Negotiation | 22 mins

Ask a Negotiator Episode 10 – Rescue Yourself

Philip Williams, CEDR Trainer, Mediator & Coach


Philip Williams, Hostage and Crisis Negotiator & CEDR Trainer

Ben Thomson, CEDR Content Strategist


Ben Thomson, Content Strategist, CEDR

Have you been in a situation with a colleague, a client or perhaps a friend where the pressure has piled on and you haven’t reacted well?

Maybe you fired off a snarky email, snapped in a meeting, missed a crucial detail or were overwhelmed and unable to function.

It’s not uncommon and yet the consequences of performing poorly under pressure can be huge for you, your team and your organisation.

This podcast gets to the heart of this.

Submitted by Ian Vickers, the two-part question that Phil tackles is:

Is the art of remaining calm under extreme pressure, such as in hostage and crisis negotiations, innate, or can it be learned? Are rehearsals enough OR is there a pre-requisite of being able to think clearly on your feet – ‘winging it’?

Drawing on his experience of working with special forces, Phil shares practical advice on managing adversity and helping you to avoid, what he calls, sub-optimal outcomes.

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