah

    Chambers Mediator

    Tenacious and dedicated to the cause of settlement” – Client Feedback   Overview Joe Shammah has been a practising mediator for … Continued

Understanding TWP Mediation Podcast


Listen to the podcast below from our BetterConflicts series which offers practical insight for lawyers and parties onTurst, Wills & Probate mediation. The Podcast. hosted by CEDR's Ben Thomson features Dawn Goodman Senior Counsel at Withersworldwide

Lauren McGuirl, Director of Commercial Dispute Services at CEDR and Nick Pearson, a CEDR Chambers mediator.

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