Negotiation | 15 mins

Ask a Negotiator Episode 4 – 80/20 of Negotiation

Philip Williams, CEDR Trainer, Mediator & Coach


Philip Williams, Hostage and Crisis Negotiator & CEDR Trainer

Ben Thomson, CEDR Content Strategist


Ben Thomson, Content Strategist, CEDR

What is the 20% that is going to deliver 80% of the results in your negotiation?

It’s not surprising that this #askanegotiator question was submitted by a Sales and Marketing Director.

The 80/20 principle is commonly used in business to focus efforts and resources on that which will deliver maximum results.

We all want to be effective and efficient in everything we do.

So, can this principle be applied to negotiation? That fundamental life skill we use all the time?

We don’t think it has been attempted before, but Philip Williams, former Hostage and Crisis Negotiator gives it a go.

Listen to our podcast to find out the rest…

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