The CEDR Foundation

The Foundation is our not-for-profit arm of the organisation where we carry out innovative research into understanding conflict in all its forms and the methods used to resolve it. From our research, we aim to produce high-quality thought leadership which will help wider society utilise the benefits of alternative dispute resolution.

The current focus of the CEDR foundation activity is divided among several fields. Within our New Leadership project, we are analysing the skills in handling conflict that leaders or aspiring leaders need and the unique challenges they face in order to provide assistance to those in a leadership position. Our Capability in Collaboration project is looking at the difficulties inherent in teamwork and collaborative projects to provide better guidance on how to manage the conflict that can occur. We also continue projects looking at resolving conflict within the world of private and public investigations; the tax sector; developing international ADR training standards; and providing information on the UK mediation market. Further every year, we revise the CEDR Model Mediation documents and ADR clauses which are used throughout the world to reflect international developments.

We support a number of projects that enable the next generation of advocates and business people to develop their negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills. As well as sponsoring several mediation and negotiation competitions in the UK and Internationally, CEDR organises annually the National Student Negotiation Competition which finds the top student negotiators in England and Wales to represent the jurisdiction at the International Foundation.CEDR’s foundation work is carried out by internal staff members and with partner organisations. Our foundation activity is generously supported by our members. For further information about our charitable status, you can visit the Charity Commission website.

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