Poorly managed conflict within your organisation is a two-headed beast.

It is a drain on managers' and teams' time, energy, and resources, costing British businesses £28.5 billion annually.

Equally, it inhibits and disrupts teams, preventing them from performing at their best.

However, conflict should not be something to fear or avoid. With the right culture, skills and processes, teams can enhance engagement and innovation, and eliminate wasted management time and lengthy grievances.

Your Conflict Review Session

You know your business and teams better than anyone, especially when things are not working well. But often you can’t pinpoint exactly why. This is because when it comes to conflict, the root causes can be obscure and multi-faceted.

In your FREE and confidential review session with a CEDR expert, you can talk through what is happening in your organisation, the impact it is having on you and your teams, and start to map out possible solutions.

Professionals often find articulating the issues to a neutral third party to be incredibly cathartic and reassuring.

When you book your session, let us know about the issues that are troubling your organisation the most. We’ll match you with an expert that best suit you.

Don't take our word for it

"Thank you for the great training and access to amazing trainers. Looking forward to continuing to work with CEDR"

Head of People Experience and Europe HR Director - Nokia

"It has been some of the most high quality professional development I have undertaken in my 20+ years as an HR professional. The content is exceptional."

Director of People and Organisational Development - Architecture and Planning

Who you Will Speak With

Depending on your needs, we will pair you with a conflict engagement expert, with experience ranging from hostage and crisis negotiation, to trade union disputes.

They have experience working with organisations around the world across every sector, helping teams learn to effectively engage in conflict.

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