Type size

If you would like to increase the text size of your browser and you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, then go VIEW>TEXT SIZE> and choose the size that suits you.

If you have a mouse with a scrolling wheel on top, changing the text size is even easier. Just hold down the Ctrl key, and use the scroll wheel to change the text size up and down.

If you are using Firefox, then go to VIEW>TEXT SIZE> and adjust this until you feel comfortable. Firefox gives you the option to increase or decrease the text size by holding the CTRL key and pressing either ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys.

Other technical considerations

  • There is good contrast between text and background colour.
  • Imagery has been kept to a minimum and is not integral to the understanding of the text it supports. With images switched off, the site still makes perfect sense.
  • The table set is simple and allows an uninterrupted flow of body text.
  • Primary navigation is driven by a menu across the top of the page with sub navigation hovering below.
  • Further levels of navigation always appear in a consistent place on the page.
  • There are no retired or dead links.

We hope you find our site easy to navigate and that you can find what you are looking for. If not, we hope you feel confident that you have a route by which you can contact us.

If you do find instances where you feel the site could be improved, please email us at info@cedr.com.

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